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PMG Chapter 787: Do You Dare Fight Me?

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PMG Chapter 787: Do You Dare Fight Me?
Tian Chi Xue was also astonished. Huang Fu Long glanced at the crowd, he looked like a dragon emperor with his messy golden hair. It seemed like he could crush the entire world with his claws.
His appearance changed, his strength changed, his Qi had changed…. At that moment, Tian Chi Xue who used to be considered as a goddess by most people in Tian Xuan was ashamed, she felt inferior.
She had always known that Huang Fu Long possessed monstrous physical strength, but he was simple-minded. She always thought that Huang Fu Long would never be qualified to become her husband. Even though Huang Fu Long was simple-minded, he was brave and strong, what people didn’t dare to do, he did. For those two, he was ready to face everyone from Tian Chi. Tian Chi Xue suddenly felt small and selfish.
“Kill him!” shouted someone furiously. Immediately, the atmosphere was filled with ice energies capable of freezing the air.
“Die!” someone else shouted furiously as rumbling sounds spread in the air. An avalanche like attack shot out towards Huang Fu Long, it seemed like the dragon was going to be buried.
“Roaaarrrr!” The green dragon roared and Huang Fu Long stretched out his arm. His sleeve was cut from the attack, the dragon became even more distinct now, diffusing a dazzling golden light.
“Boom!” Huang Fu Long grabbed their arm with his claws. There were dragon scales on Huang Fu Long’s arms.
“Kacha!” An avalanche fell towards Huang Fu Long who immediately drowned in it. Several people then threw themselves at him, they wanted to kill him.
“Bzzzzz!” The sound of Yun Fei Yang’s bell resonated again as some sound waves spread in the air. Yun Fei Yang joined his hands together and the bell descended from the sky, one person was immediately crushed under it and the guy next to him started bleeding. His soul was shaking, he realized that he was probably going to die.
“Crrrr crrrrrr!” Jun Mo Xi’s golden chang pao was soaked with blood and twinkling, its lights were dazzling.
“Go!” a massive amount of vital Qi of righteousness emerged and dashed to the skies. A terrifying punch filled with vital Qi of righteousness dispirited the crowd. It seemed like it could annihilate everything and most especially those who were evil. That vital Qi of righteousness struck many people, causing them to cough up blood unceasingly. Their souls felt oppressed as if they were about to die.
“Crrrr….. Crrrr……….” The golden chang pao soaked with blood was dazzling.
“Punch of Righteousness!” A massive amount of vital Qi of righteousness rose up in the air, people felt inferior when they saw that Qi. Those terrifying lights could annihilate anything and destroy evil.
“Tian Ji constellation skill, seven stars connection!” Yu Tian Ji shouted furiously. His fingers rose to the sky and seven stars appeared. Gradually, they became more distinct and dazzling.
The other leaders from different parts of Tian Chi gathered and moved towards the seven stars. Immediately after, it seemed like their strength was absorbed by the the stars. Some ice, a river of flames and some terrifying sword energies appeared. Tian Chi Xue looked irresolute. However, she released her strength too and put it in the star too. Then ice and snow immediately fell downwards.
The snow blotted out the sky and covered up the Earth.
“Even though the Tian Shu star is not being used, it will still be enough to defeat you.” Yu Tian Ji was very confident in his stars. Those stars were oppressing Jun Mo Xi, it seemed like they could destroy mountains and dry out oceans. Terrifying thunders were roaring, the Earth and sky seemed like they were going to be crushed. “Go!” Yun Fei Yang yelled while punching the ancient bell, which emitted incredible buzzing sounds. A magnificent light illuminated the atmosphere and shot towards the seven stars.
“Bzzzzzzz…….” The buzzing sound of the bell was deep and long. This time, the ancient bell couldn’t oppress everything, instead, it bounced. Even though it was a powerful weapon, Yun Fei Yang wasn’t strong enough. He could only control it to a certain extent, far from being able to exploit the full power of the weapon.
“Roaaarrr!” Huang Fu Long raised his hands towards the sky and a dragon punch appeared, he seemingly wanted to destroy the stars.
“Crrrr…. Crrrr…..” Terrifyingly deadly energies emerged, unstoppable and capable of annihilating anything. Huang Fu Long’s dragon couldn’t stop those dazzling stars.
“Boom!” Huang Fu Long groaned coldly and blood splashed out of his mouth. The other cultivators weren’t going to miss this opportunity, they took the advantage of the situation to attack with even more power. They had only one goal, steal the ancient bell and the golden chang pao.
“Boom!” Jun Mo Xi released a monstrous amount of vital Qi of righteousness, the dazzling golden lights were dreamy. Those lights were so dazzling that people’s eyes hurt. Getting too close to the lights would probably be fatal.
The seven stars were oppressive, moving like a furious ocean. The different sorts of strength were falling down all at the same time, it seemed like they were unable to resist. But the vital energy of righteousness was absolutely incredible as well.
Huang Fu Long was staring at the sky, golden lights twinkling in his eyes.
“Roar roar roar!” Huang Fu Long roared loudly but they weren’t humane, it was the chant of the dragons.
He rose up in the air and the crowd saw a dragon in the sky. There was a dragon silhouette on his body. It seemed like the entire strength contained in his blood had been released.
“Boom boom boom!” The dragon raised its scale-covered arm to the sky and grabbed the seven stars. They were filled with deadly energies, which lacerated the dragon’s scales. Blood splashed, however, it didn’t flinch as it tried to oppress the stars.
Those three fighters, desperately, were resisting more than a hundred geniuses. They were caked in blood. The ground was already full of corpses. Any genius knew that death was potentially awaiting them when they entered the mysterious world. Treasures sometimes had to be earned through blood.
Cultivators continued flocking to the dense and terrifying Qi. There were probably some incredible treasures to steal, otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a great battle.
In the middle of the crowd from Tian Chi, Yu Tian Ji was smiling coldly. He was looking at the three people fighting in a frenzy, he wanted to see how long they would be able to resist. The Tian Chi group still had many strong fighters. The two weapons were probably going to end up in their hands. Yu Tian Ji, as the leader of the group, would be able to grab one of the weapons for himself only. At that moment, he was already wondering which one he would take, the ancient bell or the golden chang pao.
About a kilometer away, there was some sword Qi coming towards them with incredible speeds.
“Boom!” Someone who was flying towards the battlefield became surprised and started sweating intensely. He was concerned about that sword light streaking across the sky like a shooting star. How terrifying! Was it really a human being? He had the feeling that a terrifying sword was piercing through his body.
He didn’t even have time to think clearly as another silhouette passed him with incredible speed as well. That lithe and graceful silhouette was hard keep track of, it seemed like it took her no effort to move with such agile in the sky.
Those two were precisely Lin Feng and Tang You You. From very far in the distance, they had sensed the dense Qi released by the battle and rushed over. They noticed that three people were surrounded by a large group of cultivators, they recognized those three to be Jun Mo Xi, Yun Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long.
Everybody was too focused on the battle and didn’t notice the sword light headed towards them. Someone in the middle of the Tian Chi group turned around and saw the sword light, but it was too late, they died by it before they could warn anyone.
“”Crrrr crrrr…..” The people from Tian Chi suddenly sensed the very sharp Qi, a blood Qi rose in the air as several people started shaking violently. Immediately after, they only saw a sword light pierce through the crowd. A row of cultivators were immediately cut in half.
“Ten thousand swords, kill!” Shouted someone furiously, that voice was so powerful that it made the ground shake. Millions of swords were diffusing dazzling lights at the same time. Those who were attacking Jun Mo Xi and the others died on the spot while the others retreated back.
“Back to one” said another voice. A terrifying sword light rose up in the air and a few people were lacerated again. Who was that guy? It was the young man wanted by Shen Gong and some other influential groups, Lin Feng!
“Go!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. The five friends landed at the top of the entrance of the cave again and stopped attacking the crowd. Lin Feng glanced at the crowd in an ice-cold and despising way.
Yu Tian Ji and the others were staring at Lin Feng. Too many strong cultivators from Tian Chi had died under his sword lights just now.
“Lin Feng, it seems like you also decided to betray Tian Chi. You killed so many of us.” Yu Tian Ji said, his face was filled with murder.
“Shut the fuck up!” shouted Lin Feng furiously while spitting out some sword energy.
“The elders of Tian Chi told us to work together and preserve the cohesion of the nation, but now, in order to steal some treasures you’re trying to kill your comrades from Tian Chi… On top of that you’re so shameless that you daresay I am the traitor of the nation… Who do you think you are? A leader? If you are a leader, will you dare fight against me to solve the issue?” Sharp sword lights were twinkling in Lin Feng’s eyes. His words were as sharp as swords. People from Tian Chi were speechless. They had always firmly believed Yu Tian Ji but Lin Feng made them rethink their position, as a leader, would Yu Tian Ji dare fight against Lin Feng?

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