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PMG Chapter 77: The Yun Hai Sect is Polluted!

Here is todays regular release. These chapters are soooo long. I had to stop mid way for some food because of grumbles.

Enjoy xoxo

Crappy Cultivator? Suddenly, someone dared insult Wen Ren Yan and call him a crappy cultivator?

The entire crowd was staring deeply at Lin Feng. They were stupefied because Lin Feng was still wearing the clothes of an ordinary disciple. Could it be that he was still an ordinary disciple?

Nan Gong Ling was also surprised. He had taken great pleasure in openly announcing to the sect that Lin Feng had become an elite disciple. Why was he still wearing the clothes of an ordinary disciple?

Within the Yun Hai Sect Nan Gong Ling had a lot of admiration for four disciples: Ling Hu He Shan, Tu Fu, Wen Ren Yan and Lin Feng.

At that moment, Ling Hu He Shan was constantly impressing him with his actions. Fu Tu was becoming stronger and stronger with each passing day. Wen Ren Yan seemed to have an infinite potential. Regarding Lin Feng, he was still a bit weak but he had made a display of his abilities and his future was certainly going to be brilliant.

These disciples also regarded Nan Gong Ling as a good Patriarch. Therefore, Nan Gong Ling hoped that there were no tensions between them. The tensions existing between Lin Feng and Wen Ren Yan would probably not be to his liking.

“What gives you the right to talk to me like this? In front of me you will always be a crappy cultivator and like before a piece of trash.”

Wen Ren Yan azure blue eyes were evilly staring at Lin Feng.

“You’re really narrow minded. You’re that kind of person who doesn’t know who is good or bad, who has abilities and who doesn’t, especially who to call names and those you should never dare to call names.”

Lin Feng’s words were getting more and more profound as well as harsher which somewhat amused the entire crowd. They found him fascinating. He could not see the difference between heaven and earth. Wen Ren Yan was respected by everyone and he surprisingly dared disrespect him. He was truly reckless and immature.

“Are you trying to say that you are more qualified than me?” asked Wen Ren Yan as if he had just heard the funniest joke of his life.

“I may not be more qualified than you but I don’t go around randomly insulting people and calling them ‘piece of trash’. I am careful of who I offend.” said Lin Feng slowly walking towards the Life and Death Arena, towards the central fighting stage. He looked extremely calm and serene.

“You’re the top ranked elite disciple and you despise the other elite disciples. You say that they are hopeless. If there was a core disciple here to call you trash, would you dare still act so arrogantly?”

“Pffff, core disciples are obviously stronger than me but I will surpass them eventually so they don’t have the qualification to call me trash. People like you will never be able to surpass me or even catch up to me.”

Wen Ren Yan was endlessly arrogant. The Yun Hai Sect disciples felt so furious that their cheeks were burning in anger. They were not strong enough to rebuke him as much as they had wanted to. Wen Ren Yan was an incomparable genius within the sect.

“Ridiculous.” Lin Feng had already arrived on the edge of the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena. He then climbed up onto the stage.

“In the eyes of many people, you are indeed a once in a lifetime genius. However in my eyes, you are a fool and nothing more. I don’t understand why the Yun Hai Sect respects you and even attaches even the slightest of importance to you.”

When Lin Feng finished talking, everybody was stupefied. Not only was he humiliating Wen Ren Yan but he was calling into question the actions of the sect. How audacious!

“You really want to die!”

Wen Ren Yan had a demonic expression in his eyes and he slowly started walking to the fighting stage. Very slowly, one step after the other. He looked like a demon ready to unleash his fury.

“Nobody slacks when it comes to the Elite Disciple Exam. They all want to become ranked for the glory that comes with it. Those who are not ranked rely on the weaker disciples to become ranked. Those who are ranked rely on those at the top of the list to protect order. This is the way that things worked. This is the way of the world. Even if they lose while attempting to rise to new heights, it is not a humiliation. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but Wen Ren Yan you are evil. You don’t even respect those who died today. You… are truly heartless.”

“Being the top ranked elite disciple and insulting the other elite disciples… calling them worthless even after their death. That is a cruel humiliation for our fellow disciples who died attempting to rise to glory. That’s unfair.”

“Heartless, cruel and unfair… The Yun Hai Sect, including all of our fellow disciples has helped you become what you are now. If the Yun Hai Sect ever has a big problem then will it be able to trust you considering that you don’t care about killing your fellow disciples or seeing them murdered? The most important thing is that even if you are extremely strong, will the Yun Hai Sect even be able to benefit from it?”

While Lin Feng was saying these profound words, the atmosphere had gone completely silent and still. A cruel, heartless and unfair yet extremely strong disciple, did the Yun Hai Sect need him?


A violent and ice cold Qi emerged like waves on the fighting stage. The temperature rapidly began to drop.

“So ashamed that you cannot control yourself? Too bad, I’m not done talking yet.”

Lin Feng wasn’t frightened at all and was smiling coldly. Lin Feng moved forward to the center of the fighting stage and looked at Wen Ren Yan  with disdain.

“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is so incredibly vast. Wen Ren Yan, what other places have you even ever been to? How many real geniuses have you met in your life? And you dared to talk like you were unrivalled under the heavens. You dare to be extremely arrogant and humiliate other people while being so insignificant. A Cultivator of the third Ling Qi layer is considered as relatively weak compared to the rest of the world. In the Xue Yue Country, there are cities filled with stronger cultivators than you with talent that you could only dream of. I don’t understand how you are more qualified than anyone else, I do not understand what gives you the right to act in such a way.”

“Wen Ren Yan you are like a mouse which can only see an inch, a frog at the bottom of a well… that’s all. You really know nothing about the world. You know not how vast the sky is or how deep the ocean is. You know nothing.”

Lin Feng’s words astonished everyone. Even Nan Gong Ling and Duan Tian Lang were moved by Lin Feng’s words. Everything Lin Feng said was profound and showed how wise he truly was.

Wen Ren Yan was shaking from head to toe with fury. Lin Feng’s words were piercing to the extent that even his soul was shaking in anger. He could see that everyone was staring at him with looks of disdain.

It seemed like Lin Feng was determined to punish him using his words.

He was gazing into the distance. Lin Feng had not said a single lie and had revealed the truth of his nature.

“An unfair and cruel young disciple like this… adored and respected by other disciples… respected by the elders… a source of inspiration for ordinary disciples… Could it be that the Yun Hai Sect was only worth this much?”

Was the Yun Hai Sect only worth this much?

Everybody in the crowd felt awkward. Lin Feng said that Wen Ren Yan was arrogant. What about him? Saying that the Yun Hai Sect was only worth so much, wasn’t saying this very arrogant of him?”

“What an audacious ordinary disciple. Daring to humiliate the entire Yun Hai sect. You really want to die!” said an Elder while looking at the fighting stage. That was precisely the elder, who had humiliated Lin Feng refusing to give him his elite disciples robes and certificate: Lu Yuan.

“There are many people like you in the Yun Hai Sect. It is becoming more and more polluted each day with your stupidity.”

Said Lin Feng who wasn’t scared and just smiled coldly. He then said to Lu Yuan: “So, you think that ordinary disciples are not worthy and that elite disciples are above others because they are strong?”

“You five, you consider yourselves to be strong and powerful. Yet you dare to ruthlessly murder your fellow disciples. How powerful you must be to murder an already defeated opponent! Have you ever thought of the fact that there are people who are much stronger than you and they might treat you in the same way?  Have any of you stopped to consider that before you murdered a fellow disciple for wanting to become stronger?”

Lin Feng was staring at the five ranked elite disciples who had just killed their challengers. “Even though the Yun Hai Sect has rules, they are still useless as they are not enforced. All that is enforced is to destroy fellow disciples and humiliate them. I challenge you five murderers, I think that nobody will have any problems with this. Shall we listen to what the Patriarch has to say.”

Lin Feng stopped talking. At that moment, everybody was stupefied. Lin Feng wanted to challenge five ranked elite disciples.


Lin Feng was obviously insane!

Even though Lin Feng understood how to use sword force, these five Cultivators were of the second Ling Qi layer. They could kill him with a single strike.

But Lin Feng surprisingly dared to challenge five ranked elite disciples at once. How insane was he?

Han Man’s mouth was wide open. He was speechless. That guy….

At that moment in the crowd, Liu Fei was also shocked. Her beautiful eyes were staring at Lin Feng looking worried. She thought that even though Lin Feng was powerful, he was still much weaker than the geniuses standing before him. That’s why she wanted Lin Feng to take his time and practice. With time he could become an incredibly powerful person. His name would definitely appear on the ranking list in the future, however if he fought right now he may lose his life.

But was Lin Feng going to achieve a miracle? That bastard, how could he challenge five ranked elite disciples at the same time? Could it be that he didn’t know the difference between their strengths.

“Bastard.” Liu Fei was cursing secretly in her heart. She was incredibly worried about Lin Feng’s safety. There was no chance of them letting Lin Feng leave the arena alive.

As far as Nan Gong Ling was concerned, he was very surprised. Suddenly challenging five ranked elite disciples? Did he not even understand that this might not go the way he planned?

He had personally declared Lin Feng as an elite disciple, how come he was still wearing his ordinary disciple robes?

“Five is too many. Start with one first.”

Nan Gong Ling didn’t want Lin Feng to take such great risks. He was also worried about two of the disciples that he respected the most. The tensions existing between the two of them was not to his liking.

“No need. The five of you, hurry and climb up onto the stage.”

Lin Feng sounded like he was an immature brat who knew nothing of the world. He was talking down to his opponents as if they were nothing.

“You want to die, I will show you.”

One of the five was laughing. Lin Feng was already dead in his mind. He had dared challenge the five of them at once.

“Quickly get up there. I am sick of looking at his smug face.”

Wen Ren Yan interrupted him. He kept thinking about what Lin Feng had said, that he was cruel, heartless, arrogant. That he would be of no use to the sect… He had a deep and bitter hatred for Lin Feng.

The five disciples hurried up because of what Wen Ren Yan had just said.

The five silhouettes climbed up onto the fighting stage. Suddenly, a strong Qi pressed down onto Lin Feng.

“Remember the name of the one who is going to kill you: Yue Yang.”

An enormous flame suddenly appeared illuminating the entire arena. It was growing much bigger and hotter as if it was being fueled by everything around it, to endlessly burn everything.

Another Gigantic flame emerged out of his head and rose into the atmosphere. The other four disciples all started using their own skills, each more powerful than the last. This was the combined strength of five disciples of the second Ling Qi layer. Even if they didn’t release their spirit, their combined strength was absolutely enormous. Even people who were not on the fighting stage could sense it.

It looked like Lin Feng was going to be killed by the pressure enveloping his body before they even had a chance to attack.


Eight extremely powerful strikes covered the sky and crashed down onto the atmosphere shattering it instantly. Each strike rushing forward looked like a stampede of armored horsemen.

“The Eight Strikes of Desolation mastered to perfection.”

The crowd was amazed by the attack and its boundless strength and power. The sound of the five disciples’ attacks colliding with Lin Feng’s attack filled the atmosphere.

“Die.” Yue Yang threw himself towards Lin Feng. Flames were unceasingly coming out of his body even stronger and hotter than before. When he had seen Lin Feng using the Eight Strikes of Desolation, he was surprised as he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was so strong. But he thought that a perfectly mastered Eight Strikes of Desolation, when facing the combined power of five ranked elite disciples, it was still far from being enough to compete with them.


The whistling sound of the sword spread throughout the atmosphere. The atmosphere was glowing with the power of sword force. It looked resplendent.

It was so quick that it all that could be seen was a trace of light between them. Before the light slowly faded to the sound of Lin Feng sheathing his sword.

Yue Yang’s body was still diffusing an immense flame. He even had a flame coming from his head. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a small line had appeared on his neck out of which blood started to endlessly spill.

Sword unsheathing.

They had all almost forgotten that Lin Feng’s strong point was when he was using his swords. He was better at using swords than his fists.

There was an incredible amount of sword force contained within the arena and the sword was still glowing with power.

Lin Feng’s Eight Strikes of Desolation attack a moment ago had been very powerful but he had relied on the strength of the first Ling Qi layer and had attacked all of the five ranked Elite Disciples. Yue Yang seemed to have forgotten that Lin Feng was an expert at using swords and that he could use both hands. That was the price to pay for forgetting that. For underestimating Lin Feng the small price of a head would be collected.

“Was that sword unsheathing?!”

Quite a lot of disciples knew the attack. They were astonished though because they thought sword unsheathing was a useless skill… but in Lin Feng’s hands, it was so powerful. It was fast as light. In his hands it was an incredibly destructive skill.

That sword! How breathtaking! How stunning!

“No wonder Protector Bei appreciates him so much. Give him any skill and he can accomplish miracles with it.”

Lin Feng was now even higher within Nan Gong Ling’s esteem. He was most likely only at the first Ling Qi layer and could already master Eight Strikes of Desolation to perfection as well as Sword Unsheathing. It was hard to believe that he had just become an elite disciple when looking at his skills.

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