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PMG Chapter 776: Inner-battle

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PMG Chapter 776: Inner-battle

“Hmph, I know why those people joined our group, it’s because they only harbor evil intentions! As soon as they entered the mysterious world they showed everyone what their true colors were.” someone said while staring at Lin Feng coldly. They were the ones who had almost made Lin Feng become blind. He continued, “You joined Tian Chi because you needed to come to the mysterious world and steal the treasures, but you didn’t want to give it to the group who sent you there. You’ve never considered yourselves as citizens of Tian Chi or members of our group.” 

“Look Yu Tian Ji, we came to the mysterious world to join hands to fight against enemies. The Zun cultivator asked this but it seems like some people are trying to destroy our cohesion and unity. Those people have a dubious background so we should kill them, if we don’t something catastrophic might happen to our group.” someone else said with aggression. They wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends.

The other members of the Tian Xuan group frowned, the Tian Shu group wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends. The other members of the Tian Xuan group would be in a critical situation if such a thing happened. 

“Bloody liar, you’re all disgusting, shut your filthy mouth.” Huang Fu Long was still furious at Tian Shu. He  continued to shout, “You’re all shameless, you attacked us by surprise in the dark and wanted to kill us, yet you dare talk in the name of the elders.” 

“Shut the hell up, we listen to the Zun cultivator. We never tried to attack you by surprise, we would never act in such a cowardly and slyly way. Now, you’re just trying to change the topic, that’s fine. Why do you need to find so many excuses?” He looked at the crowd and said, “Everybody, did you see that? If those people stay alive, they will be a source of great problems for us later.” 

Huang Fu Long started releasing some terrifying Qi, silver lights were twinkling in his eyes, and his voice sounded like thunder, “What a bunch of bastards! You are evil and sly, just a bunch of losers! How shameless!” 

“You’re showing your true colors now…” said his interlocutor with a cold smile.

“No time to waste my breathe on you.” Huang Fu Long started circulating his physical strength in his body as a terrifying strength which seemed to come from ancient times rose up in the air.

“Everybody, look who is not listening to the Zun cultivator’s instructions? He wants to attack us, if he really wanted to maintain the unity and cohesion of the group and collect treasures in peace with the rest of the group, he wouldn’t threaten us like this. We have to kill them.” they continued. They were speaking as if they were the ones who were benevolent. 

Ling Xi just calmly watched and remained silent. It seemed like what was happening had nothing to do with him. He was staring at Lin Feng and his friends indifferently.

“If I don’t kill you, I don’t deserve to be called Da Hai Chong!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. He lunged forwards, the ground shook and some rumbling sounds spread in the air. The ground even broke under the pressure. Huang Fu Long raised his fist and attacked the one who was spouting poison. Indirectly, he also wanted to avenge Lin Feng.

“Surprisingly, he wants to kill us! He really despises Tian Chi!” said another member of Tian Shu while smiling coldly. One of the Tian Shu members who had a huge hat threw himself at Huang Fu Long’s dragon fist, two people were attacking Huang Fu Long at the same time. 

“Boom!” A terrifying and extremely brutal energy which seemed to have the power to crush a mountain, emerged from Huang Fu Long. Out from Huang Fu Long’s body slowly emerged a dragon which pushed them back. He was too strong! 

“How audacious, you’re trying to kill my people.” said a third one while attacking. Some snow and ice condensed in the air and turned into an ice sword aimed for Huang Fu Long.

“Piss off!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. Dragon Qi emerged, making the last attacker feel febrile and weak. His ice sword shattered into pieces.

“How impressive, how brutal, how violent!” thought the crowd. They hadn’t thought that Huang Fu Long, who looked dull and stupid, was that strong. He could resist three opponents, three geniuses of the Tian Shu group. 

“Die!” someone else attacked Huang Fu Long, his hand was shot out with incredible speed. That fist contained terrifying ice energy. The atmosphere was filled with a terrifying force as the wind created by the fist sent shivers down Huang Fu Long’s spine. 

“Enough!” said Lin Feng coldly as he moved like the wind. The ice wind crashed onto his body now that he was directly facing the one who last attacked.

“Four fighting against one, how incredible! As expected, you really listened to the Zun cultivator’s instructions.” said Lin Feng while staring down the opponents. That person wanted to move back, but then he saw Lin Feng raise and stretch out his hand. Lin Feng grabbed his arm as a terrifying physical strength invaded his body. 

“Die!” shouted someone furiously while releasing ice intent straight towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surrounded by ice in a flash, however, he released some terrifying sword energy. It was as if he had unsheathed a peerless sword as the ice disappeared without a trace. 

Another member of the Tian Shu group was getting ready to attack but Lin Feng turned his head, looked at him coldly, and opened his mouth, “Lacerate!” 

A terrifying sword light at the person, who retreated back trying to dodge.

“Boom!” Lin Feng’s fists crashed onto the shoulders of the person in front of him. That person emitted a horrible shriek as his shoulders were crushed. 

An ice-cold Qi spread in the air. Every member of the Tian Shu group felt like they had to attack when they saw that Lin Feng went on the offensive.

“Everybody, don’t you see? He wants to kill the people of Tian Shu! If we didn’t fight back, we’d just be cowards!” said Ling Xie indifferently, emphasizing every word. He actually thought he could get away with his sly words against Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long. 

“Since you’re saying that we want to kill the people from the Tian Shu group, I will indulge you.” said Lin Feng, glancing back at Ling Xie and releasing some terrifying, deadly energy. He jumped forwards as his energy crashed onto the person who just talked, blood splashed out of his mouth. A terrifying physical strength then crushed his internal organs, breaking them. Needless to say, that person immediately died.

At the same time, an incredible quantity of ice energy moved towards Lin Feng. The people of Tian Shu were all attacking Lin Feng at the same time. The skies suddenly filled with snowflakes as everything began to freeze.

“Do you intend to sit there and watch?” Lin Feng was trying to involve Tian Chi Xue and the others.

“Lin Feng, you shouldn’t have killed him.” said Tian Chi Xue coldly. Lin Feng had killed someone from Tian Chi, that was a crime. Now they had an excuse to kill him. 

“What you mean is that I should have let them come and kill me?” said Lin Feng calmly. Tian Chi Xue was surprised yet remained silent. 

“You don’t deserve someone like Da Hai Chong, he’s too good for you.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He then decided to ignore Tian Chi Xue. It was the first time that someone told her that she didn’t deserve someone. In the Tian Chi Empire, every young man liked her and considered her as a goddess, they all wanted to marry her.

“The people of Tian Shu have been plotting against me and then that wild dog started biting. He pissed me off so bad, he even tried to kill me! Well then, come and fight, try to kill me.” Lin Feng challenged all of them. The only thing that mattered here was strength.

Snowflakes were pouring down. These snowflakes contained snow and ice intent, Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long’s blood were already starting to freeze. If they had been a little bit weaker, they would have died from the difficulty. 

“Die Die Die!” All the members of the Tian Shu clan were attacking, a terrifying ice intent fell on Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long’s bodies. Huang Fu Long’s pure Qi almost stopped flowing, his entire body was under too much pressure. 

Lin Feng’s fists were covered with a layer of ice when a terrifying fire ignited and melted the snow instantly, leaving only a puddle on the ground

“Do you think that you can stop all of us, even if your fire intent is strong?” they continued attacking together as they increased the power of their ice intent, they really wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

“Crrrr…. Crrrr….” Now a terrifyingly sharp sword Qi spread in the air, scaring the ice and snow cultivators. That terrifying and peerless sword was about to cut through their bodies. They suddenly felt tiny and insignificant, even their intent was cut to pieces.

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