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PMG Chapter 819: The Palace’s Explosive Power!

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PMG Chapter 819: The Palace’s Explosive Power!

“Hmph, we won’t fall for your trickeries this time.” the crowd was glaring at Lin Feng. They would love to have the power Lin Feng spoke of but if they wanted to obtain the emperor’s heart, they had to kill him. Lin Feng had to die. How could they control the emperor’s heart, the palace, if Lin Feng was still alive? 

“I know what the problem is, you don’t know if you should kill me or steal the emperor’s heart first.” said Lin Feng with an indifferent smile on his face. He stretched out his arms and the emperor’s heart appeared again, he then threw it and said, “You can choose, you can kill me first but then the heart won’t belong to you anymore, someone else will take control of it.”

“The emperor’s heart.” Those people narrowed their eyes and threw themselves at the heart.

Strong cultivators joined sects, clans and other influential groups to become stronger. At that moment, they had a great opportunity to become stronger, the opportunity to obtain the emperor’s palace. With it they would be able to surpass the strongest cultivators. Who cared about the sect or the clan if one could obtain such a treasure?

Those who entered the palace did it willingly just like those who decided to stay outside. 


“Fuck off!” A terrifying Qi emerged. Those Tian level cultivators started fighting, their Qi created a storm in the area and whistling sounds pierced eardrums. The ground was shaking violently. Everybody had only one thing in mind, the emperor’s heart.

At that moment, Lin Feng was standing there, calmly. He silently observed the insane battle as if it had nothing to do with him. 

They noticed that Lin Feng wasn’t leaving so they continued fighting over the emperor’s heart. If they could obtain the emperor’s heart and then kill Lin Feng, the palace would belong to them. 

Duan Wu Ya was quite far on the other side, he hadn’t left either. He was watching those Tian level cultivators battling, Lin Feng had matured since he first met him. He was able to set up plots and manipulate others. Coupled with his incredible talent and abilities, he was a large threat. 

A glacial light appeared around Duan Wu Ya’s body, making him feel very cold. That coldness was piercing to the bones. Duan Wu Ya knew that Lin Feng wanted to kill him, but he wouldn’t give him the opportunity to do so. Killing Duan Wu Ya wouldn’t be that easy. 

“Die!” shouted an ice-cold voice. A hand then penetrated into a Tian level cultivator’s body and blood splashed all around. A Tian level cultivator just died, however, the emperor’s heart was, as before, on the ground.

“You will die too!” A sharp sword emitting whistling sounds immediately crashed into that person’s back. After killing that person, the sword started vibrating and cut up the enemy’s body further. Then the person turned around and released some terrifying sword lights which immediately cut another person’s hand. 
“The emperor’s heart is mine!” they were crazed. That person used an agility technique to grab the emperor’s heart.

“Someone from Xiao Yao…” the crowd was surprised. The one with the sword was still fast, their sword was lacerating the air around them.

“Bzzzzz!” The person from Xiao Yao used another agility technique and turned into a few dozen shadows. Each shadow looked like a real body, it seemed that they mastered the technique to perfection.

“Crrrr…. crrrr….” the terrifying sword Qi immediately chopped a dozen shadows. However, the other shadows were still running towards the emperor’s heart.

“Stop!” More rumbling sounds spread in the air. A powerful hand fell to the ground, that hand was the size of a large mountain, capable of crushing everything underneath it. Another dozen shadows disappeared in a flash. A silhouette streaked across the sky as the emperor’s heart disappeared. The Xiao Yao person’s shadows all target Lin Feng now. 

If they managed to kill Lin Feng, they would take control of the emperor’s heart.

“How fast.” Lin Feng was praising the Xiao Yao cultivator. Lin Feng looked expressionless but in his heart, he was a bit surprised. That agility technique was incredible, it was the real Xiao Yao agility technique, graceful, agile and possessed a subtle power.

“Die!” a hand appeared and made an attempt on Lin Feng’s life. The atmosphere was shaking and things seemed like they were going to explode. That cultivator wanted to kill Lin Feng with one attack.

“Boom!” The emperor’s heart turned into a palace again and fell onto the ground in the blink of an eye. The Xiao Yao cultivator who held the heart was propelled so far away that nobody knew where he landed. The ones who were fighting for the heart were also propelled away. 

Lin Feng motioned again and the emperor’s heart turned into a heart again and fell from the sky.

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered as he grabbed the heart. He looked in the horizon and saw some people coughing mouthfuls of blood. Lin Feng smiled mockingly and said, “You guys are really dumb.” 

If they had decided to try and kill him first when he threw the heart, the others would have had the opportunity to steal the heart and escape. Therefore, they had decided to steal the heart first and then kill Lin Feng. Unfortunately, they had forgotten that Lin Feng could control the emperor’s heart, even if they stole the heart, was it helpful?

Lin Feng could make the heart turn into a palace and vice-versa as he wished.

Some people were struggling, crawling on the ground, all pulling long faces. Their silhouettes flickered as they came back for Lin Feng. Their facial expressions looked hideous. 

Lin Feng was playing around with them, just like toys. 

They now realized that as long as Lin Feng controlled the heart, he could make it turn into the palace as he wished and send them flying.

No wonder Lin Feng was fearless, it was because he already thought through all the scenarios. 

“Do you understand now?” Lin Feng was smiling, adding, “Do you still want the emperor’s heart?”

“Let’s attack him together and kill him!” Those Tian level cultivators glanced at each other and understood what they had to do. The only solution was to join hands, kill Lin Feng and then steal the heart.


“Die, die!” Furious voices were echoing one after the other in the vast area. Lin Feng was thousands of meters away but could still sense their murderous intentions. A sword started dazzling even though it was thousands of meters. 

The Xiao Yao cultivator started moving faster and faster, another series of shadows appeared in the air. They all looked exactly the same as him. 

“Boom boom boom!” Terrifying collision sounds resonated. A terrifying oppressive energy invaded the atmosphere. In a flash, they were very near Lin Feng. However, just as quickly, they were thrown away again and crashed into the ground. The faster they were, the more brutal the shocks. 

Lin Feng was still immobile. He looked calm and serene. He was staring at the silhouettes covered by blood in the distance. A bunch of morons.

“Shall we continue?” Lin Feng sounded perfectly calm while watching those people crawling on the ground. He looked like he wanted to burst out in laughter because of their stupidity. Indeed, he was really playing with them like a kid with their toys. The palace was an incredible weapon, with that palace, who could kill him?

The Tian level cultivators stood up again, pulling long faces. All those Tian level cultivators couldn’t stand being made fun of, they were furious. 

“You have to die!” Those people glanced at each others. They didn’t need to talk, they understood each other. If Lin Feng didn’t die, they would go back to their sect or clan and everybody would know about their failure. Lin Feng had to die. They would chase him until the ends of the Earth. Even the Tian Chi Empire was unable to protect Lin Feng. 

“Let’s go.” some people said while rising up in the air. They wanted to leave.

Lin Feng glanced at those people and smiled coldly, “Go? You failed to kill me and now you want to leave?” 

Lin Feng jumped up in the sky with incredible speed, his entire body was surrounded by terrifying energies. “Nobody is leaving, you’re going to die!”

Lin Feng then turned into a hurricane and shot out at the Tian level cultivators. From the emperor’s heart, an infinite amount of imperial Qi emerged. Terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air as the palace appeared again and fell down from the sky. The ground shook so violently that it seemed like there was an earthquake. A palace falling from the sky and crashing into the ground, how terrifying was that? A gigantic fissure appeared in the ground and many small ones appeared all around it.

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