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PMG Chapter 793: The Evil Gourd

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 793: The Evil Gourd

A gloomy and deadly Qi was floating in the air around the ruins. Many people surrounded the ruins and stared at the person above them.

His face resembled jade, he looked like an extraordinary fighter. However, coupled with those shiny eyes, one could see a gloomy and ice-cold smile on his face. He looked back at the crowd, exerting that gloomy and scary Qi. 

What scared everyone the most was the item he held in his hands, it was a gourd. A gloomy Qi which contained deadly energy was burning above the gourd. So many had already died because of that gourd.

“Duan Wu Ya, we’re lucky to have you with us at East Sea Dragon Palace, did you find more than one treasure? Apart from the gourd, you must have found other treasures which you could share with us. We can help you fight off the rest of them.”

“We’re in the mysterious world where you can only rely on yourself, what I find is mine. If you want my items, come and take them. If you are strong enough, I don’t mind giving you them.” said Duan Wu Ya while smiling in an indifferent way, but his voice sounded extremely cold which made it obvious that he didn’t have good intentions. Duan Wu ya was extremely strong and had obtained, on top of that, a terrifying gourd. Almost nobody came close to him anymore.

“So, do you want my items or not? If not, I will take my leave.” said Duan Wu Ya, still smiling. Could they let Duan Wu Ya leave just like that and do nothing?

“Die!” someone said at that moment. They suddenly appeared behind Duan Wu Ya to strike him in the back.

Duan Wu Ya glanced at the person behind him without much care. A gloomy Qi surrounded his body and enveloped him. A gloomy cloud appeared and floated in the wind. The attacker punched the cloud, and very quickly, the cloud surrounded his body as a horrible shriek sounded in the air. That person’s body was crushed and devoured, there wasn’t a single drop of blood spilt.

“How brutal.” thought the crowd. Duan Wu Ya was extremely brutal, what a way to kill someone!

“If you want to die, I will help you.” said Duan Wu Ya to the rest of the crowd. He put his fingers on the gourd and a terrifying gray cloud appeared and floated towards some people. Soon as it touched them, they died. 

“How scary.” thought the crowd again.

“Anyone else want to try?” Duan Wu Ya grew tired of this. Those who remained were silent and were stiff from fear.

“So if nobody else wants the treasure, then I’m off.” said Duan Wu Ya, smiling this time. He disappeared in a flash.

“I found a Zun cultivator’s underground palace and obtained very valuable items where the dead Qi was thickest. The three other underground palaces must also be surrounded by this gloomy Qi.” thought Duan Wu Ya. When it came to sensing gloomy Qi and dead Qi, his senses were very developed, otherwise, he wouldn’t have discovered the place where one of the Zun cultivator’s rotting body was buried.

He was shivering with pleasure from what he just gained, imagining himself discovering the three others.

After Duan Wu Ya left, Yu Tian Ji arrived. 

He glanced at someone and asked, “What happened here?”

That person glanced at Yu Tian Ji and smiled, “Someone found several extremely powerful treasures and then left. If you want to steal them, you can go and chase him.”

Yu Tian Ji remained silent and smiled. He knew that his interlocutor didn’t harbor good intentions but he didn’t care, he was focused on those ruins.

He made a step forward and condensed some pure Qi. It almost seemed like his body was made of pure Qi as he moved towards the ruins. Surrounded by stars, Yu Tian Ji penetrated into the ruins. 

The crowd was surprised by Yu Tian Ji, he had surprisingly entered the ruins.

“Eh?” People decided to follow Yu Tian Ji into the ruins. They were wondering what they could find in those underground ruins.

After a short while, they only saw Yu Tian Ji come fly out from the ground like a rocket. The others who followed him down never appeared again.

Yu Tian Ji rose up in the air, his eyes were twinkling, the Qi in the caves was very potent. If he hadn’t been able to use the power of the stars, he would have ended up like the others, swallowed and never able to see the light of day. It seemed like the one who obtained the treasures from that underground palace was an extraordinary cultivator, they managed to survive as well.  

Yu Tian Ji looked down again and sighed. Those who had followed him into the caves were probably already dead. 

Yu Tian Ji raised his hands and starlights began twinkling. Seven dazzling stars appeared and started shining brightly in two directions, downwards and towards the direction where Jun Mo Xi and the others had just found their treasures.

The five other stars were revolving slowly, their lights seemed obstructed by the others. After a while, the five stars started shining in five other directions, making Yu Tian Ji sigh. 

“If I could find the third palace, I could easily find the fourth one as well.” whispered Yu Tian Ji while jumping forwards and disappearing. He was following the direction indicated by one of the starlights, there was a chance that it would be the third palace.

After Yu Tian Ji left, many other people arrived, including Lin Feng and his friends.

“What a thick gloomy Qi.” whispered Lin Feng. The gloomy Qi was quite dense. A battle had just taken place and it seemed like many had died.

“I can sense the same Qi, maybe this is the third palace.” said Yun Fei Yang. He was looking at the ruins and said: “So many people have come to this mysterious world in the last couple hundred years, couldn’t they find these ruins before us?”

“In the darkness, there are many things. It might be that the great emperor wants to come back to life after thousands of years or maybe this time, our fate is to receive his instructions.” whispered Jun Mo Xi. After great catastrophes, some empires became negligible for hundreds of years. In the cultivation world, many things are mysterious and unexplainable. Sometimes empires lack geniuses, sometimes they are filled with truly amazing, all-conquering geniuses. Fate is determined by a myriad of factors.

“Indeed, maybe the great emperor will come back to life.” said Huang Fu Long while giggling foolishly. Lin Feng sounded reluctant, “I hope that it’s true. Let’s go and see the other two places.”

The four of them rose up in the sky. They had already found two of four underground palaces. So the two remaining palaces had to be in opposite locations. 

The Zun cultivators’ stories quickly spread around and almost all of those who had come the mysterious world knew about them. Even though some didn’t know about those stories beforehand, they still found other palaces with crystals that helped their cultivation and deepen their knowledge about intent. Some of them found crystals that taught them things about abstruse energies, but the hid their findings from everyone else.

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