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PMG Chapter 800: The Omniscience of the Stars

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 800: The Omniscience of the Stars
“Roar…” Huang Fu Long roared furiously, It sounded like he didn’t want to finish yet. He wanted to throw his dragon axe at them from a the distance.
“Huang Fu Long!” shouted Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long turned his head and asked, “Are we not chasing them?”
“No need, we will meet them again.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. Ao Jiao and Huang Feng were the leaders of Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace groups. Lin Feng watched as the three silhouettes in the horizon left discontent. It was unfortunate that they hadn’t managed to kill all of them, otherwise Lin Feng would be overjoyed.
Lin Feng broke the healing pill and shared it with the others. They all took the medicine, and as expected, they recovered quickly. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang knew that Lin Feng used that same medicine back during that crucial moment of the Great Competition.
“Lin Feng, your black lotus is even more terrifying. If you used it against me, I would die without contest.” said Jun Mo Xi, smiling wryly and shaking his head. Lin Feng’s power was really monstrous.
“Yep, even with my ancient bell, I would die in a flash.” agreed Yun Fei Yang nodding. They sensed Lin Feng’s black lotus as it struck and it left an impression. How terrifying! Nothing could stop it, not even Ao Jiao’s dragon and Huang Feng’s boundless imperial Qi. They had all almost burnt as well.
“What are you guys talking about? Haha! Lin Feng would never do you any harm.” giggled Huang Fu Long. Yun Fei Yang and Jun Mo Xi laughed as well. Lin Feng’s fire was becoming even stronger. Lin Feng and his three friends were safe in the mysterious world if they stayed together.
Lin Feng smiled indifferently while looking at the blood pool, there were bubbles and foam on the surface. Tang You You came out of the pool, a bright red light was twinkling on her body.
“You You, how are you?” asked Lin Feng. He had already bathed in the blood pool and became stronger. His muscles and blood vessels were so strong that he could kill people of the eighth Xuan Qi layer without making pure Qi flow. Coupled with his Heruka’s strength, he could easily destroy ordinary cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Besides, his spirit had changed after the bath. He was convinced that if he had another opportunity to absorb essence, it would be extremely beneficial for his spirit.
“That blood pool doesn’t really suit me but my muscles and flesh still became stronger.” replied Tang You You.
“That’s already good then. At least, it will be even more difficult for you to be injured by ordinary attacks.” said Lin Feng while smiling. The blood pool couldn’t suit everybody to the fullest.
“I found this in the blood pool as well.” said Tang You You, opening the palm of her hand and revealing a dazzling golden light.
Tang You You had a scale in her hand, it was large and possessed an incredible Qi.
“It’s a …dragon scale!” Lin Feng was surprised. That dragon scale was releasing an incredible Qi.
“It does look like a dragon scale, so maybe it belonged to the Zun cultivator.” said Tang You You. Lin Feng was captivated. In his previous world, dragons were legendary creatures. In the world of cultivation, there were many incredible creatures. Maybe someday he would be able to see a real dragon.
“Huang Fu Long, it’s for you.” said Tang You You, throwing the scale at Huang Fu Long. He caught it and looked at it. He then smiled and said, “There is a great power in that thing but it would be a waste for me to keep it, I wouldn’t know how to use it. Lin Feng, keep it and maybe you’ll be able to use it someday.”
Lin Feng accepted it. He gave it a quick glance and put it away. He didn’t think about it too much. Just like Huang Fu Long said, it seemed to contained an incredible strength, but if he didn’t know how to use it then it was just a waste.
“Huang Fu Long, what do you intend to do with the blood pool?” asked Lin Feng. It might have belonged to his ancestor so Huang Fu Long could actually decide how to deal with it.
“There is still more strength inside and it was made by an extremely strong cultivator, I don’t want to waste that power.” said Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng nodded, Huang Fu Long was quite careless and usually adopted a detached attitude, but he seemed to give this thought.
“Three palaces have been found, so there is still one left.” They hadn’t heard anything about the great emperor’s grave, so they had to find the fourth underground palace.
“Look there”, said Tang You You, pointing behind Lin Feng.
Lin Feng and the others turned around and saw some starlights in the horizon. Lin Feng immediately recognized that they were Yu Tian Jiโ€™s.
Has Yu Tian Ji found something?
“Let’s go and see.” Lin Feng jumped in that direction, the others immediately following him.
“Wait, wait! I’m not done speaking.” shouted Huang Fu Long, but the others were already too far away. He had thought, “If we find the four palaces and use their teachings, we might find the emperor’s grave but nothing is guaranteed.”
Huang Fu Long’s silhouette flickered as he hurried to catch up with the others.
In the distance, Yu Tian Ji was standing at the entrance of a palace. There were many corpses in front of him and the starlights in his eyes looked dazzling.
Yu Tian Ji turned around, bowed in front of the entrance and whispered, “Thank you, I am infinitely grateful. I will always follow my principles and walk on the right path.”
Yu Tian Ji then stomped on the ground and the palace started collapsing on itself, unable to appear again.
Yu Tian Ji raised his head and looked at the starlights disappearing. He then whispered, “I’ve always believed in the stars.. It has been a thousand years, was this fate? The four Zun cultivators’ palaces were found so the great emperor’s grave would likely be found as well, but by whom?”
Yu Tian Ji wanted the omniscience of the stars, but he couldn’t obtain it yet. He was just a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. Could the great emperor be immortal? Why did he have a grave then?
Yu Tian Ji took out a star disc and put his hand on it. Even though he wasn’t omniscient, his star skills were incredibly powerful. At least, he could estimate an approximate location of the great emperor’s grave.
The Great Bear’s lights were reflecting on the star disc. Seven rays of light started revolving, four of them stopped on the four locations where the Zun cultivators’ palaces were.
The three others kept moving, surprising Yu Tian Ji.
“Baaaannngggg….” His star disc had broken!
Yu Tian Ji shook his head and smiled wryly. His silhouette flickered, now he could only rely on luck. The four Zun cultivators’ palaces were found so he was convinced that the great emperor’s grave would appear very soon!

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