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PMG Chapter 777: Who Can Stop him!

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 777: Who Can Stop him!

“Level six sword intent…” thought the crowd watching Lin Feng. They were suddenly terrified as a certain coldness spread through their spinal cords. Their hands were shaking, how terrifying! They couldn’t resist someone who’s sword intent already reached level six. 

“I really don’t know what makes you think that you are so strong.” Lin Feng remained standing in the middle of those snowflakes as they flew around chaotically, but unable to reach him. His sword intent cut them before they could get close. The crowd was terrified that they were going to die at any moment. 

“Die!” Lin Feng shouted furiously while his sword light descended from the sky. The one standing closest to him immediately condensed some snowflakes but blood started dripping on the ground from between his eyebrows, tainting the snow red. 

“Am I dying….?” that person died with his eyes wide open. He had become a genius in Tian Chi, he had been chosen to go to the mysterious world, but he hadn’t the opportunity to see the emperor or acquire treasures. On top of that, he had died in the hands of someone from his own group, what a pity!

Lin Feng jumped forwards with the wind, it seemed like he was controlling the air around him. 

“Wind intent…” thought the crowd stunned. First, he had used fire intent, then he used a terrifying sword intent, and now he was using wind intent. He moved like the wind, it was the only explanation. Lin Feng, alone, could use three different intents. Besides, he was extremely skilled at using all of them, especially sword intent which ranked at level six. 

“Condense!” Lin Feng stretched one finger in which he condensed a terrifyingly sharp sword energy, it seemed like his body contained millions of swords. He crashed into someone who was reduced to powder. 

They couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. 

“You want to kill me, but can you?” Lin Feng looked at the crowd, anyone whose eyes met Lin Feng’s immediately looked elsewhere. They didn’t dare look at him, the sharp lights twinkling in his eyes were too dazzling and painful. 

Lin Feng continued moving forwards and looked at the one who had been plotting against him. How come? How come Lin Feng was that strong? How was it possible? How come Lin Feng’s intent could make him feel so weak? 

“First, you plotted against me, then you wanted to kill me, then you wanted to kill my friend. It is not that I didn’t listen to the elders, it’s because you are sly and evil that I must kill you.” Lin Feng jumped forwards. That person ran back, terrified. However, Lin Feng had also broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer and with his wind intent, there was no chance of escape. Lin Feng caught up with him, his sword streaked across the sky as it took a life. 

Another extremely strong cultivator had died!

Lin Feng could kill cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer as if he had been killing simple insects.

Lin Feng had killed three people already but didn’t stop. The people from the Tian Shu group had said twice that they wanted to kill him, they had attacked him by surprise in the tunnel and again in this new place where they had started again. Since it was that way, Lin Feng couldn’t show any mercy, he had to make an example out of this group.

Lin Feng turned his head around as sword lights illuminated the sky, they were pointing at the cultivators from the Tian Shu group.! 

“Back!” The cultivators of the Tian Shu group were terrified. A million sword lights were facing them and they felt that their judgement day had come…

“How is that possible? He’s a monster!” their hearts were pounding violently.

“Why are you running? I thought you wanted to kill me?” Lin Feng was smiling coldly now. His ten thousand sword lights were moving faster towards them, the colors of the Earth and sky were changing, his sword lights were whistling furiously.

“Condense and kill!” Lin Feng stopped toying with them. His ten thousand sword lights condensed into four swords. The whistling sounds disappeared as the four deadly swords made their way. 

Although they retreated, they knew they couldn’t resist anymore. The lights shot straight through them as blood dripped from between their eyebrows.

Of the eight geniuses from Tian Shu, only one remained: the leader of the group, Ling Xie! 

Huang Fu Long looked delighted, yet stunned and speechless. He opened his mouth to say something to Lin Feng, but nothing came out. He never thought that Lin Feng could be so terrifying.  

Ling Xie couldn’t help but shiver, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng could become so strong. Nobody was able to stop him..

“You killed everyone from the Tian Shu group and betrayed Tian Chi!” Ling Xie was gnashing his teeth. 

“I betrayed Tian Chi?”Lin Feng seemed to find humour in this. “You originally wanted to kill me, but I instead killed you all when push came to shove. What fault is there in self-defence?” 

Lin Feng took a step forwards.

“We came as a group representing Tian Chi with one rule, not to betray our country. You exterminated the Tian Shu group… Only an incredibly evil person could think to get away with this treason!” 

“You’re ridiculous, so ridiculous that it’s sad! You tried to kill me but failed, so I killed you. I am convinced that the elders of Tian Chi will side with me.” Lin Feng was done arguing. He condensed some sword intent which was vast like an ocean, emitting whistling sounds as it whipped about.

“That’s enough! You’ve killed enough of them already. Do you really want to exterminate the entire Tian Shu group?” someone was furious. They person was from the Yao Guang group. Ling Xie was the last member of the Tian Shu group, it would be difficult to explain if the group came back like this. 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the leader from the Yao Guang group. 

“Indeed, Lin Feng, you killed seven of them, that should be enough.” someone else decided to chime in as well.

“I think you went too far! You are a member of the Tian Xuan group but you broke our one rule! You betrayed Tian Chi!”

Everybody was suddenly criticizing and blaming Lin Feng, but his heart was unshakable. He smiled coldly and said, “they plotted against me and you all know it. The Tian Xuan group is always getting bullied and maltreated, and nobody protects us when it happens. The only reason you are all getting angry is because you are scared that the Tian Xuan group could rise. You want to keep us under control so your groups can instead shine in the future.”

“How audacious…..” 

“You are really impudent and arrogant!” 

Everybody was refuting Lin Feng’s words. Lin Feng slowly turned around and didn’t look at them, “Those who want to kill me must die.”

Countless swords appeared in the sky again as Lin Feng attempted that Tian level skill of average quality. He had only done it once before, but coupled with his level six sword intent, he was completely confident. A sword fell down from the sky as the leader of the Tian Shu Group, Ling Xie, immediately died. He didn’t even have time to react! It didn’t matter if you were the leader of the Tian Shu group or any other genius, there was only one result when facing Lin Feng.

The crowd was tense now that the Tian Shu group died.

“Alright, alright… Lin Feng, let’s travel the mysterious world together. We can assure you that we won’t upset you anymore… Let’s listen to the elders…” 

“Unite and join hands?” Lin Feng looked back at the crowd. “You think that you are strong enough to join me? You can continue alone!”

Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves and left looking heroic! They were in the mysterious world so no one could challenge him below the Tian Qi layer!?

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