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PMG Chapter 813: Lin Feng Defying Laws Human and Divine

Edited: OddManOut

PMG Chapter 813: Lin Feng Defying Laws Human and Divine

While Lin Feng was reading the scriptures, Ao Jiao finally managed to grab the ring. 

After putting it on his finger, he inspected its content and let his soul penetrate into it.

Quickly, he became upset.

“Give me the ring!” The crowd was following the ring. Ao Jiao stared at them and shouted, “Everybody stop!”

His voice contained the strength of a dragon, causing the entire crowd to shake.

“There is nothing inside, if you don’t believe me, have a look yourself.” said Ao Jiao without explaining too much. He threw the ring and Duan Wu Ya caught it.

Duan Wu Ya inspected the ring, as expected, Huang Feng’s things and memories were all inside. Even though there were many things inside, there was nothing that belonged to the emperor. Huang Feng had died without obtaining any benefits. Of course, from the moment Huang Feng chose to enter the palace on his own, he was already doomed. There were only two possibilities, one was obtaining the emperor’s treasures and possibly having the strength to defend himself, the other was finding nothing and dying once everyone broke in.

“You are all members of the East Sea Dragon Palace, why would we believe you?” shouted one of the Jade Heaven cultivators furiously. Ao Jiao smiled coldly and said, “Do you think that Huang Feng would toss the ring if he had found the emperor’s treasures?”

That person narrowed their eyes. Ao Jiao was right, if Huang Feng really obtained the emperor’s treasures he would never chance gifting them to someone else. Nobody was ready to accept the eventuality that that ring might contain nothing interesting at all.

“If the emperor’s treasures were really inside that ring, I would take it and leave with it already.” Ao Jiao said while pulling up his sleeves, determined to continue hunting for treasures. People gradually started to believe him, turning back to Lin Feng and wondering what he found out.

“What a terrifying Qi.”

A terrifying black hand was appearing in front of Lin Feng. A single glance at that hand made their heart’s ache.

“What’s going on? Has he obtained an incredible skill?” the crowd couldn’t understand the writings either.

“Where is the treasure? Where? According to the legends, there were the jade skills in the Jade Emperor’s Hall so why couldn’t they find them?” The crowd was looking everywhere. Was the emperor’s treasures in those scriptures and holy marks?

At that moment, a terrifying deadly energy had filled the air as Lin Feng stopped practicing his skill and stood up.

He turned around and looked at Tang You You and his other friends. He looked solemn, he owed his friends for everything he just learnt, if someone had attacked him while he was practicing he might have lost it all.

“You You, Mo Xi, Fei Yang, Fu Long, and others, I hope you can help me.” said Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi and the others narrowed their eyes, Lin Feng had seemingly just learnt an amazing skill, what did he need from them? Maybe it had something to do with the great emperor’s treasures?

“Hehe, I will help you no matter what you need.” Huang Fu Long said gleefully. He had finally recovered now. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang nodded as well. Lin Feng was ready to go through anything and even risk his life for them so why would they refuse?

Yu Tian Ji looked at Lin Feng, he had been silently observing Lin Feng while he was practicing. Yu Tian Ji felt like something extraordinary was occuring in Lin Feng’s body.

“Alright.” Yu Tian Ji said indifferently, yet confidently.

Everybody nodded, one after the other.

Lin Feng only made a few steps and stopped in front of the emperor. He was fixedly staring at him, the incredible emperor… even if he had died, he still looked majestic and dignified.

“Boom boom boom!” Frightening rumbling sounds spread in the air, the emperor statue began shaking. What was going on?

A black fire filled with deadly energy was burning in Lin Feng’s hand, but he was looking at the emperor so calmly. 

The crowd watched Lin Feng raise his hand and reach out at the emperor. The rumbling sounds became more fierce as a terrifying imperial Qi attempted to block Lin Feng’s hand. However, the imperial Qi couldn’t withstand it and was dispersed. Lin Feng’s deadly energies kept moving forwards and crashed into the emperor’s body, assaulting his vital organs. 

“Boom!” The crowd was astonished, their hearts were pounding painfully, their brains seemed like they were going to explode. Lin Feng was using his hand to attack the emperor’s vital organs?!

Yu Tian Ji had anticipated Lin Feng’s action but was still astonished. That was the jade emperor, he was an emperor.. Even if he had already died, he was as glorious as before. He wasn’t as strong as the past but even the Jade Heaven and East Sea Dragon Palace people wouldn’t look at him because of his strength. 

But at that moment, Lin Feng was defying their realities. He used his hand assaulted the great emperor’s body.

“Boom!” A terrifying Qi invaded the entire atmosphere, imperial Qi rolled about as a silhouette appeared. It looked majestic and dignified. That silhouette looked like that of an incredible and majestic emperor. People were shivering, they felt like they were going to collapse from the pressure. A pair of ice-cold looking pupils were staring back at Lin Feng. 


The crowd was aghast. Lin Feng was insane, he was purely insane! That person was the emperor, the dignified and majestic emperor!

“That’s only an image left by the emperor when he died, it’s not the real emperor. Otherwise, he would have killed Lin Feng with the blink of his eye.” the crowd figured, but they respected Lin Feng for his guts to oppose such a figure.

“Protect me.” shouted Lin Feng while closing his eyes. The terrifying light which had been building finally penetrated into Lin Feng’s brain.

“Fifty thousand souls, protect mel!” Lin Feng was struggling to oppose that light, he was lucky to have the broken spirit skill, if it was someone else their soul would have torn apart already.

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    • OddManOut January 18, 2018 at 11:43 pm - Reply

      Eh, she tries to stay away from the site somewhat after the incident… Btw, what was it called before if not the broken soul skill? Some (if not a lot) of future chapters talks about this so I should probably figure it out now.. sigh

    • Karsus January 19, 2018 at 8:57 am - Reply

      It’s the same multiplied souls skill that he got from the spirit of the first Zun cultivator he met, that he uses for all his major fights.
      It’s interesting how the author decided to give his main character the perfect skill tree for all manner of random shit that would only really work out for him and no one else. lol

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      It’s a different translator and I wasn’t editing until the later 500s. So, I can watch out for it now and change it only for future chapters. Or, we can consistently and inappropriately keep using broken-souls technique…

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