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PMG Chapter 767: Encounter in the Sky

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PMG Chapter 767: Encounter in the Sky

The rolling beast Qi disappeared and the cloud made of bestial energies disappeared too. The people who were prisoners of it suddenly felt relieved.

The beast Qi had been too terrifying, they were prisoners inside of it, unable to see anything at all. They hadn’t even seen the beam of light in the air. On top of that they decided not to move, they might survive if they played possum. 

The geniuses were not the only ones who had been strongly affected by that beast, the snow eagles had been just as terrified.

Lin Feng and Tang You You were together hovering in the sky, Lin Feng was gazing into the distance as if something was drawing his attention. The crowd was confused because they didn’t know what Lin Feng had just gone through. 

That beast Qi… Where had it come from? Why had it suddenly disappeared? Lin Feng probably knew the answer to those questions. 

“By the way, where is the small wild beast?” someone realized that Lin Feng’s small beast had disappeared. That small and adorable snowy-white beast was very important to Lin Feng, he was ready to kill people because of her. But now it had disappeared. It must have been something that Lin Feng couldn’t control, otherwise he would have never let the beast leave him.

“Could it be that the little animal disappeared because of that beast Qi?” thought some people.

“Let’s continue.” said a snow eagle. Lin Feng turned around, took a deep breath and stopped thinking about it. What mattered most now was to become stronger. 

Tang You You and Lin Feng landed on the back of the snow eagle with the Tian Xuan group. They continued their journey trying to forget about the unexplainable yet terrifying bestial Qi which had emerged a moment before. It seemed that Lin Feng wasn’t going to tell them anything. 

“Eeeeyaaaa!” shouted a snow eagle sharply. Immediately after, the snow eagle started plummeting downwards. Their pupils shrank, had they arrived…? 

The ground was slowly becoming clearer and more distinct in their field of vision. They were about one thousand meters in the sky at that moment, but they could clearly see the ground. 

It was a vast and wild region with mountains, forests and lakes. An ancient wild Qi had emerged out of that place, it seemed like it had been there for millions of years. 

“There is someone.” someone said at that moment. The crowd looked downwards and it seemed like some extremely strong cultivators were approaching, they were riding ferocious wild beasts as well. There were geniuses everywhere, just like those people from Tian Chi. The ones who were approaching were very young, but there were also some people who looked older. Without any exception, all those people were of the Xuan Qi layer and at the top of the Xuan Qi layer even. 

Those who were not extremely young had all broken through to the very top of the Xuan Qi layer, they all seemed to be one step away from breaking through to the Tian Qi layer. 

They were older which meant that they were as strong as those young people, but it also meant that their natural abilities weren’t as high as that of those young men. But surely they had their own strengths, they were mature, experienced. Even though they hadn’t managed to break free from the limits of the Xuan Qi layer and break through to the Tian Qi layer, their cultivation level was still at the top of the Xuan Qi layer. They had spent many years with the strength of the Xuan Qi layer.

They were going to be more frivolous than those young people, but some of them were going to be quite dynamic too. Because they hadn’t managed to break through to the Tian Qi layer earlier, it meant that they have a problem in their heart or brain, or maybe their willpower and intent hadn’t been strong enough.

The different groups and spheres of influence had decided different sorts of people to represent them in the mysterious world. Tian Chi had decided to choose young people to help them go through hardships and dangers, necessary factors to become stronger. Besides, there was the possibility to acquire some treasures and possibly keep them. 

People who didn’t belong to the same groups were enemies in the mysterious world. 

“People from the Tian Chi Empire.” someone recognized them because of the snow eagles and the seven stars they were wearing which represented the seven snowy mountains of Tian Chi. They were people from Tian Chi, from the south-east of the region of Gan Yu. 

The people from Tian Chi didn’t know where those people were from. The Gan Yu Region was gigantic, there were eighteen countries of average-quality there, and many powerful sects and clans too. Even though all those people were strong, the people from Tian Chi couldn’t know everybody.

The seven snow eagles’ eyes were twinkling because they knew who those people were. However, they didn’t say anything, they just looked at those things flying in the sky. 

Many people were arriving from the south. That group was composed of people riding several gigantic winged-horses but those horses had dragon scales all over their bodies. They were so large that seven or eight people could ride them. They had a terrifying physical strength and had dragon blood flowing in their veins. 

“How impressive.” thought the crowd, the dragon-scaled horses were singing the chant of the dragons. Their chanting was melodious and clear. 

All the people on the back of those horses looked proud and arrogant, their Qi was imperial, almost like monarchs. 

Those people were from the Jade Heaven Imperial Family. 

“They are from the Tian Chi Empire, where there are gigantic and vast snowy mountains. The place called Tian Chi in the Tian Chi Empire is a holy place for them..” explained a strong cultivator who was standing at the front of the group to those following him. The group of people nodded. They had heard about the strong and powerful groups of the region before.

“The Tian Chi Empire sent fifty-six people that are all young, their lowest cultivation level is the eighth Xuan Qi layer. A great majority of them have broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer, however, they are not ordinary cultivators.” said someone slowly.

He was stupefied, his pupils shrank. 

“Lin Feng!” said the young man coldly. That young man was actually Duan Wu Dao, the crown prince of Xue Yue. 

Surprisingly, one month after the incidents in Xue Yue, he was seeing Lin Feng again. 

“Huh?” Many people from Jade Heaven turned their heads and looked at Lin Feng. Was that Lin Feng?

Lin Feng’s name had become famous in Jade Heaven. They had heard about how he had turned into a demon and was possessed by a murderous frenzy. Surprisingly, he hadn’t died and was instead with the people from Tian Chi. 

Lin Feng’s eyes made people shiver. He was staring down two people, Duan Wu Dao whom he had to kill, and the cultivator of the Tian Qi layer who had gone to Xue Yue to attack him. If Lin Feng had the occasion, he wouldn’t let the people from Jade Heaven off. They had hurt Xue Yue, they had injured his friends and relatives, they had made everyone suffer.

The cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was pulling a long face. Lin Feng hadn’t turned into a demon and had become himself again, he would probably fight against the people from Jade Heaven in the future. 

That person had murderous intentions seeping from his eyes. If there was any opportunity to kill Lin Feng, they had to eliminate him!

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