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PMG Chapter 803: Jade Heaven Imperial Clan

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 803: Jade Heaven Imperial Clan
“Go and grab a few to help you during your practice.” Lin Feng said to the others.
His friends nodded, they obviously understood their importance.
“Kacha!” The sounds in the atmosphere were becoming more intense. The ground and sky were collapsing. Lin Feng frowned, that emperor really wanted to bury everyone with him. If they didn’t enter the emperor’s palace, they would all be exterminated with the mysterious world.
Many intent and abstruse crystals were not caught by people, they blew away towards the emperor’s palace and disappeared inside. They continued strength to the emperor’s grave.
Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered here and there, he continued grabbing intent crystals. Then he said to the others, “Everybody, come back, we have to find a solution to get in the palace.”
They gathered together again, everybody had obtained some intent crystals it seemed. The sky was dark and apocalyptic.
“It’s a grave, as expected, it’s a grave. The emperor doesn’t want to be disturbed in his grave. He just wants to annihilate us and rest in peace with him.” whispered Yu Tian Ji.
“Not necessarily.” Lin Feng added, “With his strength, if the emperor didn’t want us to find his grave, we would have never found it. He left us some clues, the imperial and dragon Qi.. In other words, he wanted a select few to find him. It’s like Huang Fu Long’s ancestor who left clues for Huang Fu Long.”
Yu Tian Ji nodded , that sounded very plausible. Even though the emperor was trying to destroy the mysterious world and bury everyone else with him, he wanted a few to find him.
“What you mean to say is that the emperor was waiting for someone to pass on his knowledge and treasures. That person must have some dragon blood and/or some imperial blood.” said Yu Tian Ji, who turned to Huang Fu Long, “Can you understand how to enter the palace?”
Huang Fu Long shook his head.
“Have you forgotten? The emperor was chased by the demoniac emperor, so the demoniac emperor may have chased him inside and destroyed the palace.” Yun Fei Yang offered a different view.
“The demoniac emperor?” Yun Tian Ji looked perplex. Indeed, the demonic emperor had chased the great emperor.
“Let’s pretend it happened like that, with means of extraordinary skills and abilities, the demonic emperor was able to enter the palace. But, it doesn’t mean that we are able to enter using the same method.” Said Yu Tian Ji, shaking his head. “We can only rely on ourselves.”
“What do you mean?” asked Lin Feng.
“There are nine dragons so maybe one of them really is an entrance, we have to think about there is an option. Maybe the emperor had offspring and that descendant is amongst us. If we find his offspring we follow them inside.” explained Yu Tian Ji slowly. Of course, the great emperor wouldn’t miss the opportunity to transmit his knowledge and treasures to his offspring. He would bury everybody in the mysterious world with him but he would protect those who shared his blood..
“We have to hurry.” said Lin Feng, watching the storm. “Let’s group into twos, You You and I, Mo Xi and Yu Tian Ji, Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long. If anyone finds the entrance, call out.”
“Okay.” said Yu Tian Ji. They really needed to hurry!
Tang You You and Lin Feng headed towards the second dragon, there were already many who gathered there. They were all staring at the mouth, wondering if they could enter or not.
Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and saw one person in particular. They wore a purple-golden robe with a dragon pattern on it.
Lin Feng threw himself at him with incredible speed. They were astonished, Lin Feng was so impulsive.
Five fingers turned into golden claws as the chant of the dragons sounded.
Lin Feng released some sword Qi and condensed level six sword intent it into one finger. A metallic sound clanked in the air as the member of the East Sea Dragon Palace emitted a horrible shriek. His arm was hanging loose and he was in agony.
Lin Feng lunged forward to grab his opponent, he wanted to escape? Unfortunately, he wasn’t as fast as Lin Feng. Lin Feng held him by the neck and choked him. It seemed like his veins were going to explode, he looked terrified.
“How brutal.” The crowd was speechless watching Lin Feng. He wanted to kill a member of the East Sea Dragon Palace!
They watched as Lin Feng jumped towards the mouth of the dragon and put the cultivator inside. At the same time, he released a terrifying sword Qi to block the entry.
“If you don’t enter, I’ll kill you.” A terrifying sword Qi moved towards that person, an infinite sword light invaded the atmosphere and that person’s face paled. If that sword energy reached him, he would definitely die.
“Ah bastard!” shouted that person and threw himself into the mouth of the dragon.
“Ahhhh…….” a terrifying strength came out and that person gave a horrible shriek. How brutal, Lin Feng used him to see if it was safe to enter.
“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng to Tang You You, leaving with incredible. Others also started to follow Lin Feng and his friends.
Yun Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long arrived at the fifth entrance, there were others there as well. A great battle was taking place. With the storm already so oppressive, how could they still have time to fight?
“Eh?” Yun Fei Yang felt less safe as he approached. There was a group of people killing everybody else that arrived.
Someone looked at them with disdain, it was Huang Feng and Duan Wu Dao. They were the ones who were killing mercilessly.
Very quickly, the battle continued and more cultivators died. Those who remained alive seemed to be those who joined hands.
“Leave.” Huang Feng said coldly to Yun Fei Yang. Immediately after that, his imperial robe fluttered in the wind as he threw himself into the mouth of the dragon. No deadly Qi emerged and no horrible shriek either.
The Jade Heaven Imperial Clan, Yu Tian Ji had guessed it.

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