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PMG Chapter 818: All Inside!

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PMG Chapter 818: All Inside!

The vast palace appeared propelling everybody backwards, astonishment had taken replaced pain in their brain.

“The great emperor’s palace, that’s the emperor’s palace!” The Tian level cultivators couldn’t contain themselves when they sensed the Qi emerging out of the palace. They could see the emperor’s palace! 

“What’s inside?” asked many people to their younger disciples. If they came out alive, it meant that they had entered the palace.

“Many treasures, intent crystals, abstruse crystals and many halls which were locked to us.” replied the young cultivators one after the other. The Tian level cultivators suddenly felt extremely excited. In the past, they were unable to enter the palace and could only send Xuan level cultivators into it. 

There were many other treasures as well, what did those locked halls contain? Those Xuan level cultivators were unable to enter those halls, but what about Tian level cultivators?

Everybody was going insane. They were very impatient to see what those mysterious locked halls contained.

Nonetheless, there were also some people who were less excited and remained both calm and detached. Why? Why had the palace appeared?

“The emperor’s heart.” The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng took out the emperor’s heart and in a flash it turned into a vast palace blowing them away. 

The people from Jade Heaven were pulling a long face. They didn’t know that the jade emperor’s heart was a palace. They had heard from their ancestors that kneeling three times and kowtowing nine times before the emperor was enough to receive his teachings and instructions. It seemed like they had received some bad information. 

“Lin Feng, where is Lin Feng?” People from Jade Heaven started running towards the location where Lin Feng was standing a moment before but he had already disappeared. Where had he gone? 

“What do we do now?” the people from Jade Heaven looked at the vast and desolate area. They looked back at the vast palace again. They were all confused and excited at the same time, should they enter or not? 

Lin Feng had replaced the vital fluids of the emperor’s heart with his own and that heart was the emperor’s palace. Didn’t that mean the palace actually belonged to Lin Feng now?

If they entered Lin Feng’s palace, what would it bring them?

“Let’s go inside.” the leader from Jade Heaven decided. Even if it was dangerous, they couldn’t pass up such an opportunity. 

Some groups came up with the idea to leave some Tian level cultivators outside of the palace. Even though nobody was willing to stay outside, they had to in case Lin Feng came back and put the palace away. Those who stood guard outside would be able to kill him and steal the emperor’s heart. That way, the situation would remain perfectly safe at all times. 

Of course, some of those guards couldn’t help themselves and secretly entered the palace.

At that moment, outside of the palace, Duan Wu Ya’s eyes were twinkling. He didn’t enter the palace because he had known Lin Feng for a long time and knew that Lin Feng, with his temperament, wouldn’t hand the emperor’s heart over that easily. He was completely convinced that Lin Feng was controlling the jade emperor’s palace somehow.

Duan Wu Ya was jealous. Not only was Lin Feng a genius but he was also very lucky. Surprisingly, he had obtained the emperor’s palace on top of his previous achievements. All the treasures in the palace now belonged to him.

“It must be that wall…” thought Duan Wu Ya recalling the carvings on the walls, he had been unable to understand them. Lin Feng was the only one who understood the carvings in the wall. 

“It’s not that easy to obtain the treasures inside the palace…” whispered Duan Wu Ya. So many Tian level geniuses had just entered the palace, it was useless for Duan Wu Ya to enter. Besides, he knew how smart Lin Feng was.

People in the palace were going insane, especially those from Jade Heaven. Those who had already been inside were leading the way, running towards the jade emperor’s hall, they wanted to see the jade emperor and find his teachings.

When they finally made it to the the hall though, they found that the jade emperor’s body wasn’t there. The jade emperor’s hall was completely empty. 

“You said that Lin Feng studied the carvings on the walls first and then studied the skill and stole the emperor’s heart, where exactly did that happen?” asked the leader of the group. Everybody just pointed at the mysterious scriptures on the walls.

The leader walked around inspecting the walls and shivered. What powerful words.

“According to the legends, nobody can understand the demoniac emperor’s writings, could those have been written by him?” whispered the leader of the Jade Heaven group. But why would Lin Feng understand the demoniac emperor’s words then? Could it be that Lin Feng and the demoniac emperor were related?

At that moment, he was realizing that the demoniac emperor of the legends and Lin Feng seemed similar.

They were all insufferably arrogant, despised the entire world, and once in a while entered a frenzy which only ended with blood… they were fearless… Lin Feng really resembled the demoniac emperor of the legends.

Outside of the palace, in the very horizon, there was someone on the ground. His long robe was fluttering in the wind, he walked towards the palace, looking calm and detached. 

“Lin Feng.” somebody gazed into the distance and saw Lin Feng walking back.

Lin Feng was walking neither slow nor fast. He gazed at the people in the distance as well as at the palace. He didn’t look worried at all. Finally, he arrived near the palace and looked at the people next to it. He smiled coldly and said, “You want me to die and you want to steal my palace. That’s no problem, I will allow you to spend plenty of time in it.” After that, Lin Feng shook his hand as terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the atmosphere. The boundless palace turned into a heart and immediately flew back into his hand.

Those who had thought it through earlier were lucky. Lin Feng had replaced the blood in the heart with his own and gained ownership. Everything inside the palace was his. 

The emperor’s heart was the emperor’s palace and Lin Feng could now control it freely. Were the people inside going to be stuck inside forever? 

There were more than twenty people standing outside with Lin Feng, many of them were cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. They all threw themselves at Lin Feng, their eyes were filled with murderous intentions. 

“You really want to kill me?” Lin Feng said smirking slightly. They looked perplexed as they stared at Lin Feng coldly. Of course they wanted to kill him!

“Did you ever think that if you obtained the heart, the people inside would be under your control? Their lives would be in your hands and you would gain a lot of power.” said Lin Feng. His words sounded really tempting!

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