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PMG Chapter 809: Jade Heaven’s Palace

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 809: Jade Heaven’s Palace
In Lin Feng’s previous world, monarchs, dragons and the Buddhas were respected. Was this the same in the world of cultivation?
The crowd looked at Lin Feng nervously. Most of the people who had crossed the bridge were from Jade Heaven or the East Sea Dragon Palace. There were a few people with precious items containing noble Qi which allowed them to cross. Maybe Lin Feng also had a precious item?
Tang You You looked at Lin Feng with concern, but Lin Feng looked calm.
Buddha’s lights were twinkling around Lin Feng’s body and suddenly thousands of rays of light started twinkling. Lin Feng’s body became dazzling to the eyes, his entire body was golden.
“Buddha’s light!” now the crowd knew what he was trying. No wonder Lin Feng was confident, he was protected by Buddha.
Thousand of lights illuminated the bridge as the dragons were roaring, their dragon Qi enveloped Lin Feng’s body and protected him from the abstruse energy.
Lin Feng didn’t cross the bridge though, he moved back and nodded at Tang You You who immediately understood. She smiled and followed him.
Lin Feng turned his head around and glanced at the crowd. He then turned back to speak to some people, “Follow me, if you can stay in my Buddha’s lights you will be safe. If I cannot protect you all, wait for me and I will come back.”
“Eh?” The crowd was confused. Who was Lin Feng talking to?
Five-six people’s silhouettes flickered and appeared on the bridge. They were all from Tian Chi and they all knew that Lin Feng was talking to them.
Another person appeared and lowered their head while walking towards Lin Feng. She didn’t dare look at him for it was the dignified Tian Chi Xue.
“Was I talking to you?” asked Lin Feng in an indifferent way, making her feel very nervous. 
“They all protected Huang Fu Long when we entered the grave and we came in together. They all have the ability to become leaders in Tian Chi. You don’t care about other people, now I don’t care about you so piss off.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Tian Chi Xue looked desperate. 
“Don’t let him leave, he can help us cross the bridge!” someone shouted from the crowd. Lin Feng’s Buddha’s lights covered a wide area so they could follow him.
Many silhouettes flickered, they wanted to prevent Lin Feng from crossing. As they neared one of them said, “Bring us with you.”
Lin Feng glanced at them and said, “Do you really think that I’m a Buddha and possess compassion? Fuck off!”
“If you don’t bring us over, we’ll kill you.” someone decided to threaten Lin Feng. Behind him were many cultivators getting ready to fight. But, they wanted to see how things played out first. 
“Buddhism is based on karma, so I will help you become a Buddhist and achieve Paramita.” Lin Feng jumped forwards and released millions of resplendent lights. Monstrous rumbling sounds spread in the air as a gigantic golden hand appeared, which fell down towards that person. 
The Qi was terrifying, the atmosphere was vibrating and kept resonating. That Buddha’s hand contained a terrifying physical strength. 
That person’s facial expression suddenly changed as they retreated. The Buddha’s hand gained speed as a loud ‘Bang’ resonated. Blood splashed everywhere, their vital organs were crushed and their Qi disappeared. That was Lin Feng’s special way of carrying out a baptism ritual.
“What a terrifying physical strength.” People were shaking and shivering. That Buddha’s hand seemed to contain an infinite power, how much physical strength did it contain?
Even a cultivator at the top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer would run scared from that attack.
“Anyone else want to convert themselves to Buddhism?”  Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. Immediately, everybody moved back. Lin Feng was too scary, why had they never heard of him?
When Lin Feng saw that people were moving back, he grabbed Tang You You’s hand as millions of golden rays of light enveloped Tang You You and the others behind her. The light turned into a gigantic bubble protecting them with its noble Qi.
The dragon roared and released energies to protect Lin Feng and his friends. As he crossed the bridge, Lin Feng could sense the abstruse energy all around him, but his heart remained beating at a normal pace.
The crowd watched Lin Feng leave, they had mixed feelings of admiration and jealousy. Many of them regretted not having such a friend. It was probable that the great emperor’s grave was on the other side, now they would miss out on the treasures!
Somewhere else at that moment, in a big hall, a dazzling golden light was shining. Millions of magnificent rays of light were twinkling. There were three groups of people. A group from Jade Heaven were on one side and composed the largest number of people.
Unsurprisingly, they were at the Jade Grave, after all the Jade emperor was their ancestor. Each time someone from the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan entered the Jade grave, the Clan would become so much stronger. Every hundred years, the Jade Heaven’s young cultivators who had almost broken through to the Tian Qi layer were pressured by their clan to prepare for the Jade grave.
The East Sea Dragon Palace were facing them, they also had noble Qi which allowed them to cross the bridge. They seized this opportunity to follow the Jade Heaven group. They didn’t want Jade Heaven to get all the treasures for themselves even if it was the tomb of their ancestor.
Apart from those two groups, there was a group comprised of four: Jun Mo Xi, Yun Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long and Yu Tian Ji. They also crossed the bridge. Even though they were outnumbered, they were monstrously strong. No one attacked them because they knew there would be heavy casualties. Therefore, the three groups were at a standstill.
On a wall next to them, a sign in all capital letters read: “JADE EMPEROR’S PALACE!”
There was a half broken golden-door, maybe it held incredible treasures.
“I have an idea, but I don’t know if people from Jade Heaven will agree or not.” Duan Wu Ya was scheming.
Huang Feng looked at him, “talk.”
“Everybody came here to find treasures and it hasn’t been easy to find the grave. I think people from the East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven should join hands to kill those four and then take the emperor’s treasures together. What do you think?” Duan Wu Ya had a resplendent smile on his face. He then glanced at Jun Mo Xi and the others in an evil way.
People from Jade Heaven were laughing inside. How could they trust him? Share the emperor’s treasure? Impossible. If one group obtained them, the others would have to die.
But killing Jun Mo Xi and the others first wasn’t a bad idea. For Jade Heaven’s people, the Jade emperor’s treasures had to be theirs only because they belonged to their clan.
“Alright, I agree.” said Huang Feng nodding. Duan Wu Ya smiled slyly. The two groups looked at Jun Mo Xi and the others and said, “let’s kill them first!”

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