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PMG Chapter 784: Soaked with blood, so what?

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PMG Chapter 784: Soaked with blood, so what?
“What incredible strength…” Tang You You was still looking at her hands. She knew that the brain was an extremely powerful tool, with its power a cultivator could make the sky change colors. She knew that some cultivators could even destroy the vault of heaven, but until now, she had only been able to understand the tip of the iceberg.
“So this is what it feels like to have power…” whispered Tang You You. According to rumors, there were extremely strong cultivators who could understand cultivation principles sporadically, as if they reached the Nirvana. Even though Tang You You didn’t achieve supreme enlightenment, the sudden divine lights enabled her to release a terrifying punch. Relying on that terrifying punch and the Xiao Yao footwork agility technique, she could defeat most cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer.
She had broken the opponent’s bones a moment before, while the other guy escaped after witnessing the explosive power of her attack.
Lin Feng finished copying the eighty-one patterns on the wall. The expression in his eyes showed weariness. He glanced at the wall and didn’t feel like leaving, he still wanted to study them… The eighty-one patterns represented sword attacks of different degrees. So far, he could understand a tiny part of it. If he took some time, maybe a few days, he could deeply understand the drawings, then he would become stronger and his cultivation speed would increase. However, he didn’t have too much time to cultivate right now.
After he finished copying the drawings, Lin Feng bowed in front of the skeleton on the ground. Even though they weren’t alive anymore and that Lin Feng didn’t know who he was, he was still grateful.
Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the wall, still hesitant to leave.
“If you want the senior to rest in peace, you need to destroy the wall.” Tang You You said from behind Lin Feng. Her women’s intuition was impressive, she understood Lin Feng. She could guess why Lin Feng looked so hesitant.
“The carvings in that wall are incredibly useful for sword cultivators, if I destroy them, those who come after will never be able to seen them… That would be a pity…” Lin Feng whispered. He didn’t feel like destroying the wall.
“That cultivator took great efforts to make the carvings, and now they have been transmitted to you. Passing them to a capable person was probably his aspiration, and now that you copied them, he has nothing to regret. If you don’t destroy them now, he will never rest in peace.” Tang You You explained. Lin Feng remained silent as he released incredible sword intent.
“Go.” whispered Lin Feng. Ten thousand swords bombarded the wall at the same time. The wall emitted incredible buzzing sounds while trembling. Huge holes, cracks and fissures appeared on the wall which quickly fell apart.
Lin Feng and Tang You You rose up in the air and heard rumbling sounds behind them. It was the small house, it had just collapsed, and no sword Qi would ever emerge from it again.
The skeleton of the strong cultivator was now under a pile of ruins, now he would never draw people’s attention again.
“Initially, we came together, crossing space using the sacrificial altar. It’s only been a few days and we are already separated. I wonder where Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang are and what they are doing.” sighed Lin Feng.
“Let’s continue moving forwards, maybe we will run into them.” Tang You You replied. Lin Feng nodded continued flying northwards.
Lin Feng and Tang You You came across caves and vast palaces in the distance. They were all in ruins with only a simple Qi emerging from them. However, that simple Qi slightly felt ancient and mysterious, drawing in some cultivators.
Besides the ruins, there were weapons scattered all around some of them were quite old. It seemed like a great war had occurred here.
But somewhere, blood was dripping, blood that still contained vitality. Some of the corpses were still hot, freshly killed by others.
Around the corpses were several strong cultivators, gathered in a circle.
That was the entrance to a cave, where dust and sand had been accumulating for thousands of years. However, on that thick layer of dust were some footprints as if someone had entered recently.
Two cultivators were standing on a mountain above the entrance to that cave, they lookign majestic and imposing. They were both very young and their chang pao were fluttering in the wind.
The one on the left looked like an unrestrained hero, with an aura of vital Qi of righteousness around his body. His magnificent golden chang pao was soaked with blood and his eyes were twinkling in a strange way. That person was precisely the crown prince of the Dragon Mountain Empire, Jun Mo Xi.
On his right, was a skinny young man who looked young and handsome. There was a strangeness in his handsomeness though. He was holding an ancient bell which emitted tic-tac sounds as time passed. That person was the dignified crown prince of Mo Yue, Mo Jie, also known as Yun Fei Yang.
Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang continued moving north after leaving Lin Feng and Tang You You behind. Yun Fei Yang looked strange, as if he had discovered something incredible. Maybe he found something incredible in the cave.
That treasure was the clock Yun Fei Yang was holding, that ancient bell could condense the strength of the Earth and sky and turn it into physical strength.
Yun Fei Yang was a strength cultivator who had an advanced understanding of Qi, forces and strength. That ancient bell paired especially well with him.
Surprisingly, the wrecked cave was a heaven with the skeletons of many strong cultivators. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang had been exploring it for more than a day now and found a few powerful treasures, like the golden chang pao which Jun Mo Xi was now wearing.
Additionally, the strength of the deceased cultivators in that cave had been transmitted to them. They had learnt incredibly powerful things.
They practiced cultivation in the cave for a day when the other strong cultivators found them. They knew that Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang had found incredible treasures. More and more people gathered around the cave and attacked them.
“You must give us the ancient bell and you should take off that golden chang pao, then both of you give us your rings and we’ll let you leave alive.” someone said trying to threaten them.
Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang glanced at each other, smiling.
“Do you want to leave?” Jun Mo Xi jokingly asked Yun Fei Yang.
“If I wanted to leave, who would play with these people? We receive treasures from these ancestors, and when drinking water, one shouldn’t forget its source. Some of our generous ancestors need to rest in peace in that cave, we cannot let you all bother them.” Yun Fei Yang said smiling.
“Exactly.” Jun Mo Xi released some vital energy of righteousness. Both of them laughed, they looked like good friends. They glanced at the crowd and said at the same time, “We want to fight, so what if our  clothes get soaked in blood?!”

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