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PMG Chapter 766: The Snow Beasts Tower

PMG Chapter 766: The Snow Beasts Tower

Meng Qing emitted some small sounds to the woman. 

“Hmph, how could I not get angry?” said that beautiful middle-aged woman. At that moment, her beauty was masked by her fury. 

A moment before, Meng Qing had told her not to get angry. 

“Ling Long, you have to turn into a human being. Why didn’t you stay with me and wait until the end of the process? Your celestial Qi was affected so badly that now, without a good alchemist to concoct some pills for you, I cannot help you achieve the process.” sighed the woman frowning. People were at the origin of the ten thousand things of creation. They were often much more outstanding than beasts, in various fields, for example in alchemy. Beasts which could concoct pills were extremely rare. 

Meng Qing lowered her head and moaned as if she had been telling a story to the woman. 

“I know, I saw everything that happened in the mirrors. I also saw that you risked your life and were attacked by those damn human beings that interrupted your transformation process.” she was sounding colder and colder. She raised her head and looked at Lin Feng, her eyes were twinkling with sharp bestial lights. Lin Feng had the impression that two invisible hands were holding him, preventing him from breathing. “Boom!” A terrifying Qi emerged out of the woman’s body and Lin Feng had the impression that a gigantic snow beast was moving towards him.

“Lin Feng!” yelled Tang You You behind him, she looked terrified. She hadn’t thought that Xue Ling Long knew such terrifying beasts either. It seemed like they were very close to each other. 

That snow beast was probably going to attack Lin Feng. 

“wooo wooo….” Meng Qing kept emitting small sounds at the woman. The woman was holding Meng Qing tightly though, preventing her from moving away. 

“Do you know who I am?” said the snow beast, her voice was terrifying. 

“I don’t know.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. The gigantic pressure was painful but he didn’t try to resist, that snow beast was probably one of Meng Qing’s family members… 

“I am the one who raised Xue Ling Long.” said the snow beast coldly. Lin Feng was surprised, Meng Qing had been raised by that woman in the black clothes. 

Lin Feng struggled to move and managed to bow in front of her in a respectful way. One could see some gratitude in his face. If Meng Qing had been able to talk at that moment, she would have called that woman “mother”. 

“Ling Long is my fairy fox, her blood is extremely strong. I am her protector.” said the snow beast sounding even colder. Beasts were often united by a certain cohesion. When they encountered another beast which had strong blood, they protected it. They helped the latter become stronger and stronger, they could even sacrifice themselves for stronger beasts.

“Even though I protected Xue Ling Long, she is like this now because of you. How should I punish you?” said the snow beast sounding even colder. Lin Feng was staring at the beast. Lin Feng said, “I will definitely help Meng Qing recover.” 

“Meng Qing?” whispered the beast… “That’s the name you gave to Ling Long. You cannot even protect her, how could you help her recover? What makes you feel so confident?” 

Lin Feng didn’t have an answer for the woman, he was speechless. Indeed, he wasn’t strong enough so he couldn’t refute the statement. Meng Qing had suffered because he wasn’t strong enough, therefore others hadn’t hesitated to bully her. 

Lin Feng clenched his fists, all he had at that moment was his determination. 

“Meng Qing doesn’t want to come with me, but if you die she will forget about you. I think you should die.” said the snow beast darkly.

“No…” Tang You You looked terrified and kept shaking her head. She was panicking, she couldn’t do anything against such strong cultivators.

“I can’t die.” said Lin Feng. 

“Are you not afraid of death?” asked the snow beast mockingly. 

“I will not let you take Meng Qing away from me either.” said Lin Feng, ignoring what the beast had just said. He started shaking as it seemed that something was moving in his body. It was an evil energy that was starting coming out. 

“I cannot resist against you. You want me to die but I don’t want to. I want Meng Qing to stay with me and I want to help her regain her human form, I am ready to do anything to help her.” said Lin Feng, releasing some more cold Qi. 

“Do you think that you can resist me because you have the evil swords?” said the snow beast mockingly. She then opened her mouth and groaned in a terrifying way. Her voice made Lin Feng’s body shake violently as sound waves resonated in Lin Feng’s brain. All his thoughts were interrupted, he couldn’t react, his brain was paralyzed for a moment. And then his entire body was surrounded by an ice-cold Qi.

Lin Feng was nothing in front of such a monster. 

A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng and some rumbling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng had the feeling that his viscera were exploding and his head was emitting buzzing sounds. 

“Ling Long, let’s leave. We will find a solution to make you retrieve your human shape.” said the woman to Meng Qing. Then Meng Qing said something, there were tears in her eyes. 

The woman’s facial expression kept changing and in the end she just sighed. 

The snow beast disappeared and the women glanced at Lin Feng, out of her eyes emerged some lights. Suddenly, a monstrous pain invaded Lin Feng’s body, his sleeve was lacerated and blood splashed. 

A beam of light spread in the air, Lin Feng had the impression that something had connected to his brain. But he was still paralyzed, he felt dizzy and nauseous, almost like he didn’t know what was happening. 

“You made Ling Long’s life a sheer hell, I should kill you. But, she said that she would die if you died, so I have to be merciful today. She said she wanted to be with you so I will wait until you break through to the Tian Qi layer and then I will meet you in the Black Wind Mountain. If you have any problems or fear that your life is at risk, I don’t want Ling Long to get involved.” said a voice inside Lin Feng’s brain. In a flash, the bestial Qi moved away into the distance. 

When Lin Feng regained consciousness, the woman in black had had disappeared. Meng Qing had also been taken away. 

“Arrrrgghhhhh!” Lin Feng roared violently as a sound wave spread in the air, it sounded like a ferocious wild beast. Lin Feng’s face was red and his eyes blood-shot. 

Meng Qing had had to leave him because he was too weak. 

“Lin Feng, she’s doing those things for Meng Qing. Once you break through to the Tian Qi layer, you will be able to go and pick her up.” said Tang You You when she saw that Lin Feng was going insane. 

Some crackling sounds spread in the air because Lin Feng was clenching his fists painfully. Lin Feng had to break through to the Tian Qi layer in the frame of this journey. He understood why the woman had taken Meng Qing away…. She was afraid for her.

“Roaar roaarrr!” Lin Feng was stupefied, in front of him appeared a tower full of ferocious wild beasts. Lin Feng had the feeling he was suffocating under their strength.

“Tian level beasts… are inside that tower….” thought Lin Feng. He had the impression that there was a relation between him and the tower… Even though the woman in black clothes with white hair had left, she had given him that tower.

Lin Feng lowered his head and looked a the blood on his arm… He had clearly sensed that some kind of a link was created between him and something else. 

“It must be thanks to Meng Qing.” thought Lin Feng. Of course, Meng Qing had protected him all the way and had defended him. That beast tower could save his life when he later fought cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. 

“Shut the hell up now!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was in a very bad mood, as expected. Even though the beasts were furious, they stopped shouting. 

The couldn’t say anything when they were under the control of the Mother Master, but now a weak human being was controlling them.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and then the tower became small. He then put it away for later.

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      Being “afraid for” someone means you are afraid on their behalf, meaning that she’s afaraid that Meng Quing will die is she’s with Lin Feng.

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