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PMG Chapter 794: Boundless Blood Pool

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 794: Boundless Blood Pool

A wave of people flew to the east. At that moment, Yu Tian Ji was in the middle of a golden desert. There were round and twinkling stars in his hands which guided him along.

Yu Tian Ji had an enigmatic power, his inner strength could work in concert with the stars, enabling him to practice some rare skills. Among which he could imitate other people’s skills and abilities, which was why others found him so enigmatic and omniscient.

However, he was the only one who understood that only genuine star Qi could enable him to become omniscient. In the dark he still had to rely on the stars to guide him. He was far from being able to do that on his own.

In that vast and boundless desert, the ground was burnt by sunlight. A hot energy seemed to bless this land. There were no ruins and no corpses. It didn’t seem like there could be anything interesting there. However, Yu Tian Ji had come and took the possibility very seriously. He was using the power of the stars to sense his surroundings. There had to be something in that area.

“Eh?” At that moment, a gray silhouette appeared. That person looked skinny and was surrounded by a cold Qi. 

“Is it him?” thought Yu Tian Ji, the one who had found the treasures in the ruins before him.

It seemed like that person had also sensed someone else was in that desert. He turned his head, his smile only held bad intentions. That smile made Yu Tian Ji shiver, it looked warm yet piercing to the bones.

“He is very dangerous, I need to be careful.” thought Yu Tian Ji. He conjured some star energy flow around him. It seemed like those starlights could let him to see through that person who smiled and said, “You also came here to find treasure?”

“That’s right.” said Yu Tian Ji while nodding and moving on.

“Not bad, you sensed it as well. I think there are some incredible treasures underground, you should try and make them appear.” he said while moving forwards as well. Yu Tian Ji smiled coldly, that person was asking him to find the treasures, but if he really found something he would be killed and robbed.

“You should try too.” Yu Tian Ji tried to look detached. He continued to make star energy revolve around him. He was confident that if he found a treasure, that other guy wouldn’t be able to take it away from him. 

“Two morons. Surprisingly you two think that you can find the treasures buried in the desert.” someone else said mockingly while flying above them.

Yu Tuan Ji ignored them but Duan Wu Ya raised his head and looked at them with his piercing smile, making them feel cold.

The desert was dry, desolate and there were no clouds in the sky. Many people skipped passed them because of the dreariness. A majority didn’t believe there could be anything interesting in the desert. They believed the palaces could only be found where a thick Qi and many corpses resided. They focused on searching visible and large palaces. 

Lin Feng and the other four continued eastwards. At that moment, they also arrived in the middle of a desert.

“How hot… Did we go in the wrong direction? It’s surprising that we ended up in a desert.” whispered Yun Fei Yang. The temperature in the desert was higher than the other places they searched.

“I like it when things are beyond our expectations.” said Lin Feng in an indifferent way.

“Why do I feel so excited?” asked Huang Fu Long. They were looking at Huang Fu Long in a strange way, excited? He’s in the desert and surprisingly, he’s feeling excited?

“Why do you feel that way? Can you sense or feel something?” Lin Feng took Huang Fu Long seriously. 

“Let’s go down.” said Huang Fu Long whose eyes looked increasingly shinier.

The others looked at Huang Fu Long land on the ground, they glanced at each other with surprise, had he really sensed something?

“So?” said Lin Feng. 

“I can sense it more and more, it’s so intense. My blood is boiling.” said Huang Fu Long whose eyes were twinkling in a strange way. He was having a very strange reaction in the middle of the desert as if he Mother Earth had called out to him. His heart was pounding and an intense blood Qi was emerging out of his body.

The other kept staring at each other. They would have never thought that Huang Fu Long would sense something. Was the Zun cultivator’s underground palace really in that desert?

Their silhouettes shifted as they followed Huang Fu Long. After a while, Huang Fu Long finally stopped. At that moment, it seemed like his blood was going to explode. His face was completely red as an intense blood strength flowed through his veins. 

“The feeling is immense, it must be here.” said Huang Fu Long while suddenly jumping up in the air. He cannonballed at the ground like a rocket. A loud explosion sounded as sand splashed up in the air. Huang Fu Long looked like a madman, his entire body was entirely buried in the ground. 

“ARGH!” A loud roar spread in the air, it was Huang Fu Long’s voice. The ground started shaking. Lin Feng and the others could only hear cracking and rumbling sounds, it seemed like something was being broken. 

“BOOM!” The sand of the desert started rolling in waves towards the sky. The entire atmosphere was filled with sand. After that a gigantic crater appeared where Huang Fu Long landed. Some light emitted by blood Qi dashed to the skies.

“Blood Qi, an extremely powerful one.” Lin Feng and the others arrived near the crater and looked inside. There was a pool of blood from which a monstrous strength was soaring.

“He really found it.” Lin Feng was astonished. Huang Fu Long was right. He had really found it. That blood energy was incredibly powerful.

Zun cultivators could condense blood Qi and turn it into an extremely powerful strength, capable of passing from generation to generation. The Zun cultivators under the great emperor were monstrously strong, especially those four. They could use their blood energy and turn it into a blood pool. However, Zun cultivators rarely did that. What was the point in doing that after dying?

For whatever reason, that Zun cultivator did it.

The blood was extremely hot and seemed to be boiling. Lin Feng and the others understood why it was so hot in the desert. That blood energy had a strong influence on the ecosystem.

The four of them looked at each others and seemed to have the same thought. Without saying anything, their silhouettes dashed as they immediately appeared above the blood pool, protecting it. 

Since Huang Fu Long’s blood was compatible with the blood, he could take control of it. With such an incredible energy emerging out from it, others were bound to come. 

It wasn’t long before someone came by, it was Yu Tian Ji. They didn’t expect him to come along first.

Yu Tian Ji was also surprised, was he dreaming? Lin Feng and his friends were the ones to discover the treasure again!

“What’s going on?” asked Yu Tian Ji, looking at the blood pool.

“Huang Fu Long found it, he’s investigating the blood energy.” said Lin Feng. “Yu Tian Ji, protect Huang Fu Long.”

Yu Tian Ji’s eyes were twinkling. Immediately, he nodded and said, “Alright.”

Yu Tian Ji jumped forwards and joined Lin Feng and the others. He stared at Huang Fu Long, Tian Xuan scored again, were they going to rise?

“I hope that Tian Chi will be victorious this time.” said Yu Tian Ji while looking up at the sky, as if he was trying to see through the stars.

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