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PMG Chapter 785: Terrifying Weapons

PMG Chapter 785: Terrifying Weapons
Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang came to the mysterious world to find treasures, and not only did they get incredible ancient weapons they also learnt remarkable magic powers. They were thankful to those ancestors and wanted to honor them.
“You’re acting recklessly, don’t think that you’re strong because you killed a few cultivators. We are monstrously strong, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. You’re about to bring about your own destruction.” someone said with murder painted on his face. They all released cold energies to kill Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang. They wouldn’t underestimate those weapons, they had just witnessed their power a moment before.
“That’s enough bullshit for now, let’s fight.” Yun Fei Yang was ready to fight.
“Hmph.” Someone groaned coldly and said, “Those two acquired incredible treasures, let’s join hands to fight and kill them.”
With the way he was talking anyone would think that it was logical to listen to him. However, nobody moved because they were focused on the weapons. Joining hands to fight Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang wasn’t logical at all because there were too many people who could grab the treasures afterwards.
They all had evil intentions, even the one who was talking.
He looked a bit surprised as he pulled a long face, “It seems like everybody wants to sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others’ work… Don’t complain if the weapons are stolen by someone with a great agility technique.”
Then, he jumped forwards and moved like the wind. His agility technique was remarkable, he must have been talking about himself before.
A few people joined him attacking as well. An extremely powerful Qi rose in the air and shot towards Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang.
“Since you’re shouting the loudest, I will kill you first.” Yun Fei Yang shouted furiously while throwing himself at the few people attacking him. The atmosphere was filled with terrifying energies. A gigantic amount of force merged with some Qi and those who were attacking felt like they were suffocating, as if they had dunked their heads in sands or thick mud.
“Ding… Ding……” A bell sound spread in the air, Yun Fei Yang’s clock became bigger and bigger as force condensed and merged with Yun Fei Yang’s body. Immediately, he released that force and Qi which blotted out the sky and covered the Earth.
Those who were attacking Yun Fei Yang were stunned. They found it difficult to move forwards as their clothes were torn and their skin pierced. That terrifying force felt like a ball and chain, a huge pressure pressed against their chests.
“Die!” Yun Fei Yang shouted. Another incredible buzzing sound spread in the air as the gigantic bell moved forwards. The force emerging from the bell continued to oppress them.
The bell acted like a judgement bell, announcing their deaths. (Editor’s note: I looked up “The Judgment Bell – a chinese story, is this the right reference? It’s a nice, quick read if you have the time!)
“BZZZZZZ!” The became more intense as the atmosphere was shaking. Immediately after, some of their faces became lifeless as they fell from the air.
The others were terrified. They wanted to dodge, but struggled in the middle of that force. Another buzzing sound spread in the air as the bell collided against them. Their souls shook as everything around them turned dark, and then they died.
So many strong cultivators had died by the clock.
Jun Mo Xi was fighting on the other side. He was wearing his golden chang pao which was shining magnificently and resplendently. That golden light looked sharp and dazzling to the eyes. Jun Mo Xi’s silhouette flickered and everything was washed away by a golden gleam, tainted by blood. Subtle sounds spread in the air each time a life was taken.
That golden chang pao granted Jun Mo Xi a terrifying speed, and acted as an extremely sharp and deadly weapon. Each time it came into contact with someone, they died.
In the blink of an eye, seven corpses littered the the ground, blood still flowing from them.
Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang returned to the entrance of the cave looking proud and dignified. They glanced at the crowd, further instilling fear in their hearts.
“Do you still want to kill us?” Jun Mo Xi asked proudly while his vital Qi of righteousness dashed to the clouds.
The crowd remained silent while looking at the two weapons. How powerful! Jun Mo Xi’s golden chang pao and Yun Fei Yang’s bell.
They really wanted those weapons, but nobody thought about attacking anymore. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were strong enough by themselves, let alone with those weapons.
“I think everyone should attack together.” someone broke the silence. They weren’t underestimating their power this time, together, they might have a chance.
People gradually nodded one after the other. They all looked solemn, cold and furious. Those weapons were monstrously powerful, and they desperately wanted them. The only thing standing in their way was to kill their owners.
There were more than a hundred people staring at Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang greedily. The two cultivators glanced at each other and smiled. Jun Mo Xi said, “Let’s fight?”
“Why should we be scared?” Yun Fei Yang sounded unperturbed, even joyful. Both of them released terrifying energies. Jun Mo Xi was strong, he had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Yun Fei Yang had only broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer, but he could condense the force of the Earth and the sky. Cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer would suffocate under his strength.
“Fight!” Terrifying energies dashed to the skies, Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang jumped forwards at the same time. They didn’t feel like wasting time, so they took the offensive.
“Crrrrr!” His golden chang pao streaked across the sky leaving a golden trail behind him. In a flash, some people emitted horrible shrieks as blood splashed in the sky. It only took a second for a strong cultivator to die by Jun Mo Xi. He held no reserves murdering them even though he used vital Qi of righteousness.
“Bzzzzzzz!” A death bell resonated in the atmosphere. Yun Fei Yang used his bell and two enemies started shaking insanely. They both groaned with pain and died in a flash.
“Die! Kill them!” The atmosphere was filled with a myriad of energies. Everybody was attacking those two at the same time.
Jun Mo Xi’s golden chang pao was dazzling, it was unimaginable. The crowd couldn’t get close to him. However, Yun Fei Yang was struggling. His bell was extremely powerful but they were too many.
Yun Fei Yang shouted furiously and shook the ancient clock. The ancient bell abruptly started spinning with incredible speed and another two died. Immediately after, it fell from the sky and surrounded Yun Fei Yang’s body.
The crowd was astonished. They didn’t realize that Yun Fei Yang could use the bell to protect himself.
Rumbling sounds spread in the air as terrifying energies bombarded the bell, but nothing happened.
“Bzzzz…..” terrifying lights emerged from the bell. Yun Fei Yang was beating it from the inside, causing it to release a force capable of killing people.
“Bzzzz bzzzzzzzz!” The bell resonated as force continued invading the atmosphere and people continued to suffocate under its pressure.
“Die!” they were getting desperate as someone punched the bell directly, but nothing happened still.
“Bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz!” terrifying sounds appeared as a sword cultivator released monumental sword Qi, capable of covering the entire Continent of the Nine Clouds.
Die!” those who were next to the bell were thrown away and died.
“Boom boom boom!” More attacked the bell and more explosions sounded in the air. The bell was shaking violently, Yun Fei Yang groaned with pain. They were all focusing on him, those bastards!
(Editor’s note: the translator goes between clock and bell frequently, I decided not to change it because I can’t decide which it is. It might be that a bell resides in the clock, so both…)

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