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PMG Chapter 783: Tang You You’s Punches

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 783: Tang You You’s Punches
After killing his opponent, Lin Feng grabbed his ring and checked for information inside.
Those who came to the mysterious world were the most outstanding young cultivators of the Gan Yu Region, these guys were no exception. They surely accumulated a lot of wealth and resources, especially seeing how they belonged to a powerful and wealthy sect. There were many purity stones and other treasures, but Lin Feng wanted their scriptures. Two of them had extracts of the scriptures. On one page, there were dazzling silver letters and a drawing showing how to carry out the agility technique. Just like the holy marks in the mysterious world, the drawing was enigmatic and unfathomable, Lin Feng felt like drowning by only glancing at it.
“What an incredible technique..” Lin Feng thought while staring at the page. Just like the holy marks, the drawing seemed to move on its own. Just like a ghost drifting without a resting place, that agility technique was incredible. (Editor’s note: I’m not aware of this phrase?)

Besides, that was only one of the pages of the ancient Xiao Yao scriptures and only copies. The authentic ancient scriptures couldn’t have ended in the hands of the Xiao Yao Sect. However, that agility technique alone seemed incredible. Perhaps they weren’t lying when they described the ancient scriptures of Xiao Yao were being written by godlike cultivators who knew all under heaven.
“You You, take this and practice it. It will help you improve your agility. We shouldn’t stay here any longer and I cannot study the sword technique anymore, it’s too complicated. Let’s move on.” Lin Feng gave Tang You You the copy of the scriptures.
“Alright.” Tang You You said nodding. The others in the area were becoming more numerous. Staying there for too long could make things dangerous. It was impossible for Lin Feng to find a calm and peaceful place to practice cultivation anyways… His goal was to copy the holy marks before leaving.
Copying the holy marks was no easy task. Remembering their intent and even their abstruse significance was incredibly difficult.
Lin Feng sat down cross-legged, looked at the first drawing and started copying it. Then he continued copying the drawings one after another. He could only understand the first nine drawings because they were easier, the last ones were extremely difficult. He needed to rest as he copied them because they exhausted him completely.
But Lin Feng didn’t complain, instead he assiduously continued copying the drawings. Those eighty-one drawings were all treasures. Lin Feng had just learnt his sword formula skill, with the first part mastered, it didn’t require any effort. In the blink of an eye, he could use it to exterminate strong cultivators from the Xiao Yao sect. That was the true power of a Tian level skill.
Tang You You was depressed, she was practicing the Xiao Yao agility technique in the garden and it was only the first page, but she found it incredible hard to understand. The first page of the ancient scripture was already this incredible, perhaps the Xiao Yao sect was actually an incredible sect.
One day passed and Tang You You’s silhouette looked lithe and graceful in the garden, she was moving in a magnificent way. Someone would have fallen in love with her if they saw her now. She was gorgeous, like a celestial being playing amongst flowers in clusters.
“Pfewww…..” Tang You You exhaled deeply and stopped. She was sweating but her sweat smelled like a flower. Even though she wasn’t using her clone skill, the Xiao Yao agility technique left the impression that she was. The problem was that she used too much energy to use it, leaving her exhausted. She would probably use little or no energy if she better understood how to use it.
Tang You You turned around and looked at the small house where Lin Feng was. He was still copying the drawings, but only had nine left.
Her hair was covering the side of her face, hiding the corner of her eyes, but one could still see her resplendent smile. She thought, “Back in the mountains I obtained an incredible punch skill, but I could only understand a little part of it. The eighty-one drawings on the wall are all extremely complex, but if I managed to understood them, I might be able to understand the punch skill…”
Tang You You walked behind Lin Feng and inspected the drawings meticulously. An old saying said that the ten thousand things of creation were interconnected. After breaking through to a specific cultivation level, understanding a specific kind of power could help you understand other powers which belonged to different categories. The more a person understood cultivation, the stronger they became. However, there was an infinite number of things to understand in the world.
The nine last drawings were the most difficult to understand, they looked enigmatic and unfathomable. With a half a day more, Lin Feng managed to copy them down. The drawings were finally carved into his brain, but he was mentally drained.
“Huh?” a gentle breeze swept away. Tang You You had just arrived behind Lin Feng outside of the small house as two silhouettes landed on the roof. They glanced at Tang You You and the corpses, then they looked at the house in which Lin Feng was.
“What treasures are inside?” they asked Tang You You without acting recklessly.
They understood that all of the corpses represented incredible cultivators who came to the mysterious world with them. However, they found it hard to believe that one person killed them all.
“There are some carvings for sword cultivators, but someone is already reading them. If you want to study them as well you will have to wait outside, it would be unwise to disturb him while he is practicing cultivation.” Tang You You said while protecting the entrance. Her tone of speech was quite cold.
“You’re quite arrogant! Since you found a treasure, everybody should be able to use it. You’re too selfish making us wait outside, don’t you think that you’re going too far?” one of the responded. Even though he was talking aggressively, he didn’t attack. “Whether you let us look at the drawings or not, can you tell us what they really are?”
“If you want to do the same thing those people did, go ahead and try.” Tang You You was pointing at the corpses on the ground. They looked nervous, glancing at each other.
“Even though your cultivation level is not high, you are quite brave. Since you’re asking, you can have a try against me, we will see what makes you feel so confident.” he said, jumping forwards. A fist attacked Tang You You, oppressing the atmosphere with a particular physical strength.
Tang You You dodged sideways and became an illusion. She was running with grace while using the Xiao Yao agility technique.
“Huh?” That person’s fist landed somewhere but it wasn’t Tang You You. Her agility technique was incredible, she looked so natural and unrestrained.
“Great Destruction!” he shouted furiously. His hands clapped together and oppressive energy invaded the atmosphere. No matter where Tang You You was, his attack would reach her.
Tang You You was slowed down by the attack, but managed to continue moving. This surprised the other two.
“As expected Brother Gu, they stole the agility technique of the Xiao Yao Sect, capture her!” the other one screamed. Tang You You suddenly felt nervous, initially they had come for the hut, but they knew the people who had died. She used the Xiao Yao agility technique, and as expected, others recognized the skill.
“I know.” the other one said while joining his hands again and releasing more energy. He shook his hands and suddenly, pressure like a mountain suffocated the area. Tang You You’s bones felt like they were going to break.
Tang You You took advantage of the situation as a divine light appeared in her brain. She tried to remember a punch skill as a gigantic hand appeared in the sky, seemingly able to crush everything.
Tang You You closed her eyes and made great efforts to understand the divine light, the light was undulating in the air. Suddenly, Tang You You released a swift physical strength out of her hand and at the enemy in the air. Powerful rumbling sounds spread in the air, the one whose family name was “Gu” felt like he was surrounded by darkness. He was unable to destroy that vast and powerful punch attack.
“BOOM!” A terrifying crashing sound spread as he crashed into the ground, many of his bones were broken and he was letting off a bloodcurdling shriek.
The other guy began to run away, Tang You You’s punch was too scary.
The one whose family name was “Gu” shouted furiously and left as well. Tang You You didn’t chase either of them. At that moment, she was staring at her hands, astonished. In the mountains, only Lin Feng and her had obtained incredible treasures, and now she was able to use those powers!

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