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PMG Chapter 781: Xiao Yao Sect

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PMG Chapter 781: Xiao Yao Sect
Ling Xiao looked to where Tang You You was pointing and saw a silhouette sitting down, motionless. They looked skinny, his body was as sharp as a sword. He was swallowing sword Qi, it seemed like a peerless sword Qi was fermenting, like it could explode at any moment.
Ling Xiao became visibly upset. That person was… Lin Feng.
His eyes were filled with murder and coldness. Ling Xiao’s arm had been cut off by Lin Feng. He hated Lin Feng. He had been practicing cultivation extremely diligent at the Nine Cloud Swords Sect with the hope that he could kill Lin Feng one day. However, he hadn’t mentally prepared himself to meet Lin Feng right now. He thought that he would throw himself at Lin Feng and kill him in a flash, however, he was shaking and hesitating now.
Back then, Lin Feng’s sword intent was level five. Three months had passed now and Lin Feng had trained at a powerful empire. He definitely improved, it would be impossible for Lin Feng not to make any progress. Besides, he was sitting down cross-legged right now with terrifying sword lights twinkling around him, lights capable of cutting stones.
Just like Tang You You said, Lin Feng had made great progress too.
The young man who was with Ling Xiao asked, “Brother, he’s the one who cut off your arm?”
Ling Xiao remained silent and nodded. His face was still filled with murder but he looked hesitant. At that moment, Lin Feng was practicing cultivation. If they attacked him by surprise they might be able to finish him instantly.
Tang You You obstructed their way to Lin Feng and said, “Ling Xiao, three months ago you couldn’t compete with him, what makes you think you can now? Lin Feng could shred you to pieces with his sword. I advise you to leave lest Lin Feng wakes up, otherwise he will cut off your other arm and leave you crippled.”
Ling Xiao gnashed his teeth, how humiliating. Tang You You had the nerve to humiliate him. He was an extremely strong cultivator with sword intent at level five. Could he look at Lin Feng and then leave that easily? Could he forget about his arm which had been cut off by Lin Feng?
“Brother, help me kill the girl and then move back. No matter what, you cannot fight him.” Ling Xiao whispered to the young man next to him. “Finally, I will get my revenge and cut off his arm. Only then will I be able to forget about the past.”
Suddenly, a terrifying sword intent rose up in the air and invaded the atmosphere. It was swift and fierce, seemingly capable of cutting anything around it.
Tang You You’s looked upset, surprisingly, Ling Xiao wanted to attack.
“One thousand shadows!” Tang You You shouted as she turned into many clones.
“Die!” A terrifying deadly Qi spread in the air and Tang You You only saw a sword light shooting out towards Lin Feng. Ling Xiao turned himself into a terrifying sword aimed to kill Lin Feng.
“Thunder Sword!” Ling Xiao’s friend shouted as he moved at the same time. His sword Qi invaded the entire atmosphere as furious sword sounds started rising. It seemed like they wanted to destroy mountains and oceans. Tang You You was about to be swallowed by his swords.
“Lin Feng, be careful!!!” Tang You You shouted furiously, trying to awaken Lin Feng.
“Crrrrr…… Crrrr……” In a flash, Tang You’s clones were destroyed by the swords. Then, Ling Xiao’s friend immediately rose up in the air and moved away, just like Ling Xiao had advised to him. Even though Ling Xiao was his fellow disciple, Ling Xiao was a lot stronger than him… And even then, Ling Xiao’s arm was cut off by Lin Feng. Therefore, he could imagine how strong Lin Feng was.
A terrifying sword energy shot out at Lin Feng, Ling Xiao’s body was like a sword,, his eyes looked ice-cold and filled with murder.
Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, but suddenly a terrifying sword energy emerged out of Lin Feng’s body. At that moment, it seemed like Ling Xiao’s sword was surrounded by a million swords. It seemed like there was an ocean of swords pointing at him.
“Die!” Ling Xiao stopped moving forwards. Instead, he released some sword lights and rose up in the air.
“Boom boom boom!” The atmosphere was suddenly filled with deadly energies. Lin Feng’s energy had turned into millions and millions of swords which collided with Ling Xiao’s swords. The collision created a massive vortex of deadly energies in the air.
At the same time, Lin Feng finally opened his eyes as terrifying sword lights appeared and he rose up in the air. Those two were two beams of light colliding, moving with incredible speeds.
“Pfewww….” Lin Feng started moving like the wind using his nine days wind Qi. Nine silhouettes appeared and chased after Ling Xiao.
Ling Xiao and his friend noticed that Lin Feng was furious, their faces dropped, especially Ling Xiao’s. He seemed to be particularly worried at that moment. He hadn’t seen Lin Feng for three months, he had been practicing cultivation endlessly and still couldn’t catch up to Lin Feng..
“Brother, use jasper!” Ling Xiao produced a shiny jasper. Pure Qi twinkled and some crackling sounds spread in the air. The jasper broke into pieces and a light surrounded Ling Xiao’s friend, who turned into a beam of light and disappeared.
Ling Xiao followed suit, taking out a life-saving jasper and breaking it. He too disappeared in a flash. Even though using a jasper was painful, it could get you out of dangerous situations. In the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, everybody had only one jasper seeing how they were an extremely precious stone. The two of them hadn’t even found treasure, yet they had to use their jasper already, what a waste!
Lin Feng stopped in the air and watched as the silhouettes vanished, looking strange. A moment before, Ling Xiao had sensed how strange Lin Feng was and decided to use the jasper.
“After analyzing the holy marks, extremely strong cultivators from the antiquity could cross space and time, they could travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The jaspers that they just broke used the strength of pure Qi, were they related to the pure marks?”
Lin Feng looked at the marks and thought about the sacrificial altar, the infinite number of holy marks on the sacrificial altar enabled people to cross space, their power was mysterious. Maybe, if Lin Feng was extremely strong, each of his movements would result in the condensation of those mysterious holy marks. Using the holy marks enabled cultivators to drain the strength of the Earth and the sky, no wonder using that power, cultivators could cross huge distances in a flash.
Those holy marks were also useful regarding skills and techniques.
“If I find you again, I will cut off your other arm.” Lin Feng said menacingly. He didn’t continue chasing Ling Xiao, they were probably too far away.
Lin Feng turned around and returned to the hut. There was some rumbling sounds in the distance where people were fighting.
Back at the garden, many people had encircled Tang You You and were assailing her with obscenities. They were attacking Tang You You’s clones together.
“Your agility techniques are not bad. Surprisingly, you’re alone here in a place full of treasures. If you give us your treasures we might only play with you, instead of killing such you.” a young man in blue clothes was laughing mockingly. On his side were two people wearing the same clothes as him, they were all disciples of a large sect from Gan Yu: the Xiao Yao Sect.
“Bro, we’re so lonely here in the mysterious world and that girl is so hot, we should cripple her cultivation and keep her on our side. When we’re bored we can have some fun with her. What do you think?”
Another one laughed mockingly and then everybody burst into laughter.
“Bro, that’s the way we are at the Xiao Yao sect right? Such a beauty is right in front of us, she can be considered the first treasure of our trip.” another one said while laughing loudly. Suddenly, they all sensed a terrifying sword descending from the sky and they started shaking. There was a young man in a chang pao, standing in the air and looking both proud and arrogant. From head to foot, he was covered with sword Qi.

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