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PMG Chapter 80: The Sword Force

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Mo Xie looked at Lin Feng with an ice cold look which was filled with killing intent. This brat really didn’t know anything about power and status. Did he think that just because he was a genius that he could get Mo Xie into trouble?

“That is ridiculous.” said Mo Xie firmly.

“Patriarch, Duan Tian Lang and the others are here to watch our Elite Disciple Exam. We should continue without delays.”

Mo Cang Lan had been sitting there all along and finally opened his mouth. His eyes had a certain chill emanating from them. He remained silent about the events as the situation was still not clear to him. Protector Bei had tried to kill Mo Xie? He was furious? After all the years that he had spent in the Yun Hai Sect, Protector Bei had tried to kill Mo Cang Lan’s son because of this disciple?

Could it be that Nan Gong Ling wanted Mo Xie to kneel down and admit his faults in front of everyone that was present just because of that young disciple?

When Nan Gong Ling heard Mo Cang Lan, he could not help but continue to smile wryly. If Mo Cang Lan hadn’t been there, maybe that Nan Gong Ling would have punished Mo Xie but Nan Gong Ling had joined the Yun Hai Sect after Mo Cang Lan. Mo Cang Lan was a senior member of the Yun Hai Sect. Nan Gong Ling could penalize Mo Xie to make Lin Feng feel better but he wouldn’t dare to interfere with Mo Cang Lan.

Nan Gong Ling was in a dilemma.

As a Patriarch, he really had to think and properly analyze situation. He was caught between a rock and a hard place.

“Lin Feng, let’s continue with the Elite Disciple Exam and discuss that problem later, alright?”

When Lin Feng heard Nan Gong Ling, he clearly understood that his status was still not high enough. An Elite Elder who had a father who was a Great Elder… they were more important than a junior disciple even if he was a never seen before genius. But Mo Xie needed to be punished for what he had made Lin Feng go through…
Did Lin Feng still have to submit to humiliation and keep being bullied because he was weak?

If Mo Xie didn’t get punished then he would continue to humiliate and threaten Lin Feng or even try to kill him, because he knew that Nan Gong Ling would never do anything against him because of his father.

Lin Feng shook his head. He looked more determined than ever. Even though he was weak, he was still a human being and a disciple of the sect. He deserved dignity and honor like everyone else.

Mo Xie definitely wanted to kill Lin Feng and he had tried to kill him a few times already. If Nan Gong Ling didn’t try to do what Lin Feng wanted then Lin Feng would continue to be bullied by Mo Xie and other with high status within the sect. Mo Xie would keep thinking that he could do anything without having to bear the consequences for his actions.

“Patriarch, I understand that Mo Xie’s status is high within the sect and that his father is even higher and more important, but does it mean that they can keep bullying and threatening me? Why would I stay within the Yun Hai Sect if I am to remain in constant danger?”

Lin Feng was being extremely firm on this point. Mo Xie had to be punished for his actions. There was no other alternative that Lin Feng would accept.

The atmosphere in the Stormy Gorge was completely silent. Everybody was watching the events occurring in suspense. Lin Feng or the Elite Elder Mo Xie, everyone wanted to know whom Nan Gong Ling was planning to choose.

“How stubborn.”

Many people were smiling wryly inside. Lin Feng was being so firm and determined that Nan Gong Ling had to decide then and there. How stubborn!

“This is ridiculous!”

An extremely loud voice spread throughout the atmosphere. It was an elite disciple who was also present at the current events. He was actually a ranked elite disciple and he was ranked twenty first within the power rankings.
“It’s really a bunch of nonsense, Lin Feng! Elder Mo Xie has an important status in the sect and he’s extremely strong. What do you think you can do? Mo Xie humiliated and accused a simple ordinary disciple of crimes, so what? You still dare open your filthy mouth and talk nonsense. I am really ashamed to be a member of the same sect as you. I feel dirty and humiliated.”

The young man had an ice cold tone and dared say that Lin Feng’s words were nonsense.

When Mo Xie heard that disciple speak, he had a big smile on his face and looked at that disciple with a look of approval.

“Lei Bo, there is no need to lower yourself to the same level as this foul mouthed little brat. The Patriarch is a wise man. I know that his decision will be fair and partial.”

“Elder, I obviously know that the Patriarch is a wise man but that little brat who regards himself as a genius is just too insolent. If I came across him during the Elite Disciple Exam, I would definitely kill him.”

Lei Bo said to Mo Xie. They both said that Nan Gong Ling was a wise man to flatter him, if Nan Gong Ling punished Mo Xie, then obviously this would be the actions of a fool.

“I see that Mo Xie raised many stray dogs. No wonder that he is respected by so many and allows himself to murder so many disciples of the sect.”

Lin Feng’s words were extremely sharp. He was looking at Mo Xie in a mocking way. Lei Bo had wanted to protect Mo Xie and he was about to pay the price for it.”

“What a filthy mouth.”

Mo Xie cursed at Lin Feng and glanced at Lei Bo indicating that he was happy to receive his help.

“Patriarch, I, Lei Bo, am an open minded and kindhearted person but Lin Feng has insulted and humiliated me. He called me a stray dog. He’s an animal. I would like to challenge him to a battle in the Life and Death Arena. I hope that Patriarch has no objection.

Lei Bo was furious and asked Nan Gong Ling for permission to challenge Lin Feng.

Nan Gong Ling frowned. Lei Bo was ranked twenty first and he had already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer. He was extremely powerful within the elite disciples. Even a cultivator of the second Ling Qi layer could never compete with him. Even though Lin Feng was extremely masterful when using his sword, the cultivation gap between them was gigantic. It would be too dangerous for Lin Feng to fight against him with only the first Ling Qi Layer.

When Nan Gong Ling was about to refuse, Lin Feng started speaking.

“Patriarch, I am an open minded and kindhearted person but Mo Xie humiliated and bullied me. Then this little stray doggy of his dares say I have a filthy mouth… there is no need for him to ask the Patriarch for permission to battle against me. Let’s just do it!”

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Nan Gong Ling in an indifferent way. Lin Feng was so confident with his words that Nan Gong Ling’s heart started to beat faster.

Could it be that Lin Feng had hidden his real strength?

When Nan Gong Ling thought that Lin Feng may have hidden his true strength, he became really curious to see and couldn’t help but say: “I allow you to battle.”

“Thank you, Patriarch.” said Lei Bo while looking at Nan Gong Ling, who actually seemed to be really excited. He then moved towards the central fighting stage and climbed up onto it. He was then facing Lin Feng.

“This battle is a Life and Death battle. We both need to put our lives at stake. The Patriarch said it himself. Lin Feng, today everybody will see you die like a dog.”

Lei Bo said these words in an aggressive tone as if he feared that Nan Gong Ling would go back on his words concerning the life and death battles.

Lin Feng’s words before were very aggressive. Mo Xie was unable to get out of this extremely embarrassing and awkward situation. If Lei Bo was able to kill Lin Feng then Mo Xie would take him as his personal disciples and help him improve his cultivation.

“You are very confident.”

“Of course. You just became an elite disciple. You’re just a little brat. You may have natural abilities and a high potential but in front of me, a cultivator of the third Ling Qi layer, you are just too weak. I will not even need to release my spirit to kill you.”

When Lei Bo finished talking, a strong Qi was released from his body. It was so extremely powerful that the audience could feel the pressure from him releasing it. His body started releasing sparks into the air and even the dust that approached him exploded. As he moved the sound of thunder roared from his body.

The different between a cultivator of the first and the third Ling Qi layer was colossal. Even a genius couldn’t compete with a much stronger cultivator. Even if Lin Feng had mastered sword forces, it was still impossible for him to win.
“I can tell you, my spirit is a Thunder Spirit. I am as strong as thunder itself. My attacks are extremely powerful and quick. But you will not have the honor to see me release my spirit.”
Lei Bo held his right hand up in the air. It started diffusing a dazzling light. It looked like he was using something extremely powerful.

Possessors of a Thunder Spirit could carry out extremely strong attacks. Besides, each of their attacks was incredibly swift and skillful. Lei Bo hadn’t broken through to the third Ling Qi layer for a long time and already had his name on the elite disciple ranking. He was ranked twenty first but he would soon be ranked twentieth.

“Eight Strikes of Desolation.”

Lin Feng didn’t feel like talking to Lei Bo much longer. He thrust out his hand and six powerful strikes shot toward Lei Bo.


Lei Bo smiled coldly. Lin Feng’s six strikes, at the moment when they had crashed into his thunder attack, disintegrated themselves in the blink of an eye.”


Lin Feng took a step forward and an extremely powerful sword force began to invade the entire atmosphere. The atmosphere was absorbed by the sword Qi and the sword force completely.

He thrust his hand out again and another six strikes emerged and shot towards Lei Bo.

But Lin Feng clearly knew that these attacks wouldn’t affect Lei Bo too much. He suddenly dashed forward with incredible speed and a whistling sound quickly spread throughout the air. The entire atmosphere was filled with sword Qi and sword force as if his sword was the only thing which mattered in the entire arena.

What was even scarier is that the sword force was getting more and more powerful as it absorbed the energy around it. The sword force was even stronger than what he had used to kill the other five ranked elite disciples.

An incredible force started oppressing Lei Bo’s body. Lei Bo had the feeling that he was being strangled and could hardly breathe. It was very painful as if his bones were about to be crushed from the pressure.

“Second Ling Qi layer.”

Lei Bo was stupefied and he then shouted: “You are not at the first Ling Qi layer, you are at the second Ling Qi layer!”

The entire crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng had, once again, hidden his real strength! What a monstrous power! Not so long before, there was almost nobody who knew who Lin Feng was. In a very short time, Lin Feng had repeatedly made a display of his abilities and was now at the center of everyone’s attention.

Now with his mastery of forces coupled with his strength of the second Ling Qi layer he was definitely able to compete with a cultivator of the third Ling Qi layer. No wonder he had accepted to fight against Lei Bo without hesitation.

“That young man is really a genius… and the speed at which he learns and masters skills…”

Nan Gong Ling felt like his body had gone numb. He still remembered the first time he had met Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still at the Qi layer. He was so weak. Even Lin Qian of the Hao Yue Sect could humiliate him back in those days. In such a short time, he had become so strong.

Lin Feng had broken through to the Ling Qi layer and had killed five ranked elite disciples. At this moment, he was battling against a cultivator of the third Ling Qi layer and it looked like he had a great advantage over his opponent.

“You just talk shit. You are too weak to be my opponent.”

Lin Feng started moving so fast that it looked like he had disappeared. His sword tore through Lei Bo’s clothes and Lei Bo felt an intense pain as if his flesh was being split apart piece by piece. The sword force was terrifying, it was the first time that Lei Bo felt such a strong force. He was terrified.

 shouted Lei Bo.

Thunderous roars started unceasingly spreading throughout the atmosphere and as they collided with the sword Qi they started releasing sparks. It looked like an incredible storm was being released from Lei Bo’s body.

Lin Feng thrust his palm forward.

“Eight Strikes of Desolation.”

A terrifying attack was launched from Lin Feng’s palm. His strikes were so powerful that they consumed the sky and covered the whole arena with a domineering power.

“Divine Thunder!”

Lei Bo shouted extremely loudly and suddenly an extremely powerful thunderous roar came out of his hand and started bombarding the atmosphere. The whole crowd was blinded by the sight of such a powerful attack. It seemed like the deadly power contained within that lightning was endless. In the blink of an eye, it had disappeared as it struck against Lin Feng’s eight strikes.

“Sword unsheathing.”

Lin Feng’s strikes hadn’t fully disappeared yet and his sword was already overflowing with an endless amount of sword force.

Sword Unsheathing was a skill was a skill which required the utmost speed. The quicker it was, the more explosive its power was. It was a truly terrifying attack.

Lin Feng’s sword force was extremely powerful as it pierced through the atmosphere and consumed everything in its path.

“Divine Thunder of Wrath!”

Lei Bo shouted extremely loudly and looked like his entire body was becoming a thunderstorm. Both his hands raised to strike against the atmosphere with all the power contained within a thunderstorm.


The thunders collided with the sword Qi and the sword force. A dazzling light blinded the entire crowd and a scorching heat rushed outwards from the collision. The power of the shockwave was so strong that it would sting the disciple’s skin and they couldn’t even open their eyes.

Lei Bo felt an incredibly intense and sharp pain come from his body. He would have never thought that Lin Feng could be this powerful.

What terrified him was that the sword force contained within each of his strikes was growing stronger each time.

That sword was surrounded by an incredible amount of sword force. Not only was it not weakening but it was also growing stronger which gave Lei Bo the impression that he was going to collapse under the weight of the sword force.

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