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PMG Chapter 804: The Grave

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 804: The Grave
Those people were from the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan and were moving fast. It wasn’t long before they all went into the dragon’s mouth.
Huang Fu Long and Yun Fei Yang looked at each other. Huang Fu Long said: “Go tell the others, I’ll stay here to guard the entrance.”
“Ok.” Yun Fei Yang’s silhouette flickered and left to go and tell his friends where the entrance was. The storm was getting closer but he still had a little bit of time.
“Boom boom boom!” A loud sound resonated. Huang Fu Long was startled at the entrance. After the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan entered, he only saw a magnificent and dazzling light come out of the dragon’s mouth. Immediately after, the dragon statue became dazzling and golden, its gigantic mouth slowly started closing itself. The only entrance would be closed.
“Oh no…” thought Huang Fu Long nervous. That was the only entrance they had found, everyone from the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan had already entered. What if the other entrances were death traps?.. They would all die outside, crushed by the storm.
“Roaar!” Huang Fu Long roared loudly and threw himself into the mouth, he put his hands up as to hold the dragon’s mouth up and prevent it from closing. Even though Huang Fu Long was strong, he wasn’t able to prevent the gigantic dragon mouth from closing.
“Stop!” shouted Huang Fu Long. It seemed like a dragon appeared around his body. He was holding the top of the mouth with both hands using his monstrous strength to prevent the mouth from closing anymore than it had already.
“Roar!” He released an incredible amount of blood Qi, he became so flushed that it looked like he was going to explode. Mustering all his strength, he finally managed to slow it down but the rumbling sounds were spreading in the air.
“Can’t you hurry!!!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously, his veins popped out from the struggle.
When they saw Huang Fu Long holding open the mouth and all the corpses on the ground, they seemed to understand something.
“It’s an entrance.” they immediately jumped into the entrance. Even though the mouth of the dragon became smaller, it could still accommodate a few people.
“We’re in!” said someone inside. It wasn’t long before others came by and took advantage of Huang Fu Long’s situation.
“Who can help me here? People from your sects and clans can come in as well!” shouted Huang Fu Long loudly. The door was still closing itself, at that point one already had to their head to fit in.
“Eh?” They looked at Huang Fu Long and grinned hideously. All of a sudden, someone attacked Huang Fu Long.
The attack reached Huang Fu Long and made him groan with pain, but he still held the entrance open. He just yelled, “Bastard! Argh!”
A terrifying Qi was rolled in the atmosphere, it seemed like a dragon was chanting. However, the opponent already entered the grave without paying attention to Huang Fu Long. As long as they could enter the grave, they were happy. They didn’t care about the others who would die outside. That way, everything in the grave would be theirs.
People continued to enter the grave. Before entering the grave, they were all courteous and friendly because they hoped he wouldn’t just close the door in front of them. And each time, after entering the grave, they punched Huang Fu Long or attacked him with a sinister smile on their face.
After a while, Huang Fu Long was struggling. Blood spilled out of his mouth and he was kneeling on the ground.
“Roaaarrr!” His blood was boiling, his dragon was still visible around his body. His knees were being crushed on the ground, but as before, his two hands held open the dragon’s mouth. His eyes were filled with determination, if he gave up, his friends would die in the storm.
At that moment, one could only crouch to get into the dragon’s mouth. Some other people appeared, this time from Tian Chi and more precisely from the Tian Xuan snowy peak.
“Help me…!” said Huang Fu Long, looking at Tian Chi Xue and the others. Blood was still spilling out of his mouth as he asked for the help.
Tian Chi Xue’s eyes were twinkling, she looked hesitant.
“Help him.” said Han Qiu Yu who was next to Tian Chi Xue. A heaven book spirit appeared from behind him as he rushed over to Huang Fu Long and protected him. He didn’t possess physical strength but he could still protect Huang Fu Long from attacks.
“Let’s guard him from attacks.” shouted Han Qiu Yu to the other members of Tian Chi. They all nodded and walked into the dragon mouth, but nobody helped Huang Fu Long hold it open.
“Go into the grave everyone, obtaining the emperor’s treasures matters most for Tian Chi!” said Bai Li Xi. After that, he glanced at Huang Fu Long and entered the grave.
Tian Chi didn’t help because they were more worried about time, they had to hurry in the grave. Not many stayed back to help Huang Fu Long. After thinking for a few seconds, Tian Chi Xue entered the grave as well. Bai Li Xi was right, they had to become stronger for Tian Chi. Besides, Tian Chi Xue envied Lin Feng, Huang Fu Long and the others. She was the pure and holy woman of Tian Chi, but now that status wasn’t as resplendent as before. She was selfish and egoistic.
A few people from Tian Chi decided to stay and help him. They were touched by Huang Fu Long so they guarded silently. Even though they weren’t immediately entering the grave, they would keep their honor and wait until Huang Fu Long couldn’t hold on anymore. Then they would enter.
“Huang Fu Long.” Jun Mo Xi and Yu Tian Ji came back. They were panicked to see his condition, they hurried inside and helped Huang Fu Long hold the mouth open.
“Nine dragons and it was the fifth one, bastard!” cursed Yu Tian Ji. His heart was filled with hatred. The storm outside was getting worse.
“We can’t hold out for much longer, where are they?!” asked Jun Mo Xi looking nervous. Others came by but it wasn’t Lin Feng, Ao Jiao, Duan Wu Ya etc.
They silently looked at the grave and bowed respectfully before entering the grave.
“Be careful.” said Yu Tian Ji. He didn’t trust anyone, he feared they would attack as soon as they entered.
As expected, after they entered the grave, they laughed coldly, piercing to the bones. It wasn’t long before Yun Fei Yang, Lin Feng and Tang You You arrived. Because of the storm, Yun Fei Yang hadn’t found them easily.
“Hurry up and get inside!” shouted Yun Fei Yang. He moved to the mouth and lifted it up a little bit. A gloomy and deadly Qi reflected on the stars as waves of Qi rolled towards them. Yu Tian Ji released an indestructible star to block the attack.
“Aaahhhhh!” Someone gave a horrible shriek as they were destroyed by the gloomy and deadly Qi, but then it was blocked as it crashed on his star. Surprisingly, they weren’t stopped by Yu Tian Ji.
Lin Feng understood what Yu Tian Ji planned, the three of them turned into stars and entered the mouth of the dragon. They pulled Huang Fu Long and Jun Mo Xi back as they flew in.
“Boom boom boom!” A loud sound resonated as the dragon’s mouth closed itself to everyone outside.
Once inside they crossed a long corridor filled with dragon Qi. Very quickly, they arrived on a dragon path, and then finally the great emperor’s grave.

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