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PMG Chapter 780: Familiar Faces

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 780: Familiar Faces

“Holy marks!” Whispered Lin Feng.

Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer relied on intent and the corporeal strength provided by their cultivation level, which enabled them to carry out extremely strong attacks. However, in front of those holy marks, cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were insufficient. Releasing a little bit of pure Qi on those holy marks sufficed to create a terrifying attack, so the people who controlled the holy marks were probably terrifying. 

“What does it take to carve those things? Do they need to condense physical strength or do they use something else?” Lin Feng was figuring something in his head. 

“It must be that way.” No one really knew. If the marks could release that much power, what else could it be?

“I want to stay here.” Lin Feng announced to the other three, adding, “Even though I don’t know what we have here, those eighteen drawings contained abstruse sword energy which turned into the holy marks. If I manage to understand one or two of the drawings, I’m sure I will become stronger. Since this is the first place we discovered, let’s consider it fate. You all should go and find more treasures, don’t wait for me. We’ll meet later!” Lin Feng didn’t want to leave the holy marks, they contained sword secrets! In the past, many had come, but they had been so weak that they died from the holy marks.

The others were undecided until Jun Mo Xi nodded and said, “A strong cultivator who can carve holy marks can kill cultivators only by slapping them, you can imagine how strong they were… However, in the mysterious world, such places must be numerous. This place is precisely adequate for sword cultivators, Lin Feng practices sword cultivation so it makes sense for him to stay… Let’s leave him here and continue.” 

“Alright, but Lin Feng, in the vast and almost endless mysterious world, we’re like ants in an ocean. You can’t be too greedy here, so don’t hesitate to leave if you have to.” Yun Fei Yang said to Lin Feng. Amongst the group who had come to the mysterious world, no one had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, he was certain they couldn’t kill Lin Feng. But still, Yun Fei Yang thought that it would all be for nought if Lin Feng died because of the dangers innate to the mysterious world. 

“I understand.” Lin Feng understood that he if continued, he might be able to find other treasures. However, those holy marks on the wall seemed like they had been created for him, it was his karma to find those marks.

“More people will come, so I will stay and protect you.” Tang You You was unwilling to leave Lin Feng. If Lin Feng was in a deep state of cultivation, others might attack him by surprise. 

“No need You You, with our cultivation level we can sense any movement in the surroundings, even a gentle breeze brushing away a speck of grass. Unless, we’re in a special state of meditation.” Lin Feng said while shaking his head.

“What if you do enter in such a special state of meditation?” Tang You You asked. The probability was so low, but he couldn’t deny that nothing would happen. Actually, maybe something really would happen. 

“The drawings on the wall contain intent and abstruse energies, although I am not a sword cultivator I can still learn something from them while protecting you. All in all, I think this is a very good idea.” insisted Tang You You. 

“You You is right, if you get interrupted while you’re going through a crucial moment of cultivation, it won’t end well. Having someone to protect you is beneficial, even for your cultivation.” Jun Mo Xi agreed with her. 

Lin Feng smiled wryly, “Alright, You You can stay. Mo Xi and Fei Yang can go. More people will be here soon.” 

“Yes, you two be careful.” Then Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang left. 

“You You, let’s practice cultivation together. Penetrating into a special state of cultivation isn’t so easy.” He went back to looking at the wall, starting with the first drawing. He was analyzing the first drawing using his heart and brain to feel it out. 

The first drawing was only a stroke which started from the bottom and moved forwards. It looked like a sharp sword wanting to reach the clouds. Lin Feng noticed that it seemed to be moving, sensing those movements, it felt like a sword which had fused together with the Earth. His head started hurting from this sword.

Lin Feng was realizing how terrifying the power of that drawing was. There were eighty-one drawings in total and the very first was enough to make him feel exhausted. 

“Swords exist in many different forms and every form is extremely sharp. The stroke represents a pure and simple sword, however, it contains a terrifying explosive energy. That was the first movement of his sword attack the sword formula skill. With it, Lin Feng could make a million swords fuse together.

Lin Feng shivered, that first drawing seemed to contain the same strength as his Tian level skill of medium quality sword formula. A million swords moving separately fused together into one simple sword which could annihilate everything. 

“That’s only the first sword!” He seemed to realize something. He became completely absorbed by the drawing again… Then he continued analyzing the other drawings… The first drawing was like the first part of his sword formula skill, then the ninth drawing seemed to be a special metamorphosis state. For example, when Lin Feng used his sword formula skill and fused together his millions of threads of pure Qi into one, two or three swords, that ninth drawing was precisely a particular state. Lin Feng could decide what he wanted to do when using such a skill. 

Tang You You was sitting outside. One day had passed and every once in awhile someone would pass in the sky. It seemed that most people had understood what kind of place this was. 

The palace was gigantic with sword Qi dashing to the skies, but people who weren’t sword cultivators wouldn’t be interested.

Then, two silhouettes carrying swords appeared having sensed the sword energies, landing outside the palace.

“It’s you.” they recognized Tang You You. That person looked extraordinarily strong, however, they had lost an arm.

“Ling Xiao.” Tang You You was surprised. He was a genius disciple from the Great Competition of Xue Yu, where Lin Feng had cut off one of his arms with his sword intent. After, Ling Xiao had decided to join the Nine Cloud Swords Sect. 

Back then Ling Xiao was filled with an incredible sword Qi, he used to be extremely proud. Ling Xiao had wanted to prove to his beloved female fellow disciple, Yu Xiao Xiao, how much he loved her and how strong he was. But, he attacked Tang You You to do so and hurt her in the process. 

Lin Feng became furious and defended Tang You You, he cut off one of Ling Xiao’s arms. This time Ling Xiao didn’t look so arrogant and proud anymore. He looked like an ordinary sword cultivator. He was humiliated but understood that there were many more geniuses stronger than him. After joining the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, he confined himself somewhere and practiced cultivation endlessly. He was also given a teacher who helped him practice cultivation day and night. He had even fought against some cultivators of the Tian Qi layer to become stronger, for the sole purpose of becoming stronger, otherwise. He knew his female fellow disciple would never become his wife.

Of course, Ling Xiao’s efforts had been extremely beneficial, to the extent that everybody in the Nine Cloud Swords Sect had been surprised. Ling Xiao’s sword intent was now level five.

“You know her?” Ling Xiao’s companion was curious. 

“Of course I know her, I lost my arm because of her.” Ling Xiao came off very cold. Was that beautiful woman strong enough to cut off Ling Xiao’s arm?

“If you don’t want to lose your other arm, I advise you to piss off.” Tang You You seemingly hadn’t forgiven Ling Xiao. He said, “Bullshit, you’ve always been far from my level. Unless Lin Feng attacks me, nobody else will be able to cut off my other arm. Lin Feng doesn’t appear to be here, so it seems I can get my revenge.” Ling Xiao released a terrifying sword intent at Tang You You, surprising her that the sword intent was level five. Ling Xiao had progressed too quickly, she couldn’t deal with him still.

However, Tang You You regained her composure, “You’ve progressed a lot, congratulations! You will have to see how strong Lin Feng is. Do you really want to lose another arm?” She moved aside and pointed to someone behind her, “Look who’s inside.”

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