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PMG Chapter 799: Healing Pill

PMG Chapter 799: Healing Pill

Duan Wu Dao’s injuries were the most serious, his sealed door spirit was cut in half by Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s facial expression looked ice-cold now, he used the nine winds technique and threw his clones at Duan Wu Dao. 

“Eh?” Di Ling looked at Duan Wu Dao but didn’t help him. He was a member of the East Sea Dragon Palace and Duan Wu Dao joined Jade Heaven. The only thing they had in common was Lin Feng. At other times, Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling were enemies.

A terrifying firmament intent invaded the atmosphere. Di Ling condensed as much intent as he could. If Lin Feng attacked Duan Wu Dao, then Di Ling could also use his strongest attack against Lin Feng. How great would it be if Lin Feng and Duan Wu Dao would die together! 

“Don’t worry, just focus!” shouted Yun Fei Yang. Di Ling was too sly, Yun Fei Yang wouldn’t allow him to use Duan Wu Dao as bait. 

“Bzzzzz!” The ancient bell resonated and its sound waves rolled towards Di Ling. The gigantic bell was moving with incredible speed. Again, Di Ling felt paralyzed. 

“Now I’m your opponent.” said Yun Fei Yang while running towards Di Ling, his clothes were fluttering in the wind. He borrowed the force of the Earth and fused it with the ancient bell, making it resonate even louder. Di Ling thought the Earth and sky were collapsing. He wanted to go attack Lin Feng from behind, but now he couldn’t.

“He became strong as well.” thought Di Ling, pulling a long face. Back then, Yun Fei Yang wasn’t that weak, ending in the ten top best cultivators of the Great Competition. But he was still far from matching Di Ling’s strength. Yun Fei Yang became stronger, coupled with the power of the ancient bell, he could hold his own against Di Ling, even though he received instructions from the outstanding teachers at the East Sea Dragon Palace.

Amongst the ten top cultivators of the Great Competition, everyone had seemingly made significant progress. 

Duan Wu Dao was now being assaulted by the nine clones. He couldn’t see where the actual Lin Feng was. He already used all his skills, now he could only rely on his own physical strength to resist Lin Feng. 

“Seal!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously, releasing terrifying sealed door intent, hoping to seal Lin Feng’s clones. 

“Boom boom kacha!” The clones’ hands moved, attacking the sealed door intent and cracking it. At the same time, a terrifying sword Qi launched at Duan Wu Dao.

“Argh!” Duan Wu Dao roared loudly, an infinite amount of imperial Qi surrounded him. The Earth and sky shook as if a million beasts were rampaging.

“Could the emblematic beast of Jade Heaven be the qilin…?” thought Lin Feng. Fearlessly, Lin Feng’s sword intent turned into a myriad of terrifying rays of light, all darting towards Duan Wu Dao and piercing through the imperial Qi and lacerating the kylins.

“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng punched the atmosphere in Duan Wu Dao’s direction making him groan furiously. Blood was splashing everywhere. If Lin Feng’s punches reached him, he would die. 

“Go back!” In a flash, some punches crossed the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. The kylins were roaring furiously, they wanted to devour Lin Feng.

Those punches were terrifying and filled with deadly energies. Lin Feng didn’t have time to carry out another attack so he moved like the wind, disappearing from where he was. Huang Feng and Duan Wu Dao’s facial expressions looked hideous, they were standing close to each other and staring at Lin Feng and his friends.

He thought that it would be easy to steal Jun Mo Xi’s golden robe but it didn’t turn out his way. The fight itself was monstrously difficult. Huang Feng and the others had turned out to be weaker than Lin Feng and his friends. Lin Feng alone was able to cope with Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao. Jun Mo Xi could deal with Huang Feng. Huang Fu Long was able to cope with Ao Jiao..

Ao Jiao and Huang Fu Long stopped fighting, it looked like they wouldn’t be able to steal the treasures this time. 

“My friends, I have a healing pill here that we can share.” said Lin Feng. Flames started burning around his body and subtle sounds spread in the air. His sword Qi was increasingly powerful, Lin Feng’s body was entirely surrounded by whistling sword and fire energy.

The young leaders of Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace as well as Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling wished they could have benefitted from it. 

Lin Feng’s friends wanted to know what he was planning when they sensed all that energy. They looked excited, their eyes were twinkling. Those bastards had come to steal their treasures and lost completely. Plus, Lin Feng had a healing pill so they had nothing to fear.

“Hehe, let me join in!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. A dragon appeared from his body and rose up. A terrifying energy shot out from the dragon axe, it seemed like it could destroy the entire world.
Jun Mo Xi’s energy of righteousness invaded the sky, his terrifying pure Qi was reflecting on his golden robe out from which an incredibly dazzling light emerged.

“I’ll go first.” said Yun Fei Yang, laughing out loud. He jumped forwards and the force of the Earth started rolling in waves. It seemed like mother Earth was furious, the force was rolling like a tsunami. His pure Qi continued crashing onto his bell which kept releasing terrifying energies. 


The ancient bell had invaded the entire atmosphere and the sound waves it emitted made the entire area vibrate. The energies were so powerful that the four enemies felt like suffocating.

“I’m second!” said Jun Mo Xi with a more serious tone. A million golden rays of light streaked across the sky at the four enemies.




The four enemies’ facial expressions looked hideous. The firmament and sealed door energies invaded the atmosphere. A flood dragon from Ao Jiao’s body, Huang Feng continued releasing monumental amounts of imperial Qi which collided with the golden Qi, emitting crackling sounds. Blood splashed everywhere. 

“Die!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. The golden lights hadn’t disappeared yet as Huang Fu Long jumped up in the sky and released an extremely brutal strength which he condensed into his dragon axe. His real dragon kept roaring loudly as his terrifying axe and the real dragon plummeted towards the enemies. 

“Boom boom boom….”

The four merciless enemies’ energies crashed into the real dragon and the gigantic dragon axe.

To the side, the light from a black lotus appeared. 

Lin Feng condensed all his pure Qi into that black lotus, and at the same time, released all his sword Qi. Instantly, the entire world was invaded by death and void.

“Aahhhhh!” Huang Feng had no choice, he needed to protect himself. In a flash, terrifying waves of imperial Qi appeared in front of him. Ao Jiao spat out a small dragon image which turned into a dragon to block the attacks.

The black lotus was going to swallow them as the atmosphere was filled with black flames. Duan Wu Dao hid behind Huang Feng, they were all turning black from the glow of the fire.

Di Ling was in the worst position, he initially wanted to block the black lotus with his firmament energies but Huang Fu Long’s axe destroyed it, then the black lotus fell on him. His forearm burnt and fell off.

In the middle of the fire, two pitch-black pupils appeared. Lin Feng appeared in front of the four enemies, their hearts pounded painfully.

“Let’s go!” Ao Jiao turned into a flood dragon and used all his strength to escape. Huang Feng used all of his imperial Qi to block the attacks while Duan Wu Dao followed suit as well. Di Ling wasn’t not able to retreat, Lin Feng blocked him with a punch. 

“Even if you joined the East Sea Dragon Palace, I will kill you.” said Lin Feng. A hand filled with deadly energies crashed onto Di Ling’s, cracking it wide open. Di Ling finally died!

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