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PMG Chapter 81: Pure Insanity

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“Roaring Thunder.” Shouted Lin Feng.

He then thrust his sword towards Lei Bo.

The sword force which he unleashed started to combine with thunderous roars in the atmosphere. The atmosphere was being consumed by the immense power of the attack. In Lin Feng’s hands, that yellow level attack coupled with sword force was as powerful as a Xuan Level skill.

Roaring Thunder was filling the atmosphere with an incredibly explosive force.

Lei Bo’s hands were still unleashing a powerful thunder Qi. He had managed to block Lin Feng’s Roaring Thunder but he was sent flying backwards while groaning in pain.

Lin Feng’s sword force started to consume more energy and grow even more powerful.

“I give up! I do not want to fight anymore.”

Lei Bo shouted extremely loudly. He knew that he couldn’t win against Lin Feng and on top of that, he was already wounded from attempting to block the last strike.

The twenty first ranked elite disciple, who was at the third Ling Qi layer, suddenly wanted to give up when fighting against Lin Feng?

The crowd sighed. Lin Feng who had only shown his power 3 days ago, he seemed to be invincible. He continued to shock people with his incredible strength.

“If you look at him, it seems like he is around fifteen or has just turned sixteen.”

The crowd was trying to guess how old Lin Feng was compared to his battle ability. They were even more stupefied when they thought about it. He was still sixteen years old and could defeat a cultivator of the third Ling Qi layer who was on the elite disciple rankings… How was that possible? Was he really human?

Lin Feng stopped moving, his sleeves were swaying with the breeze, but the Qi and the sword force which filled the atmosphere were still omnipresent and just as oppressing as before. Lei Bo’s body was still feeling the immense pressure crushing down on his body making it hard for him to breathe.

“Give up?”

Lin Feng had a cold smile on the corner of his mouth: “This is a fight in which we both put our lives at stake. If I live, you die… and if I die, you live.”

“We are fellow disciples of the Yun Hai Sect and we don’t hate each other so why do you need to kill me?” said Lei Bo hoping to make Lin Feng change his mind.

“How ridiculous! You think that I will fall for that? Could it be that you forgot what you said before this battle? You said that you could kill me whenever you wanted? You even said that you didn’t even need to release your spirit to kill me. Have you also forgotten that this battle is a battle where our lives are at stake? You said it yourself. If you were stronger than me, would you still say that we are fellow disciples and let me live?”

Lin Feng was disgusted by Lei Bo’s words. Saying so easily that they were fellow disciples and that they didn’t hate each other after everything that he had said before, he had to be insane.

“Lin Feng, you are extremely strong but it would be impossible for you to kill me. Even if you defeat me, you will have to bear the consequences for it.”

Lei Bo knew that Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off so he tried to threaten him.

“Oh, is that so? Watch me then.”

Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly started to fill with killing intent and a smile appeared on his face. His sword released even more force coupled with thunderous roars.

Lei Bo started to rub his eyes as he could not believe what he was seeing. He couldn’t see Lin Feng anymore. Instead of Lin Feng, there was only a huge sword in front of him. That sword was glowing and coupled with the extremely bright light was a dark fog. In that dark fog, so many lights were sparkling that Lei Bo had the impression that a million swords were hiding within it. The black fog had started to move in his direction.

Extremely loud thunder sounds spread throughout the atmosphere.

Lei Bo shouted extremely loudly. Even more powerful and intense thunder emerged from his body. His body was coated in a Qi which was yellowish-blue, it contained the power of thunder and lightning.

When they saw the light surrounding Lei Bo the crowd was surprised. What was Lei Bo doing exactly?

Lin Feng’s sword was more suited to battle. He didn’t need to consume too much energy in order to carry out powerful attacks and he could also use it for protection. It gave the impression that Lin Feng was like a fortified mountain.

The crowd didn’t understand what was going on. The crowd could not see Lin Feng’s sword the same way Lei Bo did.

In Lei Bo’s eyes, there were a million swords whose lights were dazzling and which were trying to kill him. Sword lights were shining everywhere inside the black fog and could take his life at any time.

“It’s the end for you.” Said Lin Feng in a cold voice which stupefied the entire crowd.

“Sword of Nirvana”

Sword of Nirvana made his sword turn into a deadly sword. Each strike would take a life and it power defied the heavens. His sword descended from the heavens themselves towards Lei Bo.

It seemed like his sword had pierced the heavens themselves. From a distance it could be seen that a hole was pierced through the clouds and the heavens had been pierced.

It looked like his sword would destroy the entire universe if it stood against him.

It was over with this strike. Lei Bo was finished.

The entire crowd was blankly staring at that wonderfully mystical sword.

The millions of swords as well as the black fog disappeared from Lei Bo’s vision but his face revealed that he had given up all hope because there was a terrifying light which kept moving towards him. It was most likely the last light that he would see in his life.


Lei Bo’s shout resonated everywhere in the Stormy Gorge but his body could not move. He was still stood on the stage motionless.

After what seemed to be an eternity, a thin mark appeared between his eyebrows. It was a thin bloody mark which slowly started to pour with blood. His body fell heavily onto the fighting stage within the Life and Death Arena.

That’s what the Life and Death Arena was about: life and death!

Did he die? The twenty first ranked elite disciple who had a Thunder Spirit had been killed?

Lei Bo had wanted to protect Mo Xie. He had wanted to kill Lin Feng and gain the Elders favor. He would have never thought that he would become Lin Feng’s stepping stone. At that moment, the Patriarch was secretly afraid that Lin Feng would start his verbal assault where he had left off.

Even though the Elite Disciple Exam was about fighting, not many disciples had participated in it. This kind of event was unprecedented in the history of the Yun Hai Sect’s Elite Disciple Exam. It had however been an extremely enlightening event and many disciples were forced to look deeply at their actions until now. There was not a single person who regretted watching these events unfold.

The crowd of the Yun Hai Sect had realized that they were witnessing the rise of an incomparable genius.

“I want that young man!”

Duan Tian Lang’s eyes were glowing. He then quickly glanced at Duan Han. Lin Feng’s abilities and power were infinitely higher than that of his son, of whom he was already intensely proud.

“If he doesn’t join me, I will make sure he dies today. I will not allow him to rise up or let him become more powerful. He could become an extremely large obstacle.”

The Patriarch of the Hao Yue Sect, Chu Qing, as well as Bing Han of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village thought the exact same thing. If Lin Feng continued becoming more and more powerful, he would definitely become one of the eight high officials!

Lin Feng couldn’t understand all these people’s thoughts. He wasn’t even as strong as Mo Xie. He was unable to kill Mo Xie but he definitely wanted to make him understand that he could not bully and threaten him as he wished.

Since he hadn’t showed all of his abilities so far, the sect did not recognize him. Then he just had to show them more.

Holding his soft sword in the hand while his robes were swaying in the air, Lin Feng slowly glanced around at the Stormy Gorge.

“Mo Xie, because he is an Elder, he dares to behave unscrupulously. He dares to try and kill disciples in cold blood. He is the shame and disgrace of the Yun Hai Sect. My current strength doesn’t enable me to kill that scum of the sect. What I want is for that degenerate to get expelled from the sect.”


The entire crowd was stunned, astonished, stupefied! Lin Feng had wild ambitions! He suddenly wanted Mo Xie to get expelled from the sect!

That was almost impossible! If Mo Xie was expelled from the sect, Mo Cang Lan would completely lose face!

“That guy really is insane.”

Liu Fei was looking at Lin Feng. She was speechless. She couldn’t stand Mo Xie either but she had never thought of trying to get him expelled from the sect, not even in her dreams! It was impossible for an elite disciple to get an elite Elder expelled from the sect, but Lin Feng was not sparing any efforts in his attempt to remove Mo Xie.

Mo Xie, who was sitting on the viewing platform looked ghastly pale. In his eyes, a mere disciple was less than a bug to him. They didn’t even exist in his eyes and suddenly, there was a disciple on the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena accusing him of various things and calling him the shame and the scum of the sect, and on top of that, he wanted to get him expelled from the sect. He had never been so humiliated in all of his life.

He used to be the one who demanded that other people would be expelled from the sect. He used to be the one who expelled lowly disciples from the sect. However these things were now happening to him.

If these things had happened at any other time before then he would have killed Lin Feng without the slightest hesitation.

But that was almost impossible now because of Nan Gong Ling.

As the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect, he had to give consideration to all parties. Mo Xie was an elite Elder and his father, Mo Cang Lan was a Great Elder. They were both given the great honor of enforcing the rules within the sect.
As far as Lin Feng was concerned, he was one of the most extraordinary geniuses that the Yun Hai Sect had ever had. Wen Ren Yan would never be able to achieve the same level as Lin Feng, they were worlds apart. Lin Feng was also protected by Protector Bei.

If he wanted Mo Xie to be a little bit penalized, that could possibly be arranged, however Lin Feng said that if Mo Xie was still in the Yun Hai Sect, then he would leave. Lin Feng’s terms for staying within the sect was to expel Mo Xie from the sect.

“I know that Mo Xie’s status is high and important, he is an Elite Elder. I also know that his father, Mo Cang Lan is a chief figure in the Yun Hai Sect and that he has dedicated his life to serving the Sect. I am also aware that I am currently a nobody within the sect and that my words carry little weight. I know that if Mo Xie commits crimes, I cannot do much but Mo Xie tried to kill me on multiple occasions. Even after being almost killed by Protector Bei he still had thoughts on taking my life. If he is not severely punished for his crimes, how am I supposed to put my mind at rest and stay within the sect?”

“I just have my sword to show everyone what I am really capable of. This is my only way of proving to the Yun Hai Sect that having me is ten times, no,  a hundred times better than having Mo Xie.”

Lin Feng’s words were inspiring. Lin Feng was even crazier than Wen Ren Yan but was in no way weaker than him.
Everyone however was wondering how Lin Feng could prove that having him was a hundred times better than having Mo Xie.

Nan Gong Ling was curious as well to know how Lin Feng could prove that.

At that moment, Lin Feng, who was still standing on the central fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena, was just looking at many elite disciples sitting on the sidelines and declared: “Today is the Elite Disciple Exam. I, Lin Feng, am now challenging any elite disciple who is willing to fight against me. Anyone can come and challenge me. No matter what kind of battle, normal or life and death battle, no matter how many I need to fight against, I will fight with anyone under any terms.”

“What?!!” people in the crowd were stunned. You could hear everyone’s heartbeat start to intensify.

“He’s a madman. That guy is insane. He wants to challenge every elite disciple?!”

How insane! Wen Ren Yan could even compete with core disciples. Even some of the disciples within the top ten elite disciples could fight with core disciples. They all had unique skills and abilities. They were much stronger than Lei Bo. Lin Feng suddenly dared to look at these elite disciples as if they were weaklings. What was going to happen?

The crowd was just speechless. Could it be that Lin Feng was really insane? Had he lost his mind after defeating Lei Bo?

But if he was able to defeat any of the elite disciples, then wouldn’t he really prove to the Yun Hai Sect that having him was better than having Mo Xie. If he could defeat any elite disciple under their own terms then wasn’t it even greater than a hundred times the worth of Mo Xie.

“This bastard…”

Liu Fei’s magnificent eyes were wide open. Lin Feng was way too crazy. A short time before, he was only a simple ordinary disciple and nothing more.

Han Man couldn’t help but giggle. He was so proud to see Lin Feng, who was like a brother to him, on the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena while issuing the challenge. He had a big smile on his face.

Nan Gong Ling was also shocked beyond belief. He was completely stunned. Lin Feng wanted to challenge all of the elite disciples?

Even though Lin Feng was naturally gifted, had he really become so terrifyingly strong?

“Actually, as far as I can remember, he has not been using his spirit.”

Nan Gong Ling suddenly had a realization; he realized that he had never seen Lin Feng release his spirit. He was extremely curious and he was excited to find out what Lin Feng’s spirit was. Considering he had already mastered sword skills and sword forces, could it be that he had a sword spirit? If he had a Sword Spirit then he would probably be able to make his sword force even more powerful.

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