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PMG Chapter 816: One Hand

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PMG Chapter 816: One Hand

“How audacious! You dare to steal our Jade Heaven’s treasures!” someone screamed extremely loudly. That voice was so loud that it pierced through people’s eardrums. 

A strong cultivator from Jade Heaven appeared in front of the Tian Chi group and was shouting at Tang You You. Tang You You was wearing their precious jade golden crown, just in another shape.

Everybody started getting agitated and excited about a potential fight.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the person in the sky. Lin Feng had a powerful soul and the heaven eye skill which enabled him to determine other people’s level. That person had broken through to the first Tian Qi layer.

“That crown belongs to the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan. I heard that you killed Huang Feng in order to get it.” said that person coldly while releasing some powerful Qi. 

“You are right, indeed I killed Huang Feng and stole that crown. In the mysterious world, people kill others in order to gain precious treasures. I killed Huang Feng and stole his treasure and he couldn’t protect himself because he was a piece of trash. Is that the reason why you are yelling? To tell everyone how shitty the young cultivators of Jade Heaven are?” Lin Feng’s voice was sharp. Lin Feng didn’t look scared at all. He had received the four emperors’ instructions and corroded the great emperor’s heart. To Lin Feng, a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer was nothing. 

“Little brat. You think that you are a genius and show no respect for your elders!” shouted that person furiously while releasing a terrifying Qi, capable of suppressing people’s souls.

“An elder? You think quite highly of yourself.” said Lin Feng mockingly before adding: “Just piss off, I’m giving you some good advice. Don’t stay here and humiliate yourself. If you are looking for trouble, at least, you should learn how to speak properly.”

“How audacious! I’ve never seen such an insane and impetuous young man. I will show you that you should respect cultivators of the Tian Qi layer, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer cannot do anything against someone like me.” that person was suddenly surrounded by an imperial Qi which targeted Lin Feng. It was terrifying, his hair was fluttering in the wind and the Qi was whistling.

“Fuck off!” A terrifying feral Qi dashed to the skies in the form of a tornado. The opponent quickly retreated in the sky.

“Do you think you can bully Tian Chi’s people as you wish?” one of the snow eagles pissed-off. 

“It’s your fault, doesn’t Tian Chi educate its young cultivators? He’s too conceited, so I will help teach your cultivators some manners.” that person wasn’t backing down. 

“Teach me manners?” Lin Feng was smiling coldly. He stood up and jumped and rose up in the sky.

“Eh?” The crowd was astonished. What was Lin Feng doing? 

“Lin Feng.” shouted the snow eagle. Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were indeed far from being able to defeat cultivators of the Tian Qi layer, the difference was too vast. The snow eagle hoped Lin Feng would stay safe.

“I am going to teach him some manners.” Lin Feng said back to the snow eagle. Immediately after, he looked at the Jade Heaven man and said, “Elder, would you still teach me some manners?” 

He released some supreme sword Qi which dashed to the skies and whistled stridently. It was like a storm moving towards the enemy.

“Level seven sword intent!” The crowd was astonished. What a terrifying young man. He hadn’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer but could already use level seven intent… What a genius… Other geniuses felt small before him.

The Tian level cultivator from Jade Heaven was astonished as well. Level seven sword intnet, what an accomplishment! He could sense the Qi and it scared him. 

A million swords condensed in front of Lin Feng, who turned himself into a sword and darted forward with incredible speed. 

“Elder, it is time for your first lesson.” the million swords condensed and turned into one. It contained an incredibly supreme Qi, absolutely brutal. The million swords became one. It hadn’t reached the opponent yet but he already felt like he was going to be cut in-half.

The strong Jade Heaven cultivator joined his hands together and looked solemn, the sword skill was extremely powerful and on top of that held level seven sword intent. 

A terrifying imperial Qi rolled in the atmosphere. A dragon seemingly appeared to defend against the sword.

Some sounds spread in the air as the sword Qi cut through the imperial Qi, surprising the crowd. The imperial Qi quickly disappeared.

“What a strong elder!” Lin Feng said mockingly. Lin Feng’s sword Qi hadn’t lost its spirit yet and continued on to that cultivator. The Tian level cultivator roared aggressively while releasing his soul strength at Lin Feng. However, it was as if it had crashed into an ocean, it immediately dispersed and disappeared inside Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand from which a black fire appeared which seemed capable of melting anything. 

“You have broken through to the Tian Qi layer, how awesome!” said Lin Feng whose gigantic hand gained on his enemy. The enemy blocked the attack but that black hand was too powerful and directly crashed onto his body. The fire was flickering in the wind as the enemy’s body did not even leave ashes.

“He’s dead!” 

The crowd was aghast, their hearts started pounding. Had a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer just been killed by Lin Feng with a single attack?

A Xuan level cultivator killing a Tian level cultivator so easily… that was both impressive and astonishing. 

Lin Feng was standing in the sky and looked peerless, brutal, cruel. Were Tian level cultivators all that strong? Surprisingly, he wanted to teach Lin Feng lesson and was killed with a single attack, who could have predicted that outcome?

“How brutal. That guy is simply terrifying!” thought Huang Fu Long speechless. That guy killed a Tian level cultivator in one attack? Killing that cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was seemingly as easy as killing a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.

The seven snow eagles were just as surprised by Lin Feng. Even though they had always known how strong Lin Feng was, they had never thought that he would reach such heights so quickly.

All the Jade Heaven people were pulling hideously long faces.

Lin Feng turned his head and looked at the people from Jade Heaven while saying in a cold and detached way, “In the mysterious world, fighting and killing people is normal. But here, you can’t offend someone without seeking the wrath from their group, perhaps a great war could arise. If I were you I wouldn’t seek excuses to start a fight with me now.”

The Jade Heaven’s leader was staring at Lin Feng, his eyes were filled with murder. He smiled in a cold way and said, “Indeed, no need to find lame excuses. You violated the emperor’s vital organs and after that, everybody was kicked out of the emperor’s palace. Doesn’t that mean that you obtained the great emperor’s treasures?” Instantly, everybody was looking at Lin Feng. Many people who initially didn’t know suddenly understood. Lin Feng was too cruel. He might be a genius but that didn’t mean he was a saint.

“If you were an emperor, would you let other people violate your vital organs, take them and then let them offer your organs to others? Do you think that your ancestor, the jade emperor, was so stupid?” said Lin Feng mockingly. The Jade Heaven people wanted everybody to fight against Lin Feng but he wouldn’t let things happen that way.

“We are the ones who found the jade emperor’s hall but the first ones to get inside were from Jade Heaven because the jade emperor was your ancestor. He created the jade emperor’s hall for jade heaven’s people, his offspring. Your dream has always been to find his grave, right? Besides, there were many cultivators from Jade Heaven in the mysterious world, who would believe them if they said they had obtained nothing? Nobody. Maybe one of them has even received the instructions and teachings of the great emperor and is hiding them from everybody now.” said Lin Feng, raising ideas in others heads.

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