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PMG Chapter 779: The Holy Marks

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PMG Chapter 779: The Holy Marks

After leaving the area filled with houses, caves and shabby huts, the atmosphere was still the same, filled with death Qi. Once in awhile they would notice a skeleton lying on the ground, sometimes the wind they brew travelling about was enough to disintegrate them. 

“It seems like there was a monstrous war here in the past, so many strong cultivators have died.” Lin Feng still couldn’t decide what happened. The skeletons which disappeared with a gust of wind were originally weak cultivators, but those who didn’t had, at least, broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Just what happened here?

They continued moving forwards and gradually discovered some resplendent mountains and rivers. Even though the atmosphere was still filled with a death Qi and seemed dreary, the landscape was gorgeous and luxuriant. They stumbled across another broken pavilion too. 

“Haven’t you noticed something?” Tang You You asked the three others. Girls had intuition, she had noticed something particular about the region.

“The landscape is becoming more beautiful as we move forwards, and the environment is more adequate for cultivation.” muttered Yun Fei Yang. Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi seemed to have just realized that. They couldn’t help but glance at each other. 

“Huh, it means that this place could be the cultivation emperor’s house and the area we just crossed was where his guards lived. It would explain why the environment is becoming more beautiful.” Tang You You pondered.

“What you mean to say is that this place was the cultivation emperor’s territory? Well then, if you are right we just crossed the guards’ territory who were cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. Then this must be where the Zun cultivators lived.” Lin Feng said.

“Possibly.” Tang You You still wasn’t sure. The territory of cultivation emperor was divided into the territory of the slaves who were at the Tian Qi layer and another territory where the guards resided, as Zun cultivators.

“We must be getting closer to the heart of the territory.” As soon as they understood this they began moving again, past many houses, pavilions and caves. 

If the cultivation level of the cultivators increased as they moved forwards, the treasures they were likely to find should also be more valuable. 

“There’s a palace over there.” Tang You You spotted it in the distance. It looked majestic and imposing, much better than the pavilions, caves and houses in the surroundings. That must be the heart of the territory. 

The palace had also been damaged but its Qi remained. Its Qi was extremely sharp, like sword Qi dashing to the skies and reaching the clouds. 

“The one who lived in the heart of the territory should be someone incredible.”

“The sword intent here is incredible. That palace is enveloped by a mysterious magical spell.” They all felt excited and anxious at the same time, but Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. The palace contained sword Qi, Lin Feng had to check it out. 

“Let’s go and see.” Lin Feng running forwards and jumping in front of the palace. Standing at the foot of the palace, it seemed even more majestic. There was a small forest and a big spring fountain but it was already dried up, the trees were rotten and just as dead.

They continued towards the garden and noticed a small cultivation house, the sword Qi came from inside. They passed through the arched gate and entered the small house which was made of stone. Everyone stopped, the ground was littered with skeletons covered in dust and sand.

Threads of sword Qi emanated out of them.

“Bzzzzzz……” Yun Fei Yang trampled on the ground and a gentle wind swept away the skeletons, all except for one remained. It hadn’t been damaged by the wind whatsoever. 

That particular skeleton was sitting on a stone. In its orbits, one could almost imagine a pair of eyes remembering the past with nostalgia.

The skull was deformed with a crack in it. That person must have been killed by a powerful punch, strong enough to penetrate their skull, which also held threads of sword Qi… As if that cultivator wasn’t resigned to abandon their sword, even after death.

“Lin Feng, look at the drawings on the wall.” Tang You You pointed toward a particular wall. From left to right, the drawings were becoming more distinct, and the sword Qi became more intense. Those drawings resembled a sword, but the last drawing looked particularly strange and intriguing, like someone had written the instructions of a terrifyingly powerful sword technique. 

Of course, what surprised Lin Feng the most was that the last drawing didn’t look simple, there were many strokes joining together like veins… They looked like the mysterious marks in the tunnel of the beginning!

“Those mysterious marks again!” They were convinced that those drawings were the instructions of an extremely powerful sword technique. However, after the instructions of the sword technique, those mysterious marks appeared again. Were all those marks the instructions of incredibly power skills and techniques?! 

“Those mysterious marks can make pure Qi detonate, I don’t know what they are?” Lin Feng said while slowly walking towards the wall. The sword Qi was even more intense, like it was about to penetrate into his body. He glanced back at the three others and they gradually moved back.

Lin Feng moved closer to the wall and put his hand on the wall, a thread of pure Qi gradually moved into the last drawings and started flowing in them. 

“Crrrr… Crrr…. BOOM!” In a flash, a terrifying sword Qi emerged out of the wall and emitted a dazzling light. it seemed like it could cut the space around them, it emitted rumbling sounds in the atmosphere which resonated all around in the garden. When the sword Qi disappeared, a cloud of dust rose up in the air. 

Lin Feng’s heart started pounding. Panic-stricken, he moved back his hand, he didn’t dare continue releasing pure Qi. If he continued the results could only be catastrophic. 

“What a terrifying sword.” the others were looking back at the patterns, that was a sword technique!

“There are eighty-one drawings, the last ones turned into a monstrously powerful pattern of mysterious marks. Perhaps an extremely strong cultivator used to practice sword cultivation here?” Thought Lin Feng, staring at the mysterious patterns in detail. From left to right, it seemed like the cultivator’s understanding of swords gradually became deeper. The drawings on the right were carved deeper in the stone than the first ones and were more complicated, it seemed like an extremely sharp sword had been used to carve them.

The four of them understood something. The incredible strength contained in those mysterious marks was abstruse and mysterious. They might have to wait and become Zun cultivators before understanding the abstruse significance or abstruse energy, before able to understand those mysterious marks. 

“I have the feeling that what we are facing here has a strength which exceeds that of the Tian Qi layer.” said Tang You You in a low voice. However, all the others heard her clearly and had the same feeling. Those mysterious marks had a strength which exceeded that of the Tian Qi layer. They couldn’t understand it, but mysteriously, they could use pure Qi to make those marks release some power.

Yun Fei Yang frowned and looked pensive. 

“Fei Yang, what are you thinking about?” Lin Feng noticed that Yun Fei Yang had something on his mind. 

“I think I know what those marks are.” Yun Fei Yang;’s eyes were twinkling sharply. He continued, “In an old and incomplete ancient book, it was said that during the flourishing age of cultivation there were monstrously powerful cultivators who had reached enlightenment.  They could borrow the strength of the sun and the moon, there was nothing impossible for them; They were omnipotent. Those extremely strong cultivators could destroy the entire world, and could carve mysterious marks into different surfaces, called holy marks. Those holy marks could also borrow the strength of the Earth and sky, the sun and moon.”

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