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PMG Chapter 792: The Demonic Emperor

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PMG Chapter 792: The Demonic Emperor

Those from Tian Chi slowly dispersed to move on alone, but here were some who stayed in small groups. That territory seemed to be boundless and there were surely many precious items there. Jun Mo Xi had obtained the golden robe and Yun Fei Yang obtained the ancient bell. After obtaining those incredible treasures, nothing was impossible. Besides, Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang had discovered a cemetery in the cave, which might have some incredible Zun cultivators buried there.

Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang razed the mountain containing the graveyard to the ground, uncovering all of the corpses. 

“Lin Feng.” said Jun Mo Xi, he apparently wanted to say something. 

“What’s wrong?” said Lin Feng, looking at Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang. 

“We just finished searching the underground palace and found a third item.” Jun Mo Xi was very excited.

“Three treasures?” Lin Feng was also excited. Apart from the golden robe and the ancient bell, what else had they found? 

“Yes.” said Jun Mo Xi while shaking his hand. Suddenly, something appeared, a pair of golden gloves. Those gloves were as resplendent and dazzling as his robe. 

The gloves and robe were probably part of an incredibly powerful set. At first glance, one could see that those were at least Tian level weapons.

Jun Mo Xi handed the golden gloves over to lin Feng, who took them and released some pure Qi in them. In a flash, the golden light became much brighter and dazzling. An all-conquering Qi was released.

“I have a feeling that the blood sword is far from being at the same level as those gloves.” thought Lin Feng. He took out the blood sword and a ray of light streaked across the sky and crashed onto the gloves. A light metallic sound spread in the air, the golden gloves started shining in a strange way. Lin Feng scrutinized the gloves and as expected, there wasn’t a single scratch.

Lin Feng gave the golden gloves back to Jun Mo Xi, who shook his head while smiling, “Lin Feng, I already got the golden robe, it’s incredibly powerful. Taking the gloves as well would make me quite a greedy person. You should take them.”

“I don’t need them.” said Lin Feng, also shaking his head. He was a sword cultivator, his attacks were extremely powerful. Those gloves couldn’t be as powerful in his hands as they could in Jun Mo Xi’s.

“You can give them to someone else.” said Jun Mo Xi, smiling and glancing at Tang You You.

Jun Mo Xi was really an altruist, even though he could personally give the gloves to Tang You You, he knew there was a relationship between the two. He wanted to give them to Lin Feng first who would then gift them to Tang You You.

“You You, take those gloves.” Lin Feng said while giving the gloves to Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi’s idea wasn’t bad. 

Tang You You was surprised. She first looked at Lin Feng then at Jun Mo Xi and smiled in a resplendent way. She didn’t say anything to be polite and immediately took the gloves. She felt gratified to be associated with people like Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi and the others, she felt naturally free around them. Lin Feng and the others cared more about her than precious items, gifting her the gloves was only natural. 

“Lin Feng, we discovered a secret in the underground palace.” Yun Fei Yang was smiling at Lin Feng.

“What secret?” 

“The world we were transported to really is a part of the Great Emperor’s world and it also contains his grave!” said Yun Fei Yang. The legends were true, the world was the Great Emperor’s grave.

“From the moment we came in, we keep seeing corpses everywhere. Those who had died immediately weren’t able to escape. A great war occurred between two emperors.” Yun Fei Yang added. Lin Feng was captivated, a war between two emperors? How terrifying.

“That world belongs to a great emperor who was unprecedentedly strong. His slaves are of the Tian Qi layer and many Zun cultivators obey him. Amongst those Zun cultivators, there are four who are the strongest and reside in four different places. The territories surrounding the palaces are under their control. Jun Mo Xi and I entered one of those four palaces, these treasures must have belonged to one of the four Zun cultivators.”

“Four strongest Zun cultivators…” Lin Feng looked captivated. No wonder those precious items were so powerful. That explained everything, those treasures belonged to an extremely strong Zun cultivator.

“The last words of the ancestors are carved in the palace. The emperor to whom that world belongs had offended a demonic emperor. The latter chased the former to kill him. The emperor had no choice, no way to escape, so he entered a territory without doors to run away and even prepared his coffin. He knew that everybody would die. The Zun cultivators also knew so they carved their last words in stone before dying.” Yun Fei Yang explained.

How terrifying. The great emperor was a monster cultivator, he could be counted as one of the strongest cultivators in the world. But surprisingly, he was no match for this other supreme existence. He decided to die in a glorious place to rest in peace and protect his honor. 

“That demonic emperor must have been terrifyingly strong…” whispered Lin Feng.

What an incredible event. Lin Feng could almost imagine the scene, the demonic emperor chasing those cultivators in that world.

“I wonder how strong the demonic cultivator was… being able to chase the great emperor and forcing him to prepare his own grave.” said Yun Fei Yang while smiling wryly and shaking his head. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were just as surprised.

“Okay, where is the Zun cultivator’s coffin?” asked Lin Feng. 

Yun Fei Yang shook his head, “Before dying, the Zun cultivators used a magic skill to make their coffins, nobody knows where they are. It won’t be easy at all to find them, otherwise, those who had come before us would have found them already.”

“But…” said Yun Fei Yang before continuing, “According to the Zun cultivator’s last words, he was one of the four strongest Zun cultivators, the three other Zun cultivators’ underground palaces are also in that world, situated at three other cardinal points. Those four palaces are the best places in this world to find treasures.”

“What you mean is…” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling with sharp lights.

“Four Zun cultivators in four different locations, this palace was one of them… They found three incredible treasures here, if we could find the other three we could find other great items and learn more about those Zun cultivators.” said Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng looked captivated. Indeed, if they could find the three other palaces, even if they didn’t find the great emperor’s grave, their trip would be an overwhelming success. Of course, if they could find the emperor’s grave, that would be even better.

Lin Feng was very curious to know more about their story, the emperor’s coffin and the demonic emperor!

Lin Feng and the others didn’t know, at that very moment, the second underground palace had already been found by others. A great battle took place and many people had already died. The one who found the Zun cultivator’s grave had fought Lin Feng before. Besides, they had also obtained a precious item. They could kill people without spilling blood. Those who saw the item wanted it, but nobody managed to steal it from them. 

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