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PMG Chapter 79: No Compromise

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Protector Bei cared so much about Lin Feng that he had nearly killed Mo Xie?

Nan Gong Ling wasn’t trying to avoid talking about taboo subjects as there was too much at stake right now. When he said that, many Elders made a strange face. They all knew what kind of person Protector Bei was and surprisingly, he cared so much about Lin Feng?

Not too far behind Nan Gong Ling, there was another Elder who made a very strange face. It was Lu Yuan.

“Fool, no wonder Xue Yue had protected Lin Feng in front of the ranking list. No wonder he took action to stop me.” Lu Yuan was making a depressed face. He would have never thought that Lin Feng had such a terrifying background. He was protected by Protector Bei. He suddenly understood why Xue Yue had told him that he was going to regret his actions of that day.

Lin Feng was also moved. He didn’t know that after what had happened with the Imaginary Demon, Protector Bei had become so furious that he had tried to kill Mo Xie. Lin Feng felt bad because he was unable to return the favor and the one person that he really appreciated was Protector Bei.

Lin Feng was reluctant to leave the Yun Hai Sect because of the protectors who had shown him such kindness. He also had some really good friends such as Han Man, Jing Yun, Protector Bei as well as Protector Kong and he would miss Liu Fei a little too.

“Even with the matter concerning Protector Bei, Mo Xie is an Elder who believes that he is above everybody else and frequently abuses his power. This is a fact.”

“In addition, three days ago when I went to pick up my Elite Disciple robes and my Elite Disciple certificate. Wen Ren Yan tried to kill me and he attacked my friends. Wen Ren Yan is also a Yun Hai Sect disciple. I will of course not blame the Yun Hai Sect for this but Elder Lu Yuan was there and did nothing to prevent it from happening.”

“But Lu Yuan is a Yun Hai Sect Elder. Not only did he not try to prevent it from happening but he also said I should die because I wasn’t as strong as Wen Ren Yan. Is everyone in the sect, who is not as strong as Wen Ren Yan or even stronger supposed to die? All of this is the truth. When the confrontation was over, I asked for my Elite Disciple robes and certificate twice but Lu Yuan just replied with one phrase: get lost.”

When Lin Feng finished talking, everybody understood what he meant. It was all because he was still considered as an ordinary disciple and because he hadn’t been able to get his Elite Disciple robes and certificate. This had all happened because of another Elder within the sect abusing their power to punish him. Lu Yuan had used his power as an elder to attempt to win favor with Wen Ren Yan by oppressing Lin Feng.

At that moment, everybody was staring at Lu Yuan. He was shaking from head to toe in fear. His entire body felt like a giant weight was pressing down on him. Would he have acted the same if he had known that this would happen?

“Lu Yuan, is what Lin Feng said true?”

Nan Gong Ling’s tone was indifferent but he still sounded firm and imposing. He would not tolerate if Lu Yuan lied in this situation.

Lu Yuan was looking down at the ground. He didn’t dare look at Nan Gong Ling. At that moment, he infinitely regretted what he had done. What had happened because of him? He had provoked Lin Feng because of Wen Ren Yan. However was Wen Ren Yan going to help him today? He had to face the consequences of his actions alone.
When Nan Gong Ling saw Lu Yuan’s reaction, he immediately understood what had happened. There was no need for more explanations, everything that Lin Feng had said was true… and he even kept calling himself an ordinary disciple. What a tragedy!

“Alright… Alright… You have a lot of authority but I respect everyone who can become one of the elite disciples with their own power. When you told him to get lost, you were indirectly telling me to get lost, right?”

“I would never dare.”

Lu Yuan couldn’t help but lower his head and look down at the ground. He felt a cold shiver run down his spine. He was only an ordinary Elder within the sect, he did not hold any special rank or status. He wasn’t as strong as other Elder’s either. Mo Xie and Lu Yuan were not comparable, Mo Xie would try to kill Lin Feng every time he laid eyes upon him.

“I will never forget this.”

Nan Gong Ling sounded indifferent which made Lu Yuan panic. He did not know what Nan Gong Ling intended to do with him which is why he was terrified. He feared the unknown punishment he would recieve.

Nan Gong Ling looked at Lin Feng and couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile on his face. Each time they had met, someone had wanted to kill Feng and an Elder of the sect had wronged him.

“Patriarch, today, you have to understand me and what I had to go through. I don’t know when Mo Xie will try to kill me again. I also don’t know exactly how many people like Mo Xie and Lu Yuan there are in the sect. Even if an elite disciple is a high status within the Yun Hai Sect, it is still lower than that of an Elder. Much like all the times before, if an Elder wants to kill me, he can do it freely whenever he wants, as if I am nothing but a piece of trash that they can dispose of at any time. This is all that we disciples mean to the sect. ”

Every single word Lin Feng said was resonating deeply in everyone’s heart. Everything was true so nobody could deny anything that he has said. Nan Gong Ling was also unable to refute anything which was just said.

“Lin Feng, what do you want me, Nan Gong Ling, to do?”

Nan Gong Ling was intently staring at Lin Feng while saying these words.

Everybody was astonished. Because Nan Gong Ling wanted Lin Feng to stay, it seemed like he had completely put aside his status of Patriarch. It even sounded like Nan Gong Ling was begging Lin Feng to stay.

“In fact, all of this is not happening because of you. It is happening because in this world, strength and power are the most important things. Without strength or power then your life is not valued. This is exactly where the problem lies and it has deep roots within the sects.”

When Lin Feng saw how Nan Gong Ling was handling the matter, he had a good feeling. As a Patriarch, he forgot about prestige and glory and was losing face, but he didn’t care. He knew that apologizing a few times and admitting one’s faults was the right thing to do. That way, Nan Gong Ling showed that he loved and cherished all of his disciples. He did not protect his face and understood he had been wrong.
“Patriarch, you already told me that only those who are strong and powerful can be respected and are considered as important members but have you ever thought that outstanding disciples, just like everyone else had to start from the bottom while being called worthless? Everyone within this world, no matter how powerful was at one point a low leveled cultivator. All of us never stop progressing and each person has their own pace. Imagine if low level cultivators with an incredible potential think that they are not important at the beginning because they did not progress as fast as others. If they think they mean nothing to the Yun Hai Sect then how discouraged will they be in their future cultivation? How are they supposed to have faith in the sect once they become strong? How can they believe they will ever been considered as important and that they will be cherished?”

Lin Feng’s words made Nan Gong Ling think about the sect itself. Indeed, strong disciples had also all started from the very basics but they were noticed by the sect only once they made a display of their own abilities, only once they stood out. Some of them were considered so weak initially that they were targeted much like Lin Feng and even when they became strong, those who hated them continued to target them.

“The same punishments are applied no matter who breaks the rules, regardless of whether it is an ordinary disciple, an elite disciple or even an Elder who breaks the rules. That’s the only way to live in harmony and advance together. There should be many cases where Elders have randomly killed disciples. If the rules are broken, the violator, no matter who he is, should be punished.”

“Disciples and Elders should be punished the same way. The violator, no matter who he is, should be punished.”

Nan Gong Ling looked perplex. Indeed, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, strong cultivators also had to abide by the rules even if they had higher status or power. Why did this not apply within the Yun Hai Sect?

Nan Gong Ling realized that he had made a lot of mistakes. Outside of the Sect, there were rules for everyone but what about the Yun Hai Sect? If it did not change then the same as what happened to Lin Feng would happen again. There were a few cultivators who were not respected when they were weak but actually had an infinite potential. Once they were strong, how were they supposed to respect the sect if they hadn’t been respected before?

“That guy is really a genius. He’s so fascinating and wise. He has a lot to teach.”

Thought Nan Gong Ling as he was looking at Lin Feng and then said in a very solemn tone: “You have just taught me and made me realize a great deal.  Lin Feng. If someday, you were to be one of the leaders of the Yun Hai Sect, it would definitely enter a period of prosperity and glory. I really hope that you will stay.”

Lin Feng, would someday become one of the leaders?

Everybody was puzzled. Did Nan Gong Ling’s words have a hidden meaning with further implications?

Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t really care about these things, he just wanted to make everybody understand the error of their ways. He had a certain potential and could understand a lot of things but it maybe wasn’t all that was needed to become a good leader.

“Patriarch, I don’t feel like leaving the sect. I just want everybody to understand how ignorant and cruel they are behaving. I also want to have a reason to stay.”

Lin Feng’s words weren’t as cold and sharp as before. Even Nan Gong Ling, Mo Xie and Lu Yuan felt calmer at that moment. Even if he stayed in the Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng wouldn’t devote himself to the Sect in the future. However, he admired and had a lot of esteem for Nan Gong Ling for the actions that he had taken today. Besides, leaving the Yun Hai Sect wasn’t required. He just needed a reason for him to stay.

“Lin Feng, I will prevent others from bullying and threatening you again. No need to say that I will even more do my best so that they don’t try to kill you or that they make false charges against you.”

Nan Gong Ling promised.

“This is for the future. What about what happened before? All those people who have bullied and threatened me?” said Lin Feng. Was this really justice?

“My words were not devoid of substance. I will cripple Lu Yuan’s cultivation and he will not be an Elder anymore. He will also be expelled from the sect.”

Nan Gong Ling’s words were sharp and poignant. Everybody was astonished. Nan Gong Ling was going to cripple an Elder’s cultivation because of Lin Feng. This was a clear warning to everyone within the sect that things were changing.

“Patriarch, please forgive me!” said Lu Yuan who turned deathly pale when he heard Nan Gong Ling’s words. Crippling his cultivation and expelling him from the sect would make him turn into an existence even weaker than a normal person. How was he going to survive? He would have no reason to live anymore.

“Your crimes are unforgivable.” said Nan Gong Ling firmly. Lu Yuan’s cultivation had to be crippled for Lin Feng to find his peace of mind.

“Wen Ren, save me!”

Lu Yuan knew that Nan Gong Ling wasn’t going to take back his words. He was unable to make Nan Gong Ling change his mind so he shouted these words to Wen Ren Yan.

But at that moment, Wen Ren Yan was trying to find a way to deal with Lin Feng. How could he care about Lu Yuan? He coldly glanced at Lu Yuan and then ignored him again which made Lu Yuan feel like he had been betrayed.

“Heartless and unfair!” thought Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan understood what Lin Feng had meant. Wen Ren Yan did not care for anyone but himself and was not someone who would care about any past ties. Lu Yuan had now understood that it was useless to back Wen Ren Yan, but he had made Lin Feng suffer a lot and it was too late for regrets.

“Lin Feng, are you satisfied now?” asked Nan Gong Ling.

Lin Feng looked at Nan Gong Ling with a calm face and shook his head.

“Patriarch, it seems like you continue to forget about someone.”

Nan Gong Ling smiled wryly while looking at Lin Feng. This guy was really stubborn.

Everybody was stunned at what they had just heard and then they all looked at Mo Xie. They obviously understood that Lin Feng meant Mo Xie should be the next person to be punished. If it wasn’t Mo Xie, who else could it be?

But many people had thought that Lin Feng would be satisfied just because Nan Gong Ling had taken action on his behalf. Nan Gong Ling had asked him if it could be considered enough, which was a hint that he should consider the whole problem as solved.

After all, Mo Xie was an important person within the sect. Not only is Mo Xie an Elder with extremely high status but his father was a Great Elder. He had a lot of power and influence within the sect. If Nan Gong Ling punished Mo Xie, he would indirectly be punishing his father as well. Nan Gong Ling was in a very critical situation.

But for Lin Feng, there was no compromise. His words were like a sword which intended to behead Mo Xie.

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