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PMG Chapter 771: The Palace

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 771: The Palace

“Jun Mo Xi, how come Qing Meng Xin didn’t come with you?” asked Tang You You. She hadn’t seen Qing Meng Xin appear yet. Back then, Qing Meng Xin and Tang You You were very good friends, they were the most beautiful and strongest female cultivators of Dragon Mountain. She thought that Qing Meng Xin would come with Jun Mo Xi.

“Her teacher didn’t allow her to come.” said Jun Mo Xi. “Her teacher has more ambitions for her. Qing Meng Xin is a member of the Cosmic Pavilion, her natural abilities are much higher than those of her fellow disciples. Therefore, her teacher attaches too much important to her and was afraid to lose her. Coming to the mysterious world is dangerous, there are extremely strong cultivators from empires of average quality. Qing Meng Xin might not be considered outstanding enough in this crowd.”

Tang You You understood, her father didn’t want her to come either. There were too many strong cultivators, the mysterious world was so much more dangerous than the Great Competition of Xue Yu. The Great Competition of Xue Yu was only about Xue Yu, a region composed of four empires of lower quality… However, the Gan Yu region was vast and incredible.” 

People from Gan Yu despised people from the Xue Yu region. 

“That journey will be extremely dangerous, we all have to be prudent and careful to come out alive.” said Tang You You. Nobody knew what they would face in the mysterious world. 

“Don’t worry, I will not die because a star is protecting me. My life won’t be that short.” joked Jun Mo Xi while the three others laughed. 

Lin Feng stretched his hand, Tang You You, Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang also stretched their hands and then they rose up in the air at the same time with a show of unity. This was a promise to themselves that they were going to come out alive.

The snow eagles smiled resplendently when they saw their determination and bond. Ferocious beasts were usually emotionless but Lin Feng’s group moved them. Usually, the weak were the prey of the strong, it was difficult to find friends in such a world. However, Lin Feng and his three friends were smiling honestly and wholeheartedly, it seemed like nothing could destroy their friendship. 

“They’re simulating their friendship.” Ling Xie from the Tian Shu group was mocking them. He was probably jealous to see that Lin Feng had such good friends. 

Lin Feng glanced at him but ignored him. Why should he pay attention to such insignificance? Lin Feng was a far stronger cultivator.

“Hehe, can I join you guys?” Huang Fu Long surprised them with his idiotic smile. However, Lin Feng slightly smiled back and nodded. 

“Between all the seas of the universe, friends are like brothers. Even if we just met, brother, come and join us.” said Jun Mo Xi cheerfully. Jun Mo Xi was filled with the vital energy of righteousness and could sense good intentions. 
“Indeed, like brothers!” said Huang Fu Long while stretching his hand out as the now five friends made another show of unity. Huang Fu Long a simple-mindedly said, “My name is Huang Fu Long, you can call me Da Hai Chong!”

“Da Hai Chong, that is quite a vulgar name!” joked Yun Fei Yang indecently as the five of them laughed. Huang Fu Long actually liked the name “Da Hai Chong”. Sure it sounded rough but he liked it, so why care? They looked happy and carefree in that world of cruelty and emotionlessness, it felt good to be supported by friends and feel united. 

Groups continued to pour in, for the most part the crowd didn’t pay attention to any of them. They would only stare at the gigantic coffin, calmly waiting for time to pass.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes, he was calm and serene, nothing could perturb him. 

However, not everybody could remain as calm as Lin Feng, people were increasingly excited or nervous. The moment they could enter the mysterious world was approaching. Nobody knew what awaited them though, would they benefit from incredible treasures or would they get injured and even die?


“Boom boom boom…..” Suddenly everyone’s hearts started beating faster. Somewhere in the vast area, there was a particular sound spreading. 

“Bzzzzz…..”” A buzzing sound spread in the atmosphere, they could feel their bodies shake along with the sound. However, as soon as they sensed it, it stopped. 

“It is time.” thought the crowd.

The time to go to the mysterious world had finally come!

“Bzzz bzzzz…..!” The buzzing sound started again and the crowd started shivering. 

Everybody looked determined and nervous as they slowly stood up, their eyes filled with willpower and determination. They were staring at the gigantic coffin with clenched fists. They had waited so long and finally, they were about to enter the mysterious world…? 

“Bzzzzz boom boom boom!” The loud buzzing sound then transformed into rumbling sounds. On the ground, stones and sand shifted as if there was an earthquake, however, the atmosphere held only an eerie silence. 

The leaders of the groups started walking forwards slowly, their mission was about to start. 

“Look out for yourself.” said the seven snow eagles as they walked forwards. It seemed like their steps weighed millions of kilograms at that moment. A terrifying pressure invaded the atmosphere as a terrifying Qi emerged out of the ground. 

The Strong cultivators from Tian Chi all moved forwards along with the others.

“Let’s attack together.” someone said. The crowd saw a terrifying strength move towards the coffin. It was ice-cold, swift and fierce. It surmounted to make the top of the mountain break. Sand and stone splashed through the air as the ground opened.

“Boom” a silhouette violently trampled on the ground as dust rose. Then, terrifying lights appeared.

“Sky!” A light beam spread in the air.


“Boom boom!” Another person trampled on the ground which made it shake even more violently. Another light beam appeared!







“Boom boom boom boom!” The earth kept shaking as silhouettes kept jumping forwards. Suddenly, there were light beams everywhere! 

Trigrams appeared in the sky and merged into one transforming into a gigantic trigram structure which looked like profound magical spell.

“These cultivators are all at the Tian Qi layer and can create formation.” thought Lin Feng astonished. He had learnt some magic spells and formations before, he knew how terrifying they were. The mysterious world adventure seemed like it couldn’t start by itself, these strong cultivators knew what to do, as if they had received instructions.

“Boom boom boom!” An infinite number of light beams fused together with the trigram in the sky, the mountain immediately flattened. But it stopped moving, as if there was some restrictive energy.

“Break break break!” The light beams in the sky became more dazzling. The destructive energy rose in the air, the crowd closed their eyes. The ground under their feet was shaking vigorously, the rumbling sounds were terrifying as the eight trigrams pattern in the sky had disappeared and a gigantic palace appeared in the ground. It slowly started emerging out of the ground!  

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