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PMG Chapter 814: Crushing the Emperor’s Internal Organs

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PMG Chapter 814: Crushing the Emperor’s Internal Organs

Everybody was astonished by Lin Feng’s actions. Their mouths were hanging wide open and left speechless.

Duan Wu Ya’s eyes were twinkling as he watched Lin Feng. A moment before, Lin Feng shouted that he needed help from the others. It meant he was using his full strength to assault the emperor and was open for attack. If he succeeded there might be treasures to take as well.

“Jade Heaven people, you see him tarnish your ancestor’s corpse and yet you are fleeing?” Duan Wu Ya said indifferently. Jade Heaven’s people were conflicted, the jade emperor was their ancestor, he was so incredible that only the true core disciples of the sect knew about his existence.

But at that moment, in front of their very eyes, Lin Feng was crushing the emperor’s corpse.

“Stop that!” someone decided to take action, they couldn’t stand it anymore. Their ancestor’s body was being assaulted. They all threw themselves at Lin Feng while releasing imperial Qi. Their facial expressions all looked cold, even if they knew what Duan Wu Ya’s motive was, they still wanted to respect their ancestor.

Jun Mo Xi and the others released an incredible Qi to protect him.

Lin Feng’s eyes were firmly closed and he stood motionless. His entire body was bathing in flames, at the same time he released some extremely powerful sword energy. He anticipated that his attack would be risky and that’s why he took such an extreme and cautious approach. Although he knew that he was risking his life, it seemed like he underestimated the emperor’s power, a thousand years had passed but the emperor was still kicking. Lin Feng’s mental health and soul were taking a lot of damage. At the same time, the emperor was releasing even more imperial Qi. His vital organs were strong and full of vitality, as if he had never died.

“Corrosion!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His black fire became larger, he was determined to destroy the emperor’s organs.

Drops of blood started spilling, each drop of blood contained an incredible amount of vigor and vitality. They would ignite as they came into contact with Lin Feng’s black fire and vanish.

“Burn, burn, burn!” Lin Feng sounded fearless, his voice sounded like a sharp sword.

“Corrosion?” Lin Feng wanted to corrode the emperor’s vital organs? Why?

“Boom boom boom” the jade hall started shaking violently again, even more violently than it had until now.

“Stop him, we must stop him!” the East Sea Dragon Palace were becoming frantic.

“Kill him!” shouted the Jade Heaven’s young cultivators while throwing themselves at him.

“Piss off!” shouted Huang Fu Long while jumping to the front of the myriad of enemies. He took down his dragon axe and a dragon image appeared, swallowing the first enemy to approach. 

Snowflakes started fluttering around in the atmosphere as some Tian Chi cultivators were releasing snow intent in the hall.

“They all have treasures, you cannot defeat them with direct confrontation.” Duan Wu Ya said indifferently. Huang Fu Long and his friends all possessed treasures, coupled with the few people from Tian Chi, their group was quite strong.

“What is your suggestion?” asked Ao Jiao.

“Let’s get behind the emperor and avoid Lin Feng’s guards.” Duan Wu Ya said coldly. Ao Jiao narrowed his eyes and looked at Duan Wu Ya straight in the eyes. That guy was quite sly, his ability to come up with new plots and vicious ideas was endless.

“Boom!” A terrifying Qi appeared as two silhouettes entered the jade emperor’s hall, one of them had a terrifying and extremely sharp sword intent. It was Kong Jiu Ye, the young leader of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect. Ao Jiao also recognized the other one, it was the young leader of the Xiao Yao Sect, Gu Qian Qiu.

“What’s going on?” Kong Jiu Ye asked Ao Jiao.

“There are treasures which have been discovered and he wants to destroy the emperor’s internal organs to get them.” replied Ao Jiao. Without hesitation, Kong Jiu Ye and Gu Qian Qiu threw themselves at Lin Feng.

“Why aren’t you helping them?!” Kong Jiu Ye was suspicious of Ao Jiao’s intentions.

“None of them are weak and cannot beat them. It’s a good thing that you two guys arrived so we can fight together.” Ao Jiao said. Kong Jiu Ye turned his head around and looked at the battle. He then threw himself at Lin Feng while was releasing massive amounts of sword Qi. His entire body seemed as sharp as a sword. 

“Eh?”” Yu Tian Ji sensed the surge of sword Qi. He took a step forwards and blocked Kong Jiu Ye’s way. He then spread his arms and seven indestructible and dazzling stars appeared.

“Crrrr…. crrr….” the terrifying sword Qi landed on the starlights, broke through them and continued onward towards Yu Tian Ji.

Yu Tian Ji remained calm as a crescent moon appeared and the sword crashed into it. Unlike before, the attack seemed to crash into moving sands.

“Eh?” Kong Jiu Ye was surprised by the crescent moon’s strength. It had to be a powerful treasure to block his sword so easily.

A storm of deadly energy started rolling in waves all around as sword Qi revolved in the form of whirlwinds.

Yu Tian Ji spread out his arm and starlights appeared in his hand which immediately shot out towards Kong Jiu Ye, oppressing him. Rumbling sounds became more intense as the stars neared Kong Jiu Ye.

At the same time, Gu Qian Qiu used the Xiao Yao agility technique. He turned into several silhouettes and targeted only Lin Feng.

“Back!” said Tang You You while running in front of Lin Feng. Her golden jade imperial crown turned into a sharp sword that darted towards Gu Qian Qiu. 

“Humph!” Gu Qian Qiu groaned and pushed his agility further, several more silhouettes appeared. He wanted to avoid any confrontations and go straight for Lin Feng.

Tang You You also groaned as she turned into a million silhouettes which surrounded Lin Feng. She set off a million punches at Gu Qian Qiu. 

At that moment, sweat dripped off Lin Feng’s eyebrows. The corrosive power in his hand became increasingly more terrifying. The emperor’s vital organs were too strong, Lin Feng could only manage to weaken him, drop by drop. 

Lin Feng turned his left hand turn into a sword and cut into his right hand. His blood started flowing in the emperor’s organs, slowly replaced by Lin Feng’s blood. The vitality of the emperor’s blood was thus being replaced by that of Lin Feng’s. 

Meanwhile, the entire palace was shaking so much that it was difficult to stand straight!

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