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PMG Chapter 815: Come Out!

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PMG Chapter 815: Come Out!

“Buzzzzzz!” A buzzing sound spread in the air as a dazzling light appeared, the crowd felt oppressed. Meanwhile, Ao Jiao and Duan Wu Ya snuck behind the crowd and approached the emperor from behind.

“I’ll attack first.” said Duan Wu Ya, Ao Jiao nodded in agreement. He looked at the emperor’s silhouette with cold twinkling lights in his eyes. The gloomy gourd appeared and a terrifying gloomy Qi penetrated into it. Then the gourd released a terrifying gloomy Qi that assaulted emperor’s silhouette.

“Boom boom!” It crashed onto the emperor but a terrifying imperial Qi emerged. His gloomy Qi couldn’t penetrate the emperor’s body without immediately vanishing like smoke. 

“Eh?” Duan Wu Ya was stupefied. It was of no use. He had broken through to the ninth Qi layer and possessed the gloomy gourd, but his energies were destroyed easily. Even more so, the emperor’s silhouette hadn’t moved at all.

“Let me try.” Ao Jiao stepped in front of Duan Wu Ya and released some terrifying flood dragon energies. The dragon roared and attacked the emperor. Actually, Ao Jiao wanted to see what Lin Feng was facing when attacking the emperor’s vital organs. If Lin Feng tried to destroy the emperor’s vital organs so why wouldn’t Ao Jiao?

“Boom!” He attacked the emperor from behind but had the impression that he struck a metal wall. He wasn’t able budge the emperor in the slightest.

“Eh?” Ao Jiao felt stiff as his flood dragon roared again and attacked the emperor again, but as before nothing happened.

He was the great Ao Jiao but couldn’t make the emperor move of a single iota, but Lin Feng used his fire and managed to penetrate the emperor’s body. Even worse, he was damaging the emperor. How strong was Lin Feng really?

He turned around and read the scriptures on the walls but couldn’t understand anything. Lin Feng had learnt that incredible skill from the scriptures on the walls, it had to be that skil that gave him the advantage.

“Boom boom, boom boom….” Both the emperor and the palace were shaking more violently. It was difficult to stand steady, only Lin Feng remained perfectly immobile and steady.

“Corrosion, corrosion!” Lin Feng condensed his full strength in his hands and held the emperor’s organs even tighter. Finally, the emperor’s internal organs were becoming weaker. It almost seemed like Lin Feng was going to take them out.

“The jade emperor’s heart is mine!” Lin Feng opened his eyes, he looked like an all-conquering warlord. The rumbling sounds and psychedelic lights finally ceased, the emperor’s internal organs were finally failing. The jade emperor’s heart fully drained.

“Boom boom boom!” People felt sick, they might faint even. Everyone in the palace felt this way, not just those in the hall. People were collapsing one after the other.

Soon after some people were looking at them, they were extremely strong and belonged to powerful and influential groups. 

Everyone had left the mysterious world.

They were now at the entrance to the mysterious world.

Everyone was surprised, what was going on? What was happening?

They had never heard of such a thing, people coming out of the mysterious world at the same time completely stunned and confused.

What had really happened?

Could it be that the emperor’s grave had appeared? 

The leader of the Jade Heaven group was excited, he knew what had happened, the emperor’s grave had been discovered.

“Huang Feng? Where is Huang Feng?” He was frantically glancing around but couldn’t find Huang Feng. Huang Feng had the jade emperor’s palace map, hopefully he received the jade emperor’s teachings.

“Duan Wu Dao.” He walked towards Duan Wu Dao, only Huang Feng wasn’t present which gave him hope. Had Huang Feng really received the emperor’s teachings and instructions?

“Where is Huang Feng?” he asked Duan Wu Dao. 

Duan Wu Dao and the others raised their heads, they didn’t look very good. 

“Huang Feng died.” said Duan Wu Dao. They were stunned. What? Huang Feng died?

“What happened?” they looked devastated.

“The emperor’s palace appeared.” said Duan Wu Dao, making people shiver. It really happened. This time, it had happened! But… Huang Feng died with the emperor’s palace map. They would need to find someone to replace him… 

“Did you find the jade emperor’s hall?” he continued questioning Duan Wu Dao. That was a crucial point.

Duan Wu Dao nodded.

“Who obtained the jade emperor’s teachings?” he asked in a louder voice than before. 

“I don’t know. In the end, Lin Feng used a power to corrode the emperor’s vital organs and then we appeared here.” said Duan Wu Dao. Corroded the emperor’s organs?

Lin Feng, again Lin Feng! 

How audacious! Lin Feng dared to corrode the jade emperor’s internal organs, but Lin Feng wasn’t that strong, how had he managed to do that? And what about the emperor’s instructions and teachings?

“Did Huang Feng manage to enter the jade emperor’s hall?”

“He did, he was the first one to enter but he didn’t find anything. The others thought that he had so they attacked him, but in the end Lin Feng killed Huang Feng.”

“Lin Feng again…” the strong cultivators from Jade Heaven were going insane. Their eyes were filled with hatred and murderous intentions. 

Not only them but also the golden-purpled dragon king was upset. Lin Feng was quite audacious.

Those influential and powerful groups were trying to find their disciples. Unfortunately, only a few people managed to cross the Paramita bridge and entered the jade emperor’s hall. But at least they obtained many items, especially intent crystals.

Concerning the groups of influence which managed to enter the jade emperor’s hall, everyone was staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng actually assaulted the jade emperor!

At that moment, Lin Feng and the others from Tian Chi arrived next to the seven eagles. The snow eagles didn’t ask much, just, “Did everyone obtain something?”

Many people nodded looking excited. The seven snow eagles nodded as well. It seemed like this time, the trip to the mysterious world was successful for Tian Chi, especially for those Tian Xuan cultivators who followed Lin Feng. Tang You You was wearing a magnificent golden cape, Jun Mo Xi also had a magnificent golden robe, Huang Fu Long had an incredible dragon axe… all of those were highly valuable treasures.

Tian Chi could be proud of those young cultivators!

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