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PMG Chapter 798: Great Battle

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 798: Great Battle

A large battle was starting. The entire atmosphere was filled with rumbling and whistling energies. Apart from Yun Fei Yang, all seven people were fighting with incredible strengths.

Huang Feng’s Qi was very powerful, he looked like a brutal king, majestic and domineering with great skills and abilities.

Jun Mo Xi’s Qi was righteous. Even though his skills and abilities weren’t as skilled as his opponent’s, they still didn’t dare to attack him directly. They both looked majestic and proud.

Ao Jiao and Huang Fu Long’s punches could disintegrate boulders. One was the son of a king, wearing that famous golden-purple robe, possessing a flood dragon blood spirit skills to control dragons. He was so strong that he could destroy mountains and oceans, nobody could resist his power. However, Huang Fu Long didn’t fear him, he also had a dragon spirit and bathed in the blood pool, his Qi was vigorous and powerful. His dragon axe seemed capable of shaking the entire universe. 

Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao were still fighting against Lin Feng together. Firmament intent invaded the entire atmosphere and oppressed Lin Feng to the extent that his Sword Qi broke.

The scariest part was Duan Wu Dao was also releasing some terrifying sealing intent. Lin Feng had no choice but to use his full power. Those two coupled with each other were strong Lin Feng, to the extent that his level six sword intent couldn’t hold up.

“It seems like you didn’t waste your time in the last three months.” Lin Feng said in a cold and detached way. After getting hit by one of their attacks, he was propelled backwards. Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao, one had joined the East Sea Dragon Palace and the other one the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan. They had access to a world-class education and could progress with incredible speeds in terms of cultivation. They were much stronger than they were at the Great Competition, their intent had leveled up and they had learnt and improved their skills.

“Neither have you.” said Di Ling coldly. He then shouted furiously, “Firmament!”

More whistling sounds spread in the air as the pressure became immense, oppressing Lin Feng. It seemed like the entire sky was falling onto him and would crush him.

Lin Feng raised his head and absorbed sunlight into his body. In a flash, a bright fire ignited all around him.

Demon strength possessed him as lights were flashing all around him. Lin Feng had also bathed in the blood pool, his muscles and blood vessels were much stronger than before.

Lin Feng raised his hands and started punching the oppressive energy in the sky with a strength capable of shifting the clouds.

“Brutal king punches!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. It seemed like a million kilos were falling down onto Lin Feng now. At the same time, Duan Wu Dao shook his other hand and shot out seal energy towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng became motionless. The terrifying heaven pressure coupled with the sealed doors intent seemed like heaven and Earth were turning upside down.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng joined his hands again and fire began burning in his muscles and blood vessels. Duan Wu Dao’s king punches were swiftly destroyed, causing him to groan. A terrifying majestic Qi started flowing in the veins of his forearms. 

“Nine Imperial Bursts!” Duan Wu Dao started punching Lin Feng again. Crackling sounds continued spreading in the air, again oppressing Lin Feng’s forearms this time.

“Eh?” Lin Feng hadn’t seen this technique before, nine marks appeared on his forearms which seemed like they were going to burst. After the seventh mark finished appearing clearly, it felt like his bones going to shatter.

Lin Feng circulated demon strength to flow in his forearms as crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng’s arm was safe now, it seemed.

Lin Feng’s facial expression looked ice-cold as he used his other hand to carry out an attack. A gigantic demon hand appeared above Duan Wu Dao and attacked. It seemed like Duan Wu Dao was going to be crushed like an insect. 

Duan Wu Dao didn’t panic, he moved his arm back as an imperial Qi vibrated in the air above him. Duan Wu Dao used both of his hands to assault Lin Feng’s black hand. However, what seemed like a boundless sword light surprised him with incredible speeds.


“Boom boom boom!” Duan Wu Dao’s pupils were opened wide, his sealed doors appeared again to seal Lin Feng’s sword energies, at the same time, a sealed door shot out at Lin Feng. 

“Haha, are you serious?” laughed Lin Feng. He released level six sword intent and assaulted the sealed door directed at him again and again. He also continued to punch the atmosphere, Lin Feng was attacking so quickly that afterimages of punches could be seen.

“Kacha! Kacha!” The sealed door disintegrated and Lin Feng condensed his sword Qi. His entire body started burning and concentrating as well.

“How scary.” thought Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao when they sensed the power of that sword. Their hearts were pounding. At that moment, the vault heaven seemed like it was going to crash onto Lin Feng’s head. Di Ling was using his firmament intent mercilessly.

“Die!” shouted Di Ling furiously. The pressure was so intense that it seemed like the Earth and sky were turning upside down.

“Piss off!” roared Lin Feng furiously. Waves of deadly Qi rolled in the atmosphere at Di Ling, who then roared back. Firmament intent continued to bombard assault Lin Feng.

“Slash!” Sword Qi streaked across the sky, then Lin Feng had seemingly disappeared. His all-conquering sword cut-through the sealed doors, one after the other, leaving them disintegrate.

“Die!” Lin Feng voice sounded furiously. He wanted to kill Duan Wu Dao with this strike. His sword seemed indestructible and unstoppable, the sealed doors were all destroyed.

“Boom boom boom!” Di Ling carried out another attack as the entire atmosphere trembled, but Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore.

Duan Wu Dao suddenly looked deathly pale. Lin Feng had fused together with his sword and destroyed his sealed doors spirit. To Duan Wu Dao, it all happened too quickly, he was unable to avoid the attack.

“Kacha!” A sound spread in the air as if something broke. In a flash, Duan Wu Dao was surrounded by an incredible imperial Qi. Lin Feng became a sharp sword and assaulted Duan Wu Dao, dividing the imperial Qi with each attack.

“Die!” shouted Duan Wu Dao, using more imperial Qi. He couldn’t believe that fighting Lin Feng would be so difficult, especially with Di Ling’s help. He already exhausted all of his skills. 

Lin Feng’s progress was terrifying. Duan Wu Dao felt that the gap between them widening still.

“Die!” Di Ling had almost arrived now, approaching from behind Lin Feng, and assaulting him with a punch.

“Bzzzz……” A bell resonated. A gigantic ancient bell appeared in the sky diffusing strange lights. Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao suddenly felt paralyzed, as if they had fallen into quicksand.

Lin Feng abruptly turned around and his blood sword whistled furiously. Blood splashed everywhere as Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling were propelled backward.

“Bzzzz!” Another buzzing sound was emitted by Yun Fei Yang’s ancient bell. Yun Fei Yang was targeting Di Ling.

Di Ling managed to punch through the ancient bell but he spat out a mouthful of blood when his hand connected. Duan Wu Dao’s abdomen was also covered with blood, he was injured by Lin Feng’s sword.

Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling retreated some and condensed pure Qi to heal their injuries. Meanwhile, they stared at Lin Feng. 

“Bzzzzz….” the ancient bell resonated again and sound waves shot out towards Ao Jiao. At the same time, Huang Fu Long shouted furiously, like a real dragon. His axe cut the atmosphere, Ao Jiao was numb from their previous exchanges and couldn’t avoid the attack. In a flash, the axe cut through some of his muscles.

Huang Feng was struggling as well. Jun Mo Xi was as strong as him but the ancient bell influenced their battle.

All of them were more or less injured, unable to steal any treasure. Their facial expressions all looked hideous. They were so strong and dignified, but weren’t able to defeat these few people.

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