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PMG Chapter 782: The Ancient Scriptures of Xiao Yao

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PMG Chapter 782: The Ancient Scriptures of Xiao Yao
The sharp sword Qi was astounding. They stared at Lin Feng and one of them asked, “Your Excellency, what brings you here? How may we help you?”
“Die!” Lin Feng jumped forwards as he released a terrifying sword Qi which rolled in the air like waves. The members of the Xiao Yao Sect felt like they were suffocating.
Immediately, lights flickered and a few threads of sword Qi lacerated the atmosphere. Blood splashed everywhere in the air as the few people surrounding Tang You You died on the spot. They didn’t even have the time to give horrible shrieks.
Lin Feng arrived next to Tang You You and saw that she had a few wounds. Lin Feng’s facial expression became cold.
The other strong cultivators from Xiao Yao Sect were astonished by his sword sword. He killed so many cultivators in only one sword attack, how terrifying and cruel.
The young man in blue clothes stared at Lin Feng with eyes were filled with murder: “Do you know who you just killed?”
“No idea.” Lin Feng turned around and lunged forwards, releasing a terrifying sword energy into the air. Those who faced Lin Feng had a strange impression, they felt like they were facing an infinite number of swords.
“I only know that you’re all going to die.” Lin Feng stretched out his hand which was shining. Lin Feng’s swords despised them, the millions of swords enveloped them, leaving them in a dead end in the air.
“What a strong attack.” the cultivators from the Xiao Yao sect ducked and dodged to avoid the beams of sword light. They didn’t feel the pressure as they avoided the beams of light so naturally.
“Kill him!” they shouted as they flew towards Lin Feng in perfect harmony. Lin Feng only had the impression that it was an illusion.
“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying fist shot out at Lin Feng, filled with a frightening Qi.
“Boom!” A few punches crashed onto Lin Feng’s body, but he was an illusion, Lin Feng moved backwards using the nine days wind Qi, leaving nine illusions of Lin Feng behind.
Wind swept away as Lin Feng jumped into the air, while stretching out both of his hands and releasing sharp sword Qi.
“Ahhhhhh!!!!” Two people were immediately killed by the sword Qi and blood gushed in the air. The others became panic-stricken and began running around. Lin Feng;’s agility techniques were too powerful.
“Crrrr crrrr….” Lin Feng’s sword tore through their clothes as flesh flew. There were only three people left who decided to attack at the same time. Their punches were filled with a powerful physical strength which seemed like they could distort the atmosphere. Rumbling sounds sounded as the sword Qi was broken. They took this moment to to escape.
“Nice agility techniques…” Lin Feng thought as he landed on the ground. But even with their speed he had injured them all somewhat.
Lin Feng jumped forwards and condensed sword Qi again. They stared at Lin Feng and said, “Your Excellency, you are extremely strong. We are sorry that we offended you and we are sorry for offending your wife too.”
“Apologizing is pointless.” Lin Feng said without emotion, smiling darkly. These people were rude and shameless, they needed to die.
His sword Qi was filled with killer energy.
“We are disciples from the Xiao Yao Sect, please don’t have us lose face, be merciful!” the guy in blue clothes started begging.
“I’ve never heard of the Xiao Yao Sect.” Lin Feng said as he then lunged forwards again, sword Qi rolled in the air like huge waves.
The young man in blue clothes was speechless. Who didn’t know about the Xiao Yao sect, how ignorant could this guy be?
“The Xiao Yao Sect is one of the most influential and powerful groups of the Gan Yu Region, we have some influence in the Holy City and other places in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. We have an incredible reputation, our sect is actually a branch of the Divine Xiao Yao Sect from the Holy City. Your Excellency shouldn’t kill us.” the leader explained patiently to Lin Feng. Where did this guy come from…? He was so violent and brutal, his sword energies were incredible.
“Does that mean I should kill you here and now in order to avoid the story spreading? Otherwise, I’ll be in trouble in the future.” Lin Feng said smiling coldly again. He had already killed a few of them and that would be difficult to defend later. Lin Feng wouldn’t have thought that the sect would be related to the Holy City… If the young man wasn’t lying, then that sect was monstrous.
The young man in blue noticed that Lin Feng still wanted to kill them so he hastily added, “The Xiao Yao sect is a divine sect in the continent, we is respected by many for our strength. Besides that, we are famous because of holy scriptures called “The Ancient Scriptures of Xiao Yao”. These scriptures contain magical powers, including the Xiao Yao agility technique. Nobody can rival us regarding agility techniques. If you allow us to leave, I will give it to you.”
“The Ancient Scriptures of Xiao Yao….” Lin Feng considered it. However, he didn’t believe that his interlocutor could pass on the scriptures to him. The Xiao Yao sect was just a small branch of the sect, at most only they were educated without access to the scrolls. But, it would be nice to obtain a scroll.
“Give it to me now then.” Lin Feng decided. He wanted the agility technique they used to dodge his attacks before.
“You cannot force me to give it to you here, I simply don’t have them on me. If you promise to let us off, I will give it to you later.” the interlocutor was trying to remain calm because he was afraid that Lin Feng would kill them.
Lin Feng remained smiling coldly, “You are too weak to negotiate with me, since you all know the agility technique, tell me who taught it to you.”
“Anything you do will be in vain because we don’t have it here with us.” another one said. Even if they took it out, would they live afterwards?
“Crrrrrr….. Crrrrr……” A terrifying sword energy invaded the atmosphere, as a million swords flew around. Lin Feng was suffocating them with his strength.
“You chose to die!” Lin Feng shouted. He used his sword formula as terrifying sword lights appeared, moving with incredible speeds. Lin Feng had already mastered the skill to perfection so everything ended quickly.
One of them collapsed, and the two other two took a deep breath. Lin Feng was terrifying, they couldn’t do anything against him.
They knew his special agility technique but only superficially, otherwise Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to chase them. If they had his agility techniques, they would definitely be able to resist Lin Feng.
However, saying “if” wouldn’t save them.
“I will give you one chance.” Lin Feng said to the person on the right menacingly.
“Will you let me off?” he looked terrified, without hope. Lin Feng smiled and said, “It seems like you have it with you.”
Lin Feng caught him off-guard, revealing that he indeed had the scroll.
A terrifying sword appeared again as Lin Feng stretched out his hand containing sword Qi, Lin Feng.
Within milliseconds, that person was dead. The only one left was their leader. Lin Feng grabbed him by the throat.
“Let… Me… Off….” begged the young man in blue clothes.
“In the scriptures, apart from the agility technique, what are the other abilities?”
“The Xiao Yao scriptures were named after the Xiao Yao Sect. The first one is the Xiao Yao agility technique, nobody can catch you if you use it properly. Then there is the Xiao Yao Bliss, which is adequate for people who practice different sorts of cultivation. There is a third one called Xiao Yao Drunken-Strength, it is said that the attack can shake the sky, so powerful that even I have never seen it.”
Lin Feng was still holding him by the throat, it was very unlikely that he’d lie to Lin Feng. He was talking hastily, his voice was trembling with fear.
“Thanks.” Lin Feng slightly nodded. Then he put a slight bit more strength into his hand and crackling sounds could be heard. They initially wanted to humiliate and rape Tang You You, so Lin Feng had to kill them!

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