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PMG Chapter 770: Two Traitors

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PMG Chapter 770: Two Traitors

“Lin Feng.” someone called from elsewhere. It came from a group of people in black chang paos. Their Qi was ice-cold and evil, they looked scary and others were afraid to get close to them. 

“Do the people of the Necropolis Sect know Lin Feng?” thought everybody astonished. It seemed like everybody knew Lin Feng. 

The Necropolis Sect was an evil sect so they weren’t active and dynamic in the outside world. They weren’t like the East Sea Dragon Palace who actively looked for new geniuses all the time. The crowd was surprised to see that they knew Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, we would love to have you as a disciple at the Necropolis Sect. You can join whenever you want, and we will choose a great Zun teacher to teach you.” The crowd was astonished, the Necropolis Sect wanted Lin Feng just like Shen Gong. Their proposition was even more tempting, they were ready to offer him a Zun teacher. That was the dream of so many people. 

“Thank you very much for your kindness but now I am a citizen of the Tian Chi Empire and I will not change my mind.” Lin Feng turned down the Necropolis Sect and with certainty. It was no secret that he had turned into a demon in Xue Yue, even the Necropolis Sect knew about it. With the evil sword, Lin Feng was absolutely eligible to join the Necropolis Sect. Even without it, he was still eligible to join them.

“Then forget about it, but our door will always be open for you. You can join whenever you want and we will welcome you then.” said the strong cultivator from the Necropolis Sect.

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng with an indifferent smile on his face. 

“That guy really has endless opportunities… So many strong groups are fighting for him, and they are all offering incredible things to try and tempt him.” thought the people from Tian Chi. Their eyes were twinkling, Shen Gong was offering him some incredible skills and techniques while the Necropolis Sect was offering him a Zun teacher. 

In the distance, there were more ferocious, wild beasts arriving. Someone got off their beast and looked around when they saw the strong cultivators surrounding the gigantic “coffin”, as if they had been looking for their group. 

“Mo Xi arrived.” said Tang You You in a low voice. She had been waiting for him, she felt embarrassed because Lin Feng and her had joined Shen Gong. She wanted to explain the situation to Jun Mo Xi. 

Lin Feng heard Tang You You and he slowly turned around. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang had come together, as if they had sensed something they turned to Lin Feng and Tang You You. Strong cultivators’ perceptions were extremely acute. 

“Lin Feng.” Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were surprised. They felt relieved knowing that Lin Feng had recovered.

They immediately flew towards Lin Feng and Tang You You. Many people were surprised seeing two extremely strong cultivators appearing, especially Jun Mo Xi who had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. They seemed to know Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi looked particularly enigmatic and unfathomable. 

“Lin Feng, are you alright?” asked Jun Mo Xi. The crowd understood that he was one of Lin Feng’s friends.

“Lin Feng.” said Yun Fei Yang while staring at him. He had seen Lin Feng turn into a demon and leave but he had been extremely worried, he feared that Lin Feng would kill everybody. However, it seemed like Lin Feng had recovered and felt much better. They thought that they would never see Lin Feng ever again.

“Don’t worry, I am normal now.” said Lin Feng smiling. Lin Feng had surprisingly managed to recover, what luck.

“Lin Feng, I heard a rumor about a stone plate which could restrict the evil power in your body. It is an incredible treasure with fantastic magical powers called the sealed-evil stone plate. According to the rumors, it was broken and it turned into several stone plates, four exactly, which spread in the continent. They contain a terrifying intent. If you manage to obtain one of those stone plates you will be able to use it to control the evil power in your body.” Jun Mo Xi was smiling. “However, it seems like you don’t need it anymore since you recovered. This means that you already managed to defeat the evilness in your body without using any outside help.”

Lin Feng was speechless as he smiled, Jun Mo Xi had also heard about that stone plate… That was precisely what had helped him. Without it, Lin Feng would have never been able to control the evilness in his body. 

“Mo Xi, you said that the stone plate was divided into four pieces. How can I find one?” asked Lin Feng. 

Jun Mo Xi frowned when he heard Lin Feng and said, “In the Gan Yu Region, there is a valley called the Death Valley. It is said that there are extremely strong demons there, those who go there almost always die. Many years ago, a demon came out of the valley and a monstrously strong cultivator restricted the power of that demon and sealed it in a gigantic stone plate.”

“Do you think that we could obtain such a stone plate? That valley is called Death Valley because anyone who enters it dies, right? So how could we ever get that stone plate? It could be extremely dangerous.” Lin Feng inquired. Jun Mo Xi nodded, Lin Feng was right. The stone plate had been used to seal a monstrously powerful demon. Lin Feng would be in great danger if he tried to steal it.

“Jun Mo Xi, thank you.” said Lin Feng looking grateful. Such information was difficult to obtain, Jun Mo Xi really cared about his friends. 

“You’re alright, that’s the most important thing.” said Jun Mo Xi shaking his head. “By the way, how come you two are here?” 

He had noticed that Lin Feng and Tang You You weren’t with Shen Gong people, they were with another group of people. 

“On that day in Xue Yue, Shen Gong people came and didn’t help. They looked at Lin Feng’s friends and family members getting attacked or killed, but didn’t act until Lin Feng was already in great danger.” explained Yun Fei Yang who had also helped Lin Feng on that day. Of course, Jun Mo Xi understood the entire story. Even though they hadn’t directly killed his friends or family members, they watched without doing anything. Lin Feng was right not to join Shen Gong, Jun Mo Xi wouldn’t either.

Jun Mo Xi was surprised to hear the story. Lin Feng had been friendly to Shen Gong, but they were really only interested in their own success. 

“You two can join Tian Chi if you want.” said the Tian Xuan snow eagle to Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang. “We care about our geniuses, what you obtain in the mysterious world remains yours and you don’t have to offer the empire anything. the treasures are all yours and only yours. Besides, we can also help you become stronger. There is only one thing we ask our citizens, they cannot betray us, Tian Chi.” 

“I am the prince of the Dragon Mountain Empire, he is the prince of Mo Yue.” said Jun Mo Xi to the snow eagle.

“That is no problem at all, the Dragon Mountain Empire and the country of Mo Yue can form an alliance. You will just be considered a part of the Tian Chi Empire and you won’t have to renounce any of your other social statuses, for example: prince.” the snow eagle understood what Jun Mo Xi meant. 

“Is the Tian Chi Empire insane? You’re trying to steal my geniuses!” Bei Ming was writhing in anger. He had lost Lin Feng and had no choice but to accept it. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were also incredible geniuses, Jun Mo Xi had even finished fourth at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

“I am just inviting them, they can make their own decisions. You choose, we are not forcing you, we’ve never forced anyone to do anything.” said the snow eagle mockingly. His eyes were twinkling while looking back at Bei Ming, it seemed like he was making fun of Shen Gong. 

“I accept.” said Jun Mo Xi, stopping Bei Ming who was about to say something. 

“So do I.” said Yun Fei Yang. Bei Ming looked extremely upset. 

“Leader, back when Lin Feng was only a half-member of Shen Gong, he hadn’t accepted to join. He said that he would represent Shen Gong in the mysterious world. However, when he went through some incredible hardships, Shen Gong abandoned him. Because of you, his friends and family had almost died. Back then, Lin Feng still counted on Shen Gong. Considering all those things, how can I be sure that after acquiring fantastic treasures in the mysterious world, Shen Gong will not kill us and steal our treasures? I am sure that getting rid of someone after he has served his purpose is something you’re capable of doing.” explained Jun Mo Xi while releasing some vital Qi of righteousness. Lin Feng had been in great danger and had abandoned him, who knew what Shen Gong was capable of doing? 

Everybody had the impression that Jun Mo Xi was right. Shen Gong was shameless and had no moral values, which was why the situation had changed so drastically for them. People who were blaming Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang for joining Tian Chi were wrong.

“Shen Gong…” sighed the dragon king. The dragon king was actually sighing as a sign of mockery. It seemed like Shen Gong was absolutely incompetent.

“We organized the Great Competition of Xue Yu and had spent so much time and energy, but in the end we were betrayed.” said Bei Ming, looking at the leader of Shen Gong East in an ice-cold way. Bei Ming was furious. He glanced at Lin Feng and the others while turning around. He didn’t want to leave, he wanted to kill them all he was so furious.

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