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PMG Chapter 786: Awakening of the Blood Spirit!

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PMG Chapter 786: Awakening of the Blood Spirit!
“Cough cough cough!” The clock continued resonating while Yun Fei Yang was assaulted inside of it. A terrifying light lacerated the atmosphere. Those who were close to the bell suffocated under the pressure.
“Bzzzzzzz!” The bell resonated again as a golden, dazzling light streaked across the sky. Jun Mo Xi had arrived, his vital Qi of righteousness and his golden chang pao were dazzling. He released some dazzling Qi which could lacerate anything. Those who were unable to run started shaking, they couldn’t dodge! Blood splashed! Jun Mo Xi’s chang pao was as sharp as a blade and had taken their lives.
“Back!” the crowd retreated like madmen. Someone noticed that Jun Mo Xi’s dazzling chang pao had marks which looked like veins, just like the mysterious marks in the mysterious world.
Those weapons seemed capable of communicating with each other. Together, their explosive power was terrifying. Those weapons were probably of an extraordinary level and quality. Most people had never seen such powerful weapons in their sects. It was no wonder that the Gan Yu Region thought so highly of the mysterious world. In a few days, those two had already obtained peerless treasures.
Several people in the distance noticed the commotion and flew towards them.
“It’s them! They’re so lucky! They already obtained such great treasures.” the people from Tian chi saw Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang looking majestic and dignified in the air.
The battle became calmer as more than a dozen corpses littered the ground. Those corpses were strong cultivators were all geniuses belonging to the biggest sects, but were unable to withstand a single attack.
“What should we do?” the people from Tian Chi asked Yu Tian Ji. All forty-five of them had crossed space together and represented one of the largest groups to enter the mysterious world.
“They are also from Tian Chi, why are you asking me what we should do?” Yu Tian Ji said smiling. He continued moving forwards and asked Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang, “Not bad, I wouldn’t have thought that you guys would obtain such treasures. Did you get other items which you would be willing to exchange? We are all from Tian Chi so we should help each other out.”
Yun Fei Yang and Jun Mo Xi turned their heads and looked at Yu Tian Ji. They shook their heads indifferently, did they have anything to tell them? They had joined Tian Chi because of Lin Feng and then Yu Tian Ji criticized them and accused them of possessing evil intentions.
“What do you mean? Are you afraid that we would keep your treasures for ourselves?” someone else chimed in on Yu Tian Ji’s side.
“No.” said Yun Fei Yang in a relatively cold way.
“Well then, give us one of your treasures. We are all from Tian Chi so we should act together and share treasures. Once we leave the mysterious world, we will give it back to you.” Yu Tian Ji said smiling in a warm and friendly way.
“You are new in Tian Chi, but we are willing to help you fight against the people attacking you. Naturally, you have to prove that you are willing to make friends with us first.” Yu Tian Ji was sly. He basically said that if they don’t hand over one of their treasures, Tian Chi wouldn’t accept them.
“When we joined Tian Chi, the elder said that the treasures we obtain would be our own. The only condition for joining was not to betray Tian Chi.” Yun Fei Yang retorted coldly. He then added, indifferently, “We will not give you any of our weapons, whether you want to help us or not has nothing to do with it.”
“Bastard. You don’t give a damn about Tian Chi.”
“Indeed. Those two joined Tian Chi but it is only a matter of time before they betray us. We should settle accounts now and kill them, only then can we take those weapons in the name of Tian Chi.”
The people from Tian Chi were complaining one after the other. Their eyes were twinkling with ice-cold lights. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang smiled coldly. It was obvious that they wanted to steal their weapons so there was no need to talk in a roundabout way.
“If you want to take advantage of somebody’s misfortune and cause them harm, do you need the high-ground?” Yun Fei Yang smiled coldly. “If you want to steal our weapons, just use strength and make up the story later.”
“As expected, you have a wolfish nature. You are from Tian Chi so Tian Chi will take care of you. As far as your weapons are concerned, Tian Chi will seize them soon enough.” Yu Tian Ji tried to intimidate them, things were easier said than done though.
The others coldly glared at them, they had forty-five people on their side!
“How shameless!” Huang Fu Long said from the crowd, glancing at the people from Tian Chi, “How shameless! You’re full of bullshit! When you saw that the others wanted to steal the treasures, you decided to steal them too. You are the people betraying Tian Chi! You disrespect the elder’s teaching by bullying others from Tian Xuan.”
“Is that so?” said Yu Tian Ji while smiling coldly. Huang Fu Long looked at the people from the Tian Xuan group and realized they were all on Yu Tian Ji’s side.
“Little Xue, they keep betraying the Tian Xuan group. You are the leader of our group, so how can you remain silent?” Huang Fu Long glared at Tian Chi Xue.
“What do those people have to do with Tian Xuan?” Tian Chi Xue didn’t care about them in the slightest. Huang Fu Long didn’t look furious anymore, instead, he was depressed. It seemed like he was the only one who cared about the Elder’s teachings. A certain coldness invaded him…
“It seems like I’m thinking too much.” Huang Fu Long slowly turned around. He walked towards Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang with an extreme sadness.
After a few steps, Huang Fu Long’s body was surrounded by an ice-cold energy.
“Boom!” A terrifying ice energy crashed onto Huang Fu Long’s back. Someone said, “You betrayed Tian Chi and think that you can keep living?”
Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were astonished, as was Tian Chi Xue but she remained silent.
That ice-cold energy penetrated into Huang Fu Long’s blood vessels and froze him instantly.
“Bzzzzzz!” Yun Fei Yang’s ancient bell emitted buzzing sounds and some swift energies emerged. Jun Mo Xi turned into a golden beam of light and disappeared from his original position.
“Ahhhhhh!” A terrifying roar spread in the air.
“Roaaarrr!” The chant of the dragon was suddenly heard. Huang Fu Long’s body released dragon Qi. A dragon illusion appeared in the air and dashed to the skies.
People’s hearts were pounding violently as they stared at Huang Fu Long. His long hair fluttered in the wind and his black hair turned golden and diffused dazzling light. A green dragon was slowly merging with his body.
A blood spirit had awoken from inside him.
“A dragon… His dragon spirit is awakening!” Thought the crowd astonished, their pupils were shrinking. Huang Fu Long’s blood vessels dilated, it seemed like he was becoming dragon
“Roaaarrr!” Huang Fu Long raised his head and roared while looking at the sky. The pressure was so intense that they they couldn’t move anymore, they lost all their strength.
Huang Fu Long turned around, golden lights were twinkling in his eyes. He stared at the person who attacked him, that person could almost see sharp claws dripping with blood in front of him.
“Die!” Shouted someone furiously! Blood splashed as the terrifying Qi disappeared instantly.
“How terrifying… That blood spirit is an extremely powerful one… It is an authentic dragon spirit.” Thought the crowd.

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