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PMG Chapter 768: Making the Situation Worse

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 768: Making the Situation Worse

Duan Wu Dao was upset because Lin Feng hadn’t died.

Back at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, Lin Feng had defeated him in front of everyone and had finished first. Now that Duan Wu Dao joined the Jade Heaven Imperial Family he was taught various things by some great cultivators. He’s made so much progress in making his intent even more powerful. But now, how strong has Lin Feng become?

“Will it be possible to kill him?” someone asked while walking towards a leader of the Tian Qi layer. The cultivators of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family all knew about Lin Feng, they wanted Duan Wu Dao to kill Lin Feng as soon as they entered the mysterious world to avoid further troubles.

“Do you think that people from Tian Chi are helpless?” one of the strong cultivators asked. All the people Tian Chi chose to enter the the mysterious world must be strong. Those cultivators represent their future, do you believe it will be so easy to kill any of them?

“Those seven snow eagles are extraordinary, they’re incredible. If those eagles weren’t so strong, Tian Chi wouldn’t have taken the risk of sending their geniuses here without any protection.” that same person continued. The one who asked the question was moved, he obviously understood what was meant. Killing Lin Feng wouldn’t be easy. People from the Tian Chi Empire wouldn’t let their guard down. 

The dragon-scaled horses continued moving forwards as they emitted rumbling sounds in the sky. They headed in the direction of the snow eagles, leaving trails in the sky behind them.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, trying to control his anger. He had to control himself and act carefully, he couldn’t let his thoughts become chaotic. He had to focus on the advantages that the mysterious world would provide.

“Look at how many people are over there. Have we arrived already?” someone asked in the distance. They could see so many black dots in the distance.

“There are so many strong cultivators who have broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. It must mean the mysterious world hasn’t opened yet.” they thought.

Lin Feng opened his mouth. He saw something gigantic in the distance, it looked like a large tomb. A crowd had surrounded it, seemingly protecting it. 

“A tomb…? The tomb of the emperor?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Was what the strong cultivators had told him true…? The mysterious world was the tomb of the emperor? 

“We arrived, that coffin has to be the entrance to the mysterious world.” Everyone was excited, they had finally arrived.

Those who had already arrived at the coffin were looking at each other, trying to guess where everyone was from.

“People from Tian Chi and Jade Heaven Imperial Family have already arrived, how fast.” 

There were still some days to wait before going to the mysterious world and half the forces of the Gan Yu Region were already there. Those who were eligible to enter the mysterious world were there, only a few minor groups hadn’t arrived yet.

The mysterious world was either the palace or the tomb of the emperor, not just anyone could go there. All the strongest forces of the Gan Yu Region had come so people from the other regions would inevitably be rejected. The only force which could put up a fight would be the Holy City because they were monstrously powerful, but they already possessed incredible quantities of resources. They weren’t going to waste time with the tomb of the emperor, some of them were already related to the cultivation emperor.

Becoming a student of the cultivation emperor was something extraordinary which guaranteed a successful future. Some of the strong cultivators were going with hopes of becoming the emperor’s student.

Of course, even if people were from Gan Yu, they weren’t necessarily eligible to go to the mysterious world. Only those groups widely recognized were accepted and could send their pupils. 

The seven snow eagles turned into human beings as they landed. Everybody stared at that absolutely normal hill, how could it be the entrance of the mysterious world?

Lin Feng looked at the gigantic hill and the various persons around it. It was then that he noticed someone from before and suddenly released an ice-cold Qi. 

He could see the East Sea Dragon Palace people, their leader was wearing a purple-golden dragon robe. As if he had sensed something, he frowned. He looked in the direction of the people of Tian Chi. How come someone from Tian Chi was acting so hostile? They had just arrived. 

However, he was astonished to see Lin Feng. Apart from the Dragon King who was wearing his familiar purple-golden clothes, two others were now surprised. They had both been chosen to join the Dragon Palace, Di Ling and Duan Wu Ya.

“As Lin Feng yelled, Di Ling couldn’t forget the past, even if Lin Feng’s Qi had changed a lot since the competition.

However, Duan Wu Dao was seemingly indifferent. Even though he was surprised, he was smiling. This smile wasn’t warm or friendly, it was filled with evil intentions.

The second prince of Xue Yue was famous for his warmth and friendly demeanour, he was easy to approach. However, he had shown his true colors and was so much more evil than Duan Wu Dao. Hundreds of thousands of troops had died because of him, he had planned on Duan Wu Dao and Lin Feng to fight, then he wanted Shen Gong and the Jade Heaven Imperial Family to fight. Duan Wu Ya had plotted to best benefit the East Sea Imperial Palace succeed and become glorious. He was certainly a master manipulator. 

If Lin Feng had to choose one person to kill, that person would be Duan Wu Ya.

Lin Feng’s murderous intentions were violent. Duan Wu Ya was looking back at Lin Feng and smiling, but he knew that Lin Feng wanted him to die ten thousand deaths. Duan Wu Ya was actually scared of Lin Feng, the past can’t be changed now. Against all expectations, his diabolic plan to kill Lin Feng had failed at the last minute when he turned into a demon and almost killed everyone.

But Lin Feng hadn’t died, he was still alive and had seemingly managed to recover from his demonic possession. Lin Feng shouldn’t be able to control the evil swords yet but he had managed to recover somehow, he must have had another stroke of luck. On top of that, he hadn’t joined Shen Gong but another group of influence.

The people of Shen Gong had arrived already. They had managed to take some geniuses from the Great Competition of Xue Yu too.

“Isn’t the champion of the Great Competition of Xue Yu supposed to represent you in the mysterious world?” Duan Wu Ya was poking fun at the people of Shen Gong. They looked in the direction of Tian Chi’s people and noticed Lin Feng.

Duan Wu Ya was trying to deteriorate the situation between Lin Feng and Shen Gong even more.

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