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PMG Chapter 765: Terrifying Beast Qi

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 765: Terrifying Beast Qi

Lin Feng slowly loosened the pressure and dropped Bai Li Xi on the back of the beast.

Bai Li Xi’s face was still red and he looked furious. He wished that Lin Feng would die. However, he could do nothing but stare back at Lin Feng. He could still sense a scary coldness in his body.

Lin Feng was really strong, he could easily kill people like Bai Li Xi. 

There were great differences between the geniuses. Bai Li Xi was a genius, Lin Feng was a genius, but Bai Li Xi would never have the chance to compete with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced back at Bai Li Xi coldly once again and then returned to his initial position. He then sat down cross-legged and ignored Bai Li Xi. 

“That guy is really arrogant.” thought Tian Chi Xue, gnashing her teeth. She was realizing that her pride was being crushed by Lin Feng step by step, just like the first time they met. 

Han Qiu Yu also looked at Lin Feng as well as at the beast in his arms. He was wondering what their relation was, such a little beast was so important to him… That Bai Li Xi’s insignificant joke had made him furious to the extent that he was ready to kill. Lin Feng was brutal, violent and scary. 

Only Tang You You understood what connected Lin Feng and that little beast. She was Lin Feng’s sweetheart. Lin Feng had turned into a demon because of her, he had almost given up his soul for her. He had drowned himself into a killing frenzy… How deep was their love? She was the most important person in Lin Feng’s heart. 

Tang You You was certain that if anyone from Tian Chi humiliated Meng Qing again they would die, Lin Feng would kill them in front of the strongest cultivators of the empire. 

Everybody remained silent after that. The snow eagles were flying extremely fast, in one day they could travel across fifty-thousand kilometers. In a two-day timeframe, the crowd had crossed a myriad of countries and empires. They kept seeing different patterns, cities, and landscapes below them. They had seen some small and insignificant countries, and they had seen some bigger nations.

“The mysterious world is really far…” thought the crowd. The Tian level beasts were flying extremely fast, and after two days they still hadn’t arrived. They were just now noticing that they were extremely far from Tian Chi. However, the places on the ground all belonged to the Gan Yu region. Therefore, they couldn’t be that far away. They even saw some places which shared a border with the Holy City.

“Phewww Phewwwww….” The wind was extremely strong, the turbulences in the clouds woke up all the geniuses. They couldn’t keep their eyes closed while practicing cultivation in these conditions. Besides, they were getting close to the mysterious world now

“Pfewwww pfewwww…..” The wind was becoming more and more violent and it seemed like it contained some terrifying bestial energy. Everybody found it difficult to open their eyes now. 

“Who?” shouted an extremely loud voice at that moment. It came from one of the eagles. The pupils of the snow eagles suddenly started flashing with sharp lights.

“Eeee eeeee!” The wind was more and more brutal, the atmosphere suddenly became darker, the snow eagles stopped flying forwards and stopped, their eyes looked ice-cold. That beast Qi was becoming more and more powerful. 

“What a terrifying beast Qi.” Thought the crowd eventually realizing that the Qi was bestial Qi. They all looked nervous, how come there was beast Qi in that place? Besides, they had the feeling that they were suffocating. 

“Venerable and Respectable Sir, may I ask who you are?” asked on of the seven snow eagles while they all turned into human beings. The geniuses fell down from their backs but they still had the impression that they were suffocating under that beast Qi. Suddenly, they were surrounded by beast Qi, they could even see the surroundings clearly.

“A Zun beast!” The crowd was astonished and shaking. Tian level beasts were already incredible and revered, but in that place there was a Zun level beast… How terrifying. 

A terrifying ice-cold Qi invaded the entire atmosphere, it seemed to contain some snowflakes. Slowly, the wind carried away some snowflakes which fell onto the geniuses. That beast Qi was piercingly-cold. 

“Eeeee!” Xue Ling Long moved away from Lin Feng’s arms and into the air. Her beautiful eyes kept twinkling as if she had realized something. 

“Huh?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what Meng Qing was doing. She was usually indifferent about what was going on in her surroundings but now she was behaving strangely.

“Whoosh!” Meng Qing flew into that rolling Qi. Lin Feng’s pupils shrank, what was wrong with Meng Qing? 

Lin Feng jumped forwards and followed Meng Qing, he couldn’t even see his fingers in that dense bestial Qi. 

“Lin Feng!” cried out Tang You You in alarm. She also jumped in the air and penetrated the bestial Qi. 

Everybody was astonished, they were crazy! Those two people were insane! They were following that snow beast into the bestial Qi. 

Meng Qing penetrated into the bestial Qi as if it didn’t exist in the first place, it couldn’t harm her it seemed.

“Meng Qing!” said Lin Feng following her. Then he grabbed Meng Qing and hugged her, she remained staring into the distance. 

The bestial Qi was coming from a black silhouette which appeared in the distance and was coming at them.

It was a woman, she seemed to be about forty-five, her long hair was snowy-white and she was wearing a black chang pao.

“How strong…” thought Lin Feng. He had a feeling of insignificance when looking at that a woman. Even more so than when he was with the three Zun cultivators in Tian Chi. 

Apart from looking majestic and domineering, that woman was releasing some terrifying bestial Qi. That woman wearing a black chang pao was a ferocious wild beast… Maybe she really was a Zun beast.

Meng Qing wiggled out from Lin Feng’s arms and flew towards that woman, Lin Feng’s pupils shrink. 

“Meng Qing.” said Lin Feng jumping forwards. He wanted to block her, but he heard someone groan coldly, and then he couldn’t move. Now, Meng Qing had already arrived in front of that woman. 

Lin Feng still wanted to struggle forwards, however, he saw the woman lower her head and look at Meng Qing in a warm and gentle way. She didn’t look like she wanted to harm Meng Qing, Lin Feng was becoming clear-headed again. 

“Meng Qing is acting strange, she even jumped towards her, she probably knows her…” thought Lin Feng. Suddenly, it seemed like he had understood something. He had reacted too hastily because he didn’t understand what was happening.

Lin Feng stared at them and as expected, it seemed like Meng Qing was very close to the woman. She even put her paws on her face. Then looked at Lin Feng, from her eyes Lin Feng could see that she was happy. Lin Feng felt relieved, it seemed like Meng Qing really knew that woman.

“Little Xue, why did you do that?” asked the woman while petting Meng Qing. She looked saddened as she said, “That animal made you leave the Black Wind Mountain! It’s his fault!”

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