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PMG Chapter 796: Monstrous Huang Fu Long

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PMG Chapter 796: Monstrous Huang Fu Long

As expected, Lin Feng could kill someone in a flash with his sword. That somehow made people wake up from their dreams. What a terrifying sword. They were trying to think if they would have been able to resist Lin Feng’s attack a moment before?

Many realized that they couldn’t escape such an attack. That sword contained level six sword intent and was as fast as thunder. If their own intent wasn’t at least level four or five or if they didn’t have incredible magical powers, they wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack. Even though they were all real geniuses, not all of them had the strength of level four or five intent, let alone six.

Lin Feng had already surpassed them by far. His strength was simply terrifying.

Even though they were surprised and scared of Lin Feng, it was difficult for them to give up on the treasure in front of them.

It seemed like the blood of the pool was boiling. Blood Qi dashed to the skies, but Lin Feng and the others released a majestic Qi in every direction to curb any reckless thoughts.

Half a day passed like that. The crowd continued to grow. Some people weren’t able to control themselves and attacked. Some had gathered in large groups of ten to twenty people but in three seconds, they had been slaughtered by Lin Feng.

His blood sword was extremely powerful. One attack could kill ten people. He could even swallow their blood and purified his.

Jun Mo Xi’s golden lights would streak through the sky and blood would splash everywhere.

Yun Fei Yang’s ancient bell could oppress people in his surroundings and then destroy them. 

Yu Tian Ji’s seven stars were also terrifying and seemed indestructible.

There was also that girl who looked febrile. But her agility techniques were incredible, coupled with her golden gloves, she could take lives with her punches.

Those five were extremely powerful. Nobody left dared to attack anymore, especially after realizing that amongst those five, three had precious weapons in their possession.

“He’s really enjoying the blood pool.” said Yun Fei Yang, looking down at the blood pool. The fact that Huang Fu Long already spent so much time bathing in it proved that how beneficial it was to him.

Things quickly became dark. The blood energy in the atmosphere was becoming more intense. It still seemed to be boiling but in an even scarier way, gigantic waves rolled in the pool.

“Argh!” A loud shout resounded along with rumbling sounds. Everybody looked at the blood pool and saw a silhouette dashing to the skies.

He was surrounded by golden lights and seemed to be filled with a boundless strength. His golden hair seemed to reflect the sun, that bright energy looked dazzling. 

What astonished people the most was that, at that moment, a real dragon was curled up on him. It was singing the chant of the dragons.

He had a gigantic golden axe in his hands with a dragon carving on it. It looked alive as if a real dragon resided in it. That dragon axe seemed like it could pierce through to the vault of heaven. 

“Is that Huang Fu Long?” asked Lin Feng while smiling. Huang Fu Long looked like a dragon, his strength and power seemed matchless. He looked like a peerless warlord able to defeat the deities with his dragon axe.

“Hehe, one of my ancestors died here!” said Huang Fu Long, leaving Lin Feng speechless. Was that Zun cultivator really one of Huang Fu Long’s ancestors?

“Lin Feng, I was right. No wonder my feelings were so intense. The one who died here had the same blood spirit as me. It has to be one of my ancestors.” Huang Fu Long was giggling. That would explain why Huang Fu Long suddenly felt so strange.

The Zun cultivator’s blood turned into a blood spirit and he then sealed it underground in the desert. Ordinary people couldn’t find the pool because they didn’t have the same blood spirit. Not only did his spirit become stronger, he acquired that axe..

“Don’t you know anything about your ancestors?” joked Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long had achieved so much and was so strong, could it be that he knew nothing about his family history?

“Hehe, no, I have no idea. Since childhood, my only dream has always been to marry a beautiful woman, the pure woman of Tian Chi. I’ve become less ambitious recently, it seems..” Huang Fu Long was scratching his head. Even though he talked about it freely, Lin Feng had the feeling that Huang Fu Long was bitter about it still.

“Your wife will definitely be more outstanding than Tian Chi Xue.” smiled Lin Feng. 

Huang Fu Long nodded and giggled, “I think so too.”

In the middle of the crowd, a white silhouette raised their head and seemingly looked like an all-conquering warlord in the sky. That white silhouette was precisely Tian Chi Xue. The expression in her eyes looked complex. She used to despise Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long, her behavior was particularly detestable when Huang Fu Long was courting her. She thought that Huang Fu Long wasn’t good enough for her. She never thought that Lin Feng, Huang Fu Long and the others would quickly obtain the same status as Yu Tian Ji. Although she was the holy woman of Tian Chi, she was the one looking up at them.

Her heart was filled with remorse and bitterness. Maybe that moronic Huang Fu Long would become a warlord and conquer the world with his dragon axe.

“Lin Feng, the energy from that blood pool is extremely thick and rich, I wasn’t able to finish absorbing it. You should get inside and absorb some as well.” said Huang Fu Long smiling. Lin Feng became excited! Indeed, the pool created by the Zun cultivator was too powerful for Huang Fu Long, it was no surprise that he was unable to absorb it entirely with his cultivation level.

Lin Feng looked at the others when Huang Fu Long said, “Don’t worry, go in first and the others will later have the opportunity to absorb the energy until the pool dries.”

“Okay.” said Lin Feng nodding. Everyone else nodded so Lin Feng jumped in

A scorching hot Qi assaulted his body, Lin Feng felt like he was bathing in a sea of needles.

“Argh!” The dragon chant started resonating from the pool. Everybody became confused, what was going on? Why was the chant of the dragon with Lin Feng as well?

“He also has a dragon spirit!” Huang Fu Long realized with a bright smile. He then glanced at the crowd with his axe on his shoulders and shouted furiously, “What are you all looking at? You all all should piss off quickly!” 

The crowd stared at Huang Fu Long, that bastard! After letting Lin Feng get in, he told them to piss off.

“Argh, daddy is majestic and all-conquering!” said Huang Fu Long while carrying the dragon axe on his shoulder and slowly walking forwards. He touched the tip of his axe with his other hand and said coldly, “Everybody retreat at least five kilometers, otherwise I won’t act polite anymore.”

Many people looked gloom and remained silent. One of them said, “Your Excellency, don’t be cruel. We’re not trying to steal anything, can we not watch?”

“Argh!” Huang Fu Long took a deep breath and lifted the axe from his shoulder, “If you didn’t intend to steal anything, why would you stay here and waste your time watching? If my friends weren’t extremely strong, you would have attacked me earlier. Since it’s that way, I won’t be magnanimous anymore.”

“I will start with you, let’s see how powerful this dragon axe is.” said Huang Fu Long. Crackling sounds spread out of his forearm as his axe streaked through the sky, leaving a trail behind him.

“Argh!” His dragon chant made people’s heart throb. The crowd only saw a terrifying light, the atmosphere was filled with a golden light which shot out at the crowd. A real dragon was chanting with fury in that golden light. The axe crashed into that person, reducing them to ashes. They didn’t even have time to shout. 

“You’re still here?!” said Huang Fu Long to the rest of the crowd, brandishing his axe. He looked extremely brutal.

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