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PMG Chapter 808: Paramita’s path

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 808: Paramita’s path
The strength of the Heruka continued rotating as Lin Feng’s body emitted a dazzling light containing an incredible strength. Good and evil were fusing together.
In Lin Feng’s head, Buddha and the demon were facing each other in a gigantic field. In the past, Lin Feng used to think that Buddha and the demon were enemies locked in a never-ending battle. But now, Lin Feng realized that the Buddha and the Demon could fuse together to create a three-body entity.
Lin Feng continued his visualizations which seemed to be extremely beneficial to him. Finally, after a long time, the strength of the Heruka stopped rotating. Lin Feng opened his eyes as both good and evil lights twinkled in his eyes.
“Heruka’s strength nine thousand rotations. Now, using only my physical strength I can kill people at the top of the Xuan Qi layer.” whispered Lin Feng looking excited. The Great Emperor created those statues but just like real ones, they could bring him great benefits. He studied one and his sword intent leveled up to seven, then he studied another one was now able to make his Heruka’s strength revolve nine thousand times.
“Boom boom boom!” The hall started shaking as if it had was about to collapse. They weren’t the only ones who could sense it, everybody in the palace could sense it. The entire emperor’s palace was shaking. What was happening?
“Boom boom boom!” Terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air, those sounds were piercing through people’s eardrums. The palace continued trembling as the statues in front of Lin Feng were collapsing. 
“Ka, kacha!” Xi Huang and the Three Lives sovereign’s statues broke first and turned into ashes. The demoniac emperor’s statue showed some cracks.
Lin Feng looked at the statue and visualized the eternal one again, how glorious… Lin Feng wanted to reach the clouds too, maybe he would someday.
“Kacha!” Another sound resonated as the demoniac emperor’s statue broke as well. It then became calm in the hall again as the heavy door opened slowly, there were some people outside.
“Eh?” The leader of the group looked at Lin Feng and Tang You You then said, “Did you steal the treasures?”
They had just entered the room but could sense the terrifying sword Qi, they felt like they were suffocating. He came with a few friends to face Lin Feng and Tang You You. 
Lin Feng turned his head looking calm, he then looked at the carvings on the wall again. He sighed and said, “The four statues broke already, we will never learn from them again.”
After that, he started bombarding the wall with sword Qi, rumbling sounds spread in the air as the scriptures on the wall disappeared.
“You destroyed some of the treasures!” The crowd entering the room was stupefied. They suddenly jumped forwards and threw themselves at Lin Feng. 
“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He raised his fist as a gigantic hand appeared, the atmosphere was shaking as he smashed the opponent and crushed him against the wall. That person immediately crashed against the wall and blood splashed everywhere. Then they fell down down on the ground, looking hurt.
How can that guy be so strong? One punch and he had crippled that person’s cultivation. Lin Feng probably stole some precious treasures belonging to the great emperor, otherwise he wouldn’t be this strong. His physical strength was way too terrifying.
Lin Feng began walking with Tang You You, they didn’t even glance at the others as they left. 
Their faces looked hideous, but they opened the way and let them leave the hall.
“Kill him!” shouted someone. A few strong cultivators released energies but a terrifying sword energy emerged in the air and suffocated them. That terrifying sword Qi was supreme, it could destroy the sky and the Earth. They were so scared that they stopped moving and just watched Lin Feng and Tang You You leave.
At that moment, there were people everywhere in the palace and many had obtained great treasures.
Lin Feng didn’t try to look for treasures, instead he walked into the depths of the palace to find the emperor’s grave. In the great emperor’s palace, there were many treasures but he had already spent a lot of time in it. If he tried to accumulate treasures he could miss some better opportunities. Besides, Lin Feng felt very content after seeing the four emperors’ statues.
There were countless broken walls in the palace now, more than before because of everyone mining for crystals. Most halls were inaccessible because they were in ruin. After a while, Tang You You and Lin Feng arrived in a space with many people. There was a magnificent five-colored bridge with dragons on both sides, they seemed to be roaring furiously. Those who were on the other side of the bridge were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, but something seemed to be preventing them from coming over.
Lin Feng and Tang You You were astonished by the scenery. The dragon illusions were releasing an incredible Qi. Entering that Qi would probably be deadly, they would be crushed in the blink of an eye. There were five colors on that bridge which contained incredible abstruse energy, sword Qi, flames, ice, all in an infinite quantities.
“That bridge… contains abstruse crystals!” Lin Feng was astonished. They could have picked them up easily if there was only one or a few abstruse crystals, but there were so many that the energy they contained was way too terrifying.
Lin Feng looked at the desolate bridge and felt incredibly heroic, as if he didn’t care about the abstruse energy. Lin Feng punched the atmosphere and created his own path.
“Enough, I refuse to be taken in by fallacies.” someone couldn’t stand it anymore and walked towards the bridge. It might lead to the great emperor’s grave and incredible treasures, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
A terrifying pure Qi started whistling as they walked towards the bridge, all eyes were on him. However, after five meters, his body started looking distorted. He couldn’t handle the abstruse energy as he gave a horrible shriek and his body exploded.
“Paramita’s bridge, do you need a particular noble Qi to cross it?” A lot of people pulled a long face. They had seen others cross, but they all had honorable Qi, such as imperial or dragon Qi.
At that moment, a dragon roared and someone with a dragon robe walked onto the bridge. The Qi from the dragons on each side momentarily stopped as they were escorted to Paramita. 
“The creator of this palace has really thought about everything.” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. He had also seen this specificity when Huang Fu Long originally found the palace’s location. Maybe the people from Jade Heaven Imperial Clan were destined for this place.
“Imperial Qi and dragon Qi are both noble types of Qi… I have Buddha Qi, is it a noble Qi?” whispered Lin Feng. He slowly walked towards the bridge, he had to try! 

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  1. Belkar January 15, 2018 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    Thank you!

  2. pyro5379 January 15, 2018 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    He seems to forget that he has a power drsgon spirit as well.

    • pyro5379 January 15, 2018 at 10:16 pm - Reply

      Powerful Dragon

  3. alex January 15, 2018 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    But he hasn’t any dragon Qi. He hasn’t learnt any dragon cultivation techniques

    • OddManOut January 16, 2018 at 12:52 am - Reply

      Yeah, I was confused about that too.. but I’m only the editor

  4. agila0212 January 16, 2018 at 3:30 am - Reply

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  5. Karsus January 16, 2018 at 10:22 am - Reply

    I was surprised about him not just using his dragon also. I wonder if imperial qi of some kind is inherent or needs to be developed through specific training and experiences.
    Like the Duan family with their warlord qi.
    Of course, it’s more badass if he can just use his Buddha defense to force his way through that attack field.

  6. Karsus January 16, 2018 at 11:43 am - Reply

    I really want Lin Feng to come out of this with some spare treasures.
    Granted, I read ahead and know the major stuff – but casually getting some of these abstruse crystals would be good.
    For the casual “Oh, I have cool shit” and “I have some legit stuff to sell”.

  7. CZG January 16, 2018 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    where is chapter 809-825 why are all the chapters in the left side of the page unreadable its not fair!

    • OddManOut January 17, 2018 at 12:29 am - Reply

      To help with the reading we have implemented a nigh-mode which should be easier on the eyes. Chapters 809-825 were not posted because they aren’t scheduled to be released yet. If you want to read ahead you can always join the patreon or you can sponsor chapters!

  8. Someone January 20, 2018 at 9:53 am - Reply

    This MC IS AN IDIOT !!
    He did not even realize that he has dragon blood spirit, demon and buddha spirit wtf !!!

  9. M4L4DD1CT10N April 10, 2019 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    Yay, he managed to miss out on the statue that was stimulating his book spirit! It’s like this author is writing the book of the dumbest guy who ever stumbled to power ever. He ignores everything he has been given to go after other things. I pray he misses out on everything to do with his celestial fangs nine headed dragon, there is no way in hell for anyone to not be able to make these connections if they are alive and capable of the advanced mental process of breathing. Unfortunately our author thinks it is going to be a magical and mighty moment when he accidentally gets everything by using his dragon spirit finally for some unrelated reason. It’s not going to be magical or dramatic, it’s gonna be anticlimactic for all the readers who haven’t been able to understand why he has never attached any importance to his spirits. He even stopped using the dark eyes spirit when he learned earth fusion. There is no one in the world with more useless spirits than him and it is all because of his own stupidity. Not even his own Mom bothered to tell him, “Hey, your nine headed dragon ‘Blood Spirit’ is strong and useful”!

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