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PMG Chapter 774: Sacrificial Altar

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PMG Chapter 774: Sacrificial Altar

“So Lin Feng, what did you find?” Tang You You couldn’t help but ask. 

“Those marks are way too mysterious. With my cultivation level, I can only inspect five walls. Now I need to see if I can understand them.” Lin Feng said in a deep and forceful voice. Even if he had finished inspecting the walls, he was unable to understand the marks with his current cultivation level,. When analyzing the images in his brain, he couldn’t focus on them and immediately felt exhausted. He was still too weak. 

“It’s okay, being able to inspect five walls is not bad already. I can’t even inspect one.” Tang You You reassured, smiling wryly. Jun Mo Xi and the others were the same, they couldn’t remember the patterns either. There was a peculiar force in those patterns, those patterns were either too difficult to understand or their cultivation level was too low.

They continued moving forwards while others stayed and tried to understand the patterns. They too discovered the patterns, but they had the same problem as Lin Feng and his friends, they couldn’t understand them. They couldn’t even remember the patterns formed by those marks. 

A faint light appeared on the walls made of pure Qi. Because someone had died before, many had moved away from the walls, but now there were people who felt like trying again. However, each time they sensed the extremely powerful deadly energy, they stopped.

Lin Feng and his friends moved forwards and continued exploring the area. Since they couldn’t understand them, they didn’t feel like wasting too much time thinking about them.

An extremely powerful Qi then emerged, making Lin Feng nervous. In front of him was an extremely powerful energy filled with the strength of the mysterious marks. 

“Die.” said an evil voice. Some pure Qi lights appeared in front of them and then the walls were covered with pure Qi light. Deadly energy spread in those mysterious marks which looked like veins and arteries. 

“Lie down!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, listening to his own instinct. With incredible speed, he threw himself backwards and fell flat. 

“Crrrr….” A purple light emerged in the air and passed before of Lin Feng’s eyes, that light was dazzling.. Lin Feng’s eyes felt painful, some blood even dripped out. 

“Ahhhhh!” A terrible shriek spread in the atmosphere, that purple thunder immediately beheaded someone. Two trails of blood splashed in the air. His eyes were wide open at the moment of his death, he didn’t even know how he died.

“Lin Feng.” Tang You You was stunned holding him. She sensed that Lin Feng’s hands were on his eyes. His eyes were burning, he felt like he was blind from the pain.

Pure Qi revolved in the air and rose up to his hand, it moved into his eyes and relieved a bit of the pain. He slowly opened his eyes again. 

At the same time, Jun Mo Xi and Huang Fu Long had already thrown themselves to the one who had attacked Lin Feng. In the darkness, there was an ice-cold energy like ice or snow that emerged. Some rumbling sounds spread in the air. 

Huang Fu Long and Jun Mo Xi moved back to where they were standing before, they were furiously glaring at the person. 

“The elders of Tian Chi said that we couldn’t attack each other! Against all expectations, you people from Tian Shu dare sink to such levels… You’re really shameless.” Huang Fu Long was pissed. The one who had just attacked the wall with pure Qi was the young man who was defeated by Lin Feng the other day. 

Nobody replied as the stepping sounds became faintly discernible. The opponent had moved farther away, nobody knew where he went.

“Lin Feng, are you alright?” asked Jun Mo Xi, releasing some vital energy of righteousness to see Lin Feng clearly. 

“I almost went blind but I’m alright.” said Lin Feng shaking his head. The energy of the mysterious marks was terrifying. With a little bit of pure Qi, the walls could release a terrifying energy.

“Were those people from the Tian Shu group?” Lin Feng wanted to know. 

“Indeed, it’s the one who attacked you the other day, Ling Xie is probably the one who bears the responsibility for that.” Huang Fu Long was still furious. It seemed like they had overestimated other’s integrity. Even though the elders had warned them not to attack each other and to do everything for the Tian Chi Empire, those geniuses were used to acting arrogantly. Last time, Lin Feng had humiliated them and they hated him for that, and now they almost killed him. 

“Since it’s that way, don’t blame me for being rude.” said Lin Feng while gazing into the distance. 

“Look at the walls.” Lin Feng hadn’t thought that people could use the walls to attack others. Only those who were really sly and evil could think of such cheap methods to attack others. 

Now, everyone knew that they could use the walls to attack others. They all walked towards the walls and put their hands on the walls. They released some pure Qi as the walls released deadly energy in response, it seemed like the walls were about to kill. Immediately, those in the dark felt oppressed by the deadly energies. 

However, nobody attacked. If they killed other people, maybe they feared retaliation. 

The pitch-black tunnel seemed endless, like an authentic tomb. The crowd continued to walk for a very long time until they finally arrived to a place with light. 

The light was gradually getting brighter. The crowd could see a gigantic tombstone in front of them, and around the tombstone were strange marks which looked like veins and arteries. 

Those marks looked like the marks on the walls in the tunnel. However, they were much more complex, they criss-crossed together to form interweaving patterns. It seemed like a sea of vasculature was connected to that tombstone.

Actually, it didn’t look like a tombstone, but more like an altar. 

“These mysterious marks contain deadly energy as well, but they are interweaving so the strength released will probably be much more powerful than those in the tunnel.” thought Lin Feng. He still couldn’t understand those marks though. 

Lin Feng glanced around him, there was no other exit. There was only a network of mysterious marks around the tombstone. It seemed like the only way of moving forward was to destroy the tombstone. 

“Look, that tombstone has some flaws, some parts are missing.” someone was pointing at the tombstone. Indeed, many people could see some holes as if it had been attacked many times. 

“This is not an altar and even less a tombstone.” someone contemplated coldly. People looked in the direction where the voice had come from and saw Yu Tian Ji wearing purple clothes. He never thought that such a thing really existed, except in rumors. 

“If it’s neither an altar nor a tombstone, then what is it?” someone was upset that he didn’t spill all the beans. That Yu Tian Ji seemed like he was just showing off, as if he had been smarter than the others.

“Just sense it and you will see.” Yu Tian Ji was smiling in an enigmatic way. He walked forwards and wiped the dust off the stone. It seemed like it had been there for millions of years. 

He released pure Qi onto the stone which flowed into those strange vein-like marks. The crowd sensed an oppressive energy invade the atmosphere. They had the impression that the molecules in the air were starting to move chaotically. Space felt like it was moving around them. 

“According to rumors, some incredible cultivators could travel over hundreds of thousands of meters in a flash using a tool which turned into a sacrificial altar and modified space. Could it be the sacrificial altar from the ancient scriptures?” Someone speculated this when he sensed the molecules in the air moving in a chaotic way. Many people suddenly remembered that they had already read such a thing in ancient books. For these supreme beings, the laws of space and time were inexistent and they could manufacture a sort of sacrificial altar which enabled others to do the same. 

“Could it be that the so-called palace, or tomb or whatever it’s called, of the emperor is not here. On top of that, we’re supposed to go to another place to get there?”

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