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PMG Chapter 778: The Skeletons of the Strong Cultivators

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PMG Chapter 778: The Skeletons of the Strong Cultivators

The crowd was left in low spirits. Lin Feng was a quiet guy who joined them from seemingly nowhere. Suddenly, he showed them his incredible strength but refused to help them!

The Tian Xuan group had different thoughts. Bai Li Xi’s eyes were twinkling, Lin Feng was a lot stronger than him! 

Tian Chi Xue was surprised, Lin Feng was a lot stronger than what she’d expected. She had found Lin Feng unpleasant from the first time she saw Lin Feng. She had seen how Lin Feng didn’t care for her and now realized that Lin Feng despised her. She was the goddess of Tian Chi, but in Lin Feng’s eyes this meant nothing. He added insult to injury when he said that Huang Fu Long was too good for her. 

Jun Mo Xi and the others watched Lin Feng leave, including Huang Fu Long who glanced back at Tian Chi Xue. He shouted, “Lin Feng, you’re so strong that I don’t need to stay next to you. Instead of remaining useless, I will stay here and protect my future wife.” 

Lin Feng turned his head back to look at Huang Fu Long. He could only scratch his head, what could he do? Huang Fu Long really was an idiot, surprisingly, he still dreamt of getting married with Tian Chi Xue.

“Alright, but leave her once you realize you don’t actually like her.” Lin Feng really didn’t like seeing Tian Chi Xue and Huang Fu Long together. She was considered as a goddess in Tian Chi, but she was too arrogant. She despised Huang Fu Long and yet he kept sticking to her…

“Alright.” Huang Fu Long was still smiling like an idiot. Then, Lin Feng then turned around.

This incredibly vast place contained some dreary and ancient energies. The mountains looked majestic, the rivers were flowing. Everything had been untouched for centuries, you wouldn’t find Qi from a single living creature because there were none.

“This place too vast, we don’t know where we have to go from here… Does the tomb of the emperor really exist?” Lin Feng paused as he looked up at the sky. The desolate and dreary Qi of the area was floating above his head.

“Cultivators had come here before, and the rumors stated that those who made it out were extremely strong, so much so that they were treasured by empires of average quality. It can’t be too easy to find treasure, especially seeing how we’ve come after those who already took away some of it” Jun Mo Xi sympathized.

Lin Feng agreed, “Our group crossed the space first, if we wander around aimlessly we’ll lose our initial superiority.”

“We have to keep to a direction until we find something.” Tang You You was searching the sky, her beautiful eyes were filled with determination. She was trying to decide on a direction to go. 

“I don’t even know where we came from…” Tang You You now shook her head. While they were crossing space, they felt dizzy and their heads were spinning. They couldn’t know which direction they had come from. 

Tang You You wasn’t the only one, the others were also lost.

Lin Feng looked pensive, then said, “Let’s go north.” 

“Why north?” Tang You You curiously. 

“The death Qi is extremely thick there.” Lin Feng reasoned that the best rewards were found with the greatest danger. The others looked at each other and nodded, the death Qi really was thick in the north.

Without wasting time, the group headed north. They must have made the right decision as they saw nobody on the way.

After an hour they discovered a steep slope where the strong death Qi was emanating from.

“A skeleton!” Lin Feng had found a skeleton not far in front of them, dried with age.

“So many skeletons!” The others found many more! They continued moving forwards, a gentle breeze was brushing their skin. Some skeletons turned to dust as the breeze swept them. They had probably been there for an inconceivable amount of time. 

“Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer can fuse with the Earth thanks to the human Earth fusion. They remain determined even after death. These bodies disappear with a breeze so they must have been cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.” Jun Mo Xi picked up a lot of information from the scene. 

“If that’s the case, there must have been a great battle. They probably wanted to take a treasure and fought for it.” Yun Fei Yang guessed. He continued to the top of the mountain. 

When he arrived he shouted, “Hurry up, come here!!!” the others followed to see what was so surprising. 

There were many buildings, thatched huts, caves, etc. Clearly, people used to live here in the past.

The skeletons were probably the result of war which had resulted from tensions between those who lived here and those that came from their world.

“Let’s go and see.” Lin Feng ran ahead. Of all the shabby huts and houses, there wasn’t a single construction which had remained intact.

“Let’s separate so we can cover more ground.” Lin Feng said to the three others. They nodded and left in different directions.

Lin Feng chose a cave and found pieces of furniture and basic utensils covered by dust. There was a skeleton on the ground as well, sitting cross-legged. They must have died without any time to react.

Lin Feng grabbed the skeleton and inspected it closely. Even with the crackling sounds, he could tell that the skeleton was extremely solid.

“That cultivator had broken free from the limits of the Xuan Qi layer…” he thought, looking at that calm and peaceful looking skeleton. There were no signs of damage on the skeleton. What kind of cultivator could have killed this person who had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, without giving them the time to react? 

Ling Feng couldn’t find anything else in the cave besides the skeleton. 

He left the cave and entered a house. There were skeletons in almost all the caves, houses and huts; it seemed like they had been touched by other people before as well. They were all in the same position, as if they had been killed on the spot without the time to react.

After an hour, the group still hadn’t found anything.

Suddenly, a cold Qi streaked across the sky, everyone raised their heads to see the group of people from Tian Chi. They decided not to stop though. The leader of the Tian Ji group was leading them, Yu Tian Ji. 

Just as Lin Feng had heard, cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were the cultivation emperor’s slaves, maybe they had been killed by him before.

Silhouettes passed by every now and then. They were other strong cultivators who came to the mysterious world with them. Surprisingly, they hadn’t died and they now looked like they were in a rush. 

“A place with so many cultivators of the Tian Qi layer must be wealthy, there must be treasures to collect elsewhere.” They decided to stop wasting time and continued moving north.

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