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PMG Chapter 791: The Leader

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 791: The Leader

Lin Feng had turned into a real sword. His numerous swords became one, which then penetrated into his body. Lin Feng had fused together with the sword and transformed into a sword.

That action made everybody’s heart start pounding. Lin Feng had surprisingly turned into a sword.

In order to become a sword master, one had to understand intent, then sword intent, then human-sword fusion… However, when using the human sword fusion, the cultivator only looked like a sword, but the cultivator was still a person and the sword remained a sword as well.

But at that moment, Lin Feng had turned into a real sword, it wasn’t a mere human sword fusion.

“After reaching a certain level, can people really turn into swords…?” Many people couldn’t believe their eyes. Was it really happening? People were people, could they turn into weapons, into swords? However, what was happening in front of their eyes proved to them that it was real. Lin Feng had turned into a sword.

“It’s a hallucination. It must be a hallucination. What an incredibly powerful magic power. He really looks like a sword, exactly the same.” thought many people. Their heart was pounding, Lin Feng had really turned into a sword, how was that possible? How was Lin Feng able to do that? That was an unprecedented powerful skill.

Sword formula second face, one human being and one sword could fuse together. It was impossible to see the difference, the user really looked like a sword.

A sword light twinkled, there were no rumbling sounds or anything like that. There were no oppressive forces in the air either, there was just a sword light streaking across the sky, all-conquering and indestructible.

The five types of energies turned into five sword lights and collided with Lin Feng’s terrifying sword. In a flash, those five sword lights disappeared. No matter how strong he was, at that moment, there was only one sword left.

Yu Tian Ji heart started pounding violently. His eyes which were filled with starlights, had lost their splendor. That sword was way too terrifying, Lin Feng’s body had really fused together with the sword. That wasn’t just a level six sword intent, that wasn’t just a powerful sword skill either. It was the result of Lin Feng’s true comprehension of swords. Lin Feng had created an incredible and all-conquering sword.

Some cracking sounds spread in the air. Yu Tian Ji was stupefied, in front of him, the sword stopped and a Lin Feng’s silhouette appeared.

Yu Tian Ji and Lin Feng were in the air, standing silently, staring at each other. They both looked majestic and unruly.

“I lost.” said Yu Tian Ji to Lin Feng. If the sword hadn’t stopped a moment ago, it could have killed him. He had lost the battle.

The strong and enigmatic Yu Tian Ji, the young leader of the main group of Tian Chi, had lost against Lin Feng.

Yu Tian Ji sighed, he felt like he was dreaming.

The crowd was just as astonished, especially the people from Tian Chi. Yu Tian Ji, the enigmatic Yu Tian Ji, had lost against Lin Feng. That was astonishing!

Yu Tian Ji had lost against a young man about whom they had never heard before.

However, Yu Tian Ji couldn’t be blamed for that. He could borrow the power of the stars, use incredible starlights, use a snowy mountain as a weapon and crush others. On top of all of that, he could borrow the power of the stars to imitate his opponents’ skills. All those skills were extremely powerful, but in the end, Yu Tian Ji had lost. One sword had been enough to stop a multitude of skills used at the same time. Lin Feng had reached such a high level that he could look down at the world, his sword was everlasting and resplendent.

“Lin Feng, I lost and I will keep my promise. From today on, you are a leader of Tian Chi.” said Yu Tian Ji slowly while sighing. Tian Chi people were surprised, Lin Feng was a new young leader of Tian Chi? Was the future of Tian Chi in Lin Feng’s hands?

Lin Feng looked at Yu Tian Ji. Were all the cultivators in the Mysterious World as strong as Yu Tian Ji?

“From now on, Tian Chi people will listen to your orders.” said Yu Tian Ji. Yu Tian Ji was a formidable opponent, without his level six sword intent, his sword formula and the eighty one patterns, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Yu Tian Ji or at least, it would have been very difficult.

“Forget about it, I can’t lead them. Just stop provoking me and that’ll be enough.” said Lin Feng in a cold and detached way. 

“I, Yu Tian Ji, always keep my promises. People from Tian Chi are not the way you imagine, I will personally kill anyone who doesn’t listen to you.” said Yu Tian Ji. Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed.

“Okay, fine. Let’s do it your way. I will lead them. Now, kill anyone who’s trying to steal the items.” said Lin Feng coldly, looking at the people on the ground. Those from Tian Chi looked surprised, was Lin Feng their new leader?

Even though they had the impression that everything was just a dream, people had to listen. Lin Feng had defeated Yu Tian Ji. In Tian Chi, he was now the strongest cultivator, he was a leader. Tian Chi’s future would be in Lin Feng’s hands. With such a great leader, Tian Chi would rise steeply. If the young people of the empire were strong, then the empire would rise up. With Lin Feng’s influence and power, even those who were not so strong in Tian Chi would benefit from his remarkable abilities. He would be respected by everyone.

Everybody understood that. Yu Tian Ji understood that as well but he had to renounce his leading position to accept it.

In a flash, the atmosphere was filled with ice Qi. It seemed like everything was going to freeze. Snowflakes started fluttering around everywhere in the air. In that snowy world, blood was staining the pure and infinite whiteness. 

Jun Mo Xi and the others’ eyes were filled with murder. Those who wanted to steal the items were insane. They had to be merciless and slaughter them, one had to kill others in order to not be killed. If anyone wanted to kill Jun Mo Xi and the others, then they would show no mercy.

Yu Tian Ji jumped forwards and stepped on the ice. A sword appeared and someone was beheaded. The blood on the ice immediately froze.

Lin Feng was still surprised by Yu Tian Ji, he was really strong. Yu Tian Ji could still use the power of the stars to use Lin Feng’s abilities. At that moment, there were no incredible starlights but Yu Tian Ji could still use that sword to kill others. Even though Yu Tian Ji’s sword attacks weren’t as powerful as before, that kind of skill was still terrifying. 

Lin Feng jumped forwards as well and started killing enemies. Each of his attacks could take one person’s life. Lin Feng kept killing enemies one after the other.

Many silhouettes were twinkling, they were starting to escape. Tian Chi’s people were fighting, Lin Feng and Yu Tian Ji had joined the battle as well, blood was splashing everywhere. For those who wanted to steal the items, it was a nightmare.

The massacre continued for a while, the vast territory covered by a layer of ice was already stained by blood. It looked brutal. Silence invaded the atmosphere, piles of corpses were littered everywhere, rigid corpses. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were also injured, but Jun Mo Xi had an immortal spirit so his injuries healed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Feng’s sword made of pure Qi slowly disappeared. He was staring at the crowd, looking like a warlord. Those Tian Chi people didn’t look up at him anymore. They still couldn’t accept the fact that Lin Feng had become their leader.

“I forgive everyone for what has happened before, let bygones be bygones. However, in the future, I will not tolerate any internal disorder. If I see people from Tian Chi fight each other again, I will not hesitate to kill them.” said Lin Feng coldly, making the crowd feel nervous.

“I have something else to add. Even though we could stay together to remain powerful, there is one problem. If we stay together all the time, will we be able to find treasures? And if we do, how do we share them?” said Lin Feng. If they stayed together and found treasures, only a few of them would be able to keep them and that would be unfair for the others. 

“If you want to find treasures, stay alone and rely on your own strength. If you find treasures, you can keep them for yourself. Besides, if we separate, we’ll have more opportunities. If you think that you are not strong enough, then you can stay with a few other people.”

“Eh?” The crowd didn’t think he would separate them. They came together and stayed together so far, their unity made them powerful, but Lin Feng wanted them to separate. However, everybody had to admit that Lin Feng made sense.

Yu Tian Ji’s eyes were twinkling, he glanced at the crowd and said, “I was wrong, if you don’t go through life with threatening experiences, even if we share treasures, we will never be able to become stronger.”

The most important thing for a cultivator is to rely on their own self!

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