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PMG Chapter 773: The Mysterious Marks in the Dark World

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PMG Chapter 773: The Mysterious Marks in the Dark World

“I’m here.” Lin Feng said without fearing the dark. 

The eerie silence and the darkness of that place was giving a dreadful sensation to the cultivators. Someone had attacked another person and ended his life in a flash, his spinal cord had been shattered. How terrifying! People didn’t dare act recklessly.

“Lin Feng.” Tang You You was relieved to find Lin Feng. He stretched one hand and touched Tang You You, they held hands as Lin Feng said, “Stay next to me.”

Lin Feng was circulating the strength of the Herukas in his body. His corporeal body was so solid that almost nobody could hurt him. Tang You You could stay behind him and would be safe.

“Where are we?” asked Jun Mo Xi, providing some vital energy of righteousness to his body. Immediately, some weak lights started flashing but it seemed like those lights were constricted by the darkness. His energies could only illuminate his surroundings up to ten meters.

Lin Feng could clearly see that some people were looking in their direction and their eyes were twinkling gloomily. He clearly understood that everybody in the mysterious world was a potential enemy. 

The dark world was vast, with only the weak lights diffused by Jun Mo Xi’s energies, it was impossible to see the edges.

Lin Feng and his friends were glaring at everyone else, making them look elsewhere. They knew that Lin Feng was strong. 

With Yun Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long behind Jun Mo Xi, the five friends were back together. 

“It is too crowded here, let’s move to the aside.” the other four followed Lin Feng in a direction. They soon come upon a strange wall.

Jun Mo Xi continued to release his energy of righteousness to illuminate the atmosphere. Slowly, his energy illuminated the different parts of the facade. There were strange marks on the walls, it seemed like those marks were alive and had their own will. 

“Those marks are so strange.” Yun Fei Yang and everybody else agreed. Using the faint lights diffused by Jun Mo Xi, they looked at the marks with more detail. They had the impression that these weren’t simple marks but geysers of monstrously strong energy which could erupt at any moment.

“Let me try something.” Huang Fu Long sounded excited. Pure Qi emitted from his body as faint lights. He illuminated one of the strange and enigmatic marks from the beginning to the end with his Qi. 

A terrifying physical strength appeared, Huang Fu Long’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. How strong, those marks contained a terrifying strength. 

“Don’t go too hard on it.” Lin Feng interrupted Huang Fu Long, who then stopped releasing his pure Qi. The terrifying strength disappeared right away, leaving Huang Fu Long puzzled. What was going on?

“Ahhhhh…….!” A horrible shriek broke the eerie silence of the dark world, surprising their group. They turned around and saw that the wall had released some deadly energy which penetrated someone’s body who had done what Huang Fu Long just did, killing him on the spot. 

“Pfeww…” Huang Fu Long took a deep breathe, his mouth was dry as he looked back at Lin Feng. 

“How dangerous…” if Lin Feng hadn’t interrupted Huang Fu Long, he would have been the one who died.

They now knew that the walls were dangerous, to a terrifying level.

As expected, each step in the mysterious world was dangerous. Nobody knew where or when danger was awaiting them.

Many others paid attention to before so they gradually all left the walls and headed towards the middle.

But, Lin Feng and his friends didn’t leave because they understood that if they didn’t attack the walls with pure Qi, nothing would happen. Besides, Lin Feng was really interested in those marks.

What kind of marks were those? What gave them such a power? Lin Feng’s intuition was telling him that there was more to this wall. 

Lin Feng touched the marks with his fingers and then whispered to Jun Mo Xi, “Maybe if we copy those peculiar marks we can gain something. Or maybe we could use them in some way.” 

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Jun Mo Xi nodded. Those marks held such strength, not attempting to understand them would be a pity. They were in the palace of the emperor… Could things be that easy? 

Lin Feng nodded at Jun Mo Xi who seemingly understood. Jun Mo Xi stopped illuminating the surroundings and everyone else guessed they left. 

Lin Feng put his hand on the wall and started sensing the marks under his hands, very quickly, he he touched the marks and tried to remember the patterns. 

“Oh no, I can’t remember all of them, surprisingly.” thought Lin Feng. After putting his hand away, he couldn’t remember the patterns. He was puzzled because it seemed like he had forgotten half of the pattern. 

After a short time, the others gradually told him that they couldn’t remember the patterns either. 

“Those marks are quite mysterious.” said Jun Mo Xi. Even though they should have been able to remember the whole pattern, each time they moved their hands away, they forgot at least half of it. 

Cultivators could memorize things very easily, having learned to use their heart and brain. But this task strangely seemed beyond them.

“It seems we can’t gain anything from those marks.” sighed Jun Mo Xi. 

“Let me try again.” Lin Feng was upset. He looked at the pitch-black wall and suddenly, ice-cold lights appeared in his eyes. They looked emotionless and expressionless.

Lin Feng’s eyes revolved in their orbits. Immediately after, a picture appeared in his eyes, as if his brain held a hard-copy picture. 

“Copy!” His eyes were twinkling while using his celestial spirit. It seemed like lights were emerging out of his eyes and scanning the surface of the wall as images kept appearing in his brain. He didn’t forget them this time. 

“As expected, my celestial spirit enables me to overcome this difficulty.” thought Lin Feng whose eyes were twinkling with delight. The others gradually turned to him, Lin Feng’s abilities seemed endless… He could do everything.

Lin Feng continued moving towards another wall, he then inspected the marks of that wall and another complete image appeared in his brain. 

Lin Feng looked absent-minded and exhausted. Surprisingly, using his celestial spirit to inspect the wall was very tiring, it felt like his vitality was being absorbed. Those marks in the wall had something particular yet difficult to grab.

“What scary marks, Could it be that the emperor of the rumors carved them himself?” thought Lin Feng who had never heard of such marks. Lin Feng continued inspecting the three other walls. 

In the end, Lin Feng had only been able to detect five walls filled with those mysterious marks! 

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