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PMG Chapter 82: The Rise of a Genius

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Slightly later today as I had a small nap. There will be 5-6 chapters tonight, since the chapters are 30% larger at the moment, I will beat my minimum of 10 as promised, but I was targeting 14  🙁

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Currently there were some elite disciples whose eyes had lit up, especially the twenty at the top of the rankings.

They all regarded themselves as geniuses. They were arrogant and prideful. But Lin Feng, who was on the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena dared to talk conceited nonsense and challenge every elite disciple to battle against him.

But many of them were worried about how strong Lin Feng really was, especially those close to Lei Bo within the rankings. Lin Feng was so strong that he had managed to kill Lei Bo and was even threatening all of them at that moment.

What made them even more worried was that many of these geniuses had noticed that Lin Feng hadn’t released his spirit at all. If he had a Sword Spirit, his strength would probably be monstrous. That would definitely be terrifying and incredibly dangerous to step on the same stage as him.

Nobody had dared to reply to Lin Feng as many were deep in thought. The atmosphere was drowned into absolute silence. That silence was broken a few times by some of the sword Qi, which emanated from Lin Feng’s body, ripping through the air.

“Wen Ren Yan, you called me a piece of trash, a nobody and said that you can easily kill me. Do I need to come down and beg you to kill me? Now that you have an opportunity to kill me, what are you waiting for? Are you currently not scared to challenge like those you called worthless before? ”

Lin Feng was looking at Wen Ren Yan. When everyone heard his calm voice as he spat insults into Wen Ren Yan’s face, they were all stupefied.

Lin Feng was definitely someone who continued to surprise.

He suddenly dared challenge the top ranked of all the elite disciples.

Wen Ren Yan was at the peak of the third Ling Qi layer. Even though Lei Bo was at the same Ling Qi layer, nobody would dare compare Lei Bo and Wen Ren Yan. They had nothing in common at all.

Cultivators of the same Ling Qi layer were not necessarily comparable. For example, Lin Feng was at the second Ling Qi layer but could defeat and kill Lei Bo who was at the third Ling Qi layer. The skills practiced and battle experience played an extremely important role regardless of the layer reached.

Wen Ren Yan was also similar to Lin Feng. He had broken through to the third Ling Qi layer but many core disciples of the fourth Ling Qi layer didn’t dare provoke him.

“You are overestimating your abilities. Just because you killed Lei Bo doesn’t mean that you can compete with me. Lei Bo was nothing in comparison with me. In my eyes, Lei Bo was the same as you, a piece of trash, a nobody.”

Wen Ren Yan, was looking at Lin Feng with eyes filled with disdain. Lin Feng wasn’t weak but challenging Wen Ren Yan was like committing suicide. Strength is strength. In Wen Ren Yan’s eyes, Lin Feng was a weak piece of trash.

“You talk so much shit. Is it because you want to show off in front of everybody?”

Lin Feng didn’t understand what Wen Ren Yan exactly meant. Lin Feng then added: “You don’t have to be like that. Since you are so powerful and that you consider me as a piece of trash, as a nobody, then just climb up onto the fighting stage immediately. Show everybody how strong you are and kill me. Show everybody your real power. Actions will always be better that the drivel from your mouth. Everybody will believe you when you come onto this fighting stage and prove your words or you can continue to hide there and talk big.”

“Everybody can talk big. Lei Bo also called me a piece of trash before I killed him. He said he was stronger than me. What happened in the end?”

Lin Feng’s words were straightforward and he was clearly provoking Wen Ren Yan but what he was saying was actually the truth. Anyone can talk big but it only matters if your actions can prove what you say.

If Wen Ren Yan climbed onto the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena, he would gain infinite glory. He would be regarded as an amazing talent by everyone in the sect. But he wasn’t doing it at all.

Not only didn’t he climb onto the fighting stage but he kept talking and talking, bragging about how amazing he was.

In his eyes, Lin Feng was just a nobody, an insect which he could crush at anytime. Since Lin Feng could be crushed at any time, why did he need to fight? Talking and humiliating Lin Feng was enough but was that enough to be regarded as a strong cultivator?

Wen Ren Yan glanced at the people standing next to him who were still looking as arrogant as ever.

“You guys go and kill him. I will give you the glory of killing him.”

Many people’s eyes were glowing with killing intent when they heard Wen Ren Yan. Wen Ren Yan was considered a great cultivator by everyone. The glory for killing him… they all know what it meant.

Wen Ren Yan had a lot of profound pills. There was a profound pill which he had in abundance: a sort of pill which had a deadly attraction force.

“I’m going to kill him.” said a silhouette while moving towards the fighting stage. It was a young man aged seventeen, no older than eighteen. He gaze was as sharp as a dagger. He looked to have an extremely brutal nature.

“Tong Shou, the blade master.”

“It’s him. Lin Feng is in trouble.”

The young disciple came out from the crowd. When Tu Fu had become a core disciple, there were two extremely respected and strong elite disciples: Wen Ren Yan and Tong Shou.

Even though Tong Shou was ranked sixth on the elite disciple rankings, nobody had doubts concerning the fact that Tong Shou was much stronger than the four others who were above him in the rankings.

That was because Tong Shou’s spirit was a Blade Spirit. If Tong Shou only had a blade spirit, people wouldn’t have so much faith in him but he was similar to Lin Feng with his mastery of force, he was able to control blade forces.

Tong Shou wasn’t able to master blade forces like Lin Feng mastered sword forces. There was actually a huge gap between them as far as forces were concerned. However, Tong Shou had already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer which would bridge the gap in strength between their forces.

Tong Shou versus Lin Feng, it should be a very balanced battle.

“Alright, go ahead. Don’t immediately kill him. When the time of his last breath comes, make him kneel down in front of me so that he understands before he dies that I am much stronger than him. The difference between him and me is colossal.”

Wen Ren Yan said that in an indifferent tone.

“Don’t worry, I understand.”

Tong Shou slightly nodded and then went up onto the central fighting stage. He was facing Lin Feng and looking as if he had already won.

He then grabbed the long knife that he had on his back then said in a voice filled with hatred: “I have used this knife for a long time. Being killed by it should be an honor for you.”

“If I properly understand, you’re implying that you choose to have a battle where one of us must die, correct?”

Lin Feng asked that question in an indifferent tone.

“Do you think that I have time to play with you?”

Tong Shou was looking at Lin Feng in an evil way. His expression was sharp and poignant like his knife. His body was radiating killing intent.

Tong Shou grabbed his long knife and caressed it as if it was his beloved girlfriend.

“The knife is an extremely powerful weapon. It’s the best of all bladed weapons. The Blade Spirit is also an extremely powerful spirit.” Said Tong Shou.

“I’ve always hard that swords were the best bladed weapons. It’s really the first time that I have heard that a knife is the best of all bladed weapons.”

Lin Feng was calling in question what Tong Shou said.

“What do you know about such things? A blade from a sword is too heavy. Sword force is also much harder to control. How could you even compare a knife and a sword? Today, I will show you what a knife is. You will understand that it is the best bladed weapon ever.” Said Tong Shou.

A powerful energy emerged from his long knife and spread throughout the atmosphere like a fierce flood. It seemed like it was cutting everything in its path.

“Blade force.”

Lin Feng was surprised. How could that guy brag about his knife? Lin Feng also mastered forces and the force of that knife was quite weak in comparison.

Lin Feng’s sword emitted a whistling sound. The atmosphere was filled with two opposing forces. The forces on the fighting stage were extremely sharp and were piercing and cutting everything within their path.

“Blade force against Sword Force… How terrifying!”

Many people who were close to the fighting stage were projected back by the forces which had just been released. Many could feel the oppressive nature of these forces. They were too close. They had the feeling that they were going to be cut and pierced by the confrontation of the two forces.

“But it seems like Tong Shou’s knife will be much stronger. After all, he is a cultivator of the third Ling Qi layer. He’s much stronger than Lin Feng. It looks like Lin Feng was unlucky this time.”

“So, do you still think that swords are better than knives?”

Tong Shou was arrogantly looking at Lin Feng.

“Ignorant.” snorted Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t reply to Tong Shou’s question and was sneering at him.

“I’m ignorant? Alright, I will show you who the ignorant one is.”

When Tong Shou finished talking, the force released from his knife became even stronger and more powerful. It seemed like it was going to completely envelop the sword force and Qi.

“Celestial Spirit!” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released his spirit but didn’t say anything. Everything around him started to change into a world of darkness.

The entire world was now covered in complete darkness. He became omniscient. He could feel and sense every single bit of blade force and sword force around him. He knew where every single particle of energy was situated and exactly how they were moving around in the atmosphere.

Lin Feng’s eyes had turned completely pitch black. They looked like black holes.

“The knife is the best bladed weapon. It is too powerful. A sword is not even comparable with such a magnificent weapon.”

Tong Shou took a step forward and suddenly the color of the atmosphere changed. It was filled with the horrifying blade force from his knife.

Tong Shou moved towards Lin Feng and he looked like he was invincible. An incredibly powerful strength seemed to fall from the sky onto Lin Feng’s body and then started oppressing Lin Feng.


Tong Shou shouted extremely loudly as he stabbed forward with his knife. It seemed like even the sky could not stop itself from being lacerated.

Lin Feng looked as calm and serene. He remained absolutely fearless as he stood there. It seemed like he completely disregarded the power of Tong Shou’s knife.

The glowing light of his sword started rising into the air towards the atmosphere where Tong Shou’s blade force was the weakest.


Nan Gong Ling’ heart was pounding. Tong Shou’s knife was like a hot knife cutting through butter. It was as fast as lightning with its attack. Lin Feng’s sword force kept being lacerating by the force contained within the knife. It seemed like Lin Feng’s body could get lacerated at any second. Instead of dodging, Lin Feng had used his sword to counterattack, why?

Even though Lin Feng could use his sword in an extremely skillful way, the force of his sword wasn’t as strong as Tong Shou’s blade force. If Lin Feng could get rid of Tong Shou’s blade force then there probably wouldn’t be any problem but that seemed impossible. If Lin Feng didn’t dodge the attacks then Lin Feng’s body would be cut into two.

During that extremely short amount of time, Nan Gong Ling had a million thoughts rushing through his mind. That young disciple who certainly would be able to rise up someday… was he going to get killed that easily and that quickly?

Lin Feng had gotten much too excited. He should have controlled himself better.

Tong Shou was smiling coldly. He wouldn’t have thought that it would be this easy to kill Lin Feng. What alternative was there? Lin Feng had put himself into this situation. If Lin Feng had known earlier then he wouldn’t have said that blade force was weaker than sword force. Besides, wasn’t the knife much quicker than the sword?


Tong Shou could already see Lin Feng’s body being cut into two.

The crowd was also already imagining that. Everybody had stopped breathing. They were speechlessly staring at the fighting stage and had the impression that there was nothing on it but a knife and a sword.

Finally, the deadly light of the knife vanished. It seemed like time had stopped.

Tong Shou’s knife was twenty centimeters above Lin Feng’s head and Lin Feng’s sword was now held at his waist.

What was happening? Their two bodies had frozen in that strange position.

A small breeze was blowing in the air. Somebody coughed breaking the terrifying silence that had consumed the whole arena.

“Who won?”

Suddenly, somebody asked the question. It was not clear to them who had won the battle. Everything had been too fast. They didn’t even know where to look.

Tong Shou seemed like he was about to speak. Everybody was stupefied. Had he really killed Lin Feng?

“How did you do that?”

The one who asked that question was Tong Shou. It seemed like he couldn’t believe what had just happened.

At that moment, Lin Feng spoke slowly and unhurriedly.

“Blade force and sword force are the same, they are force. A force is a good way to enhance your attack power as well as other abilities necessary in a battle. A knife has many different uses in life, it is a tool created to aid us. My sword is different, the sword is made for the sole purpose of killing.”

Lin Feng was standing straight with his head held high. Tong Shou was had blood pouring from his chest. Blood was flowing endlessly from his body onto the ground. Everybody was just staring at the amount blood in shock.

“I understand……” said Tong Shou while his eyes slowly closed themselves. Then, his body also slowly collapsed onto the ground.

Immediately after the crowd could not believe their eyes. Lin Feng had thrown the body into the crowd of disciples. He refused to let it remain on the stage in disgrace.

Tong Shou had lost, another genius had been killed by Lin Feng!

“How terrifying!”

Everybody had the impression that they were in a dream when looking at Lin Feng. It was like he had supernatural powers. He was like a death god as he stood on the main stage. It seemed like nobody was able to defeat him. No matter how strong his opponent was, Lin Feng was always stronger.

“Pheewww…” Nan Gong Ling took a deep breath. He didn’t know what to think though.

Another valued genius of the Yun Hai Sect had died and it was only because Lin Feng wanted to prove how powerful he was.

Nan Gong Ling did not want to pay that price.

But even though Nan Gong Ling regretted losing so many disciples, he still felt gratified to have a disciple such as Lin Feng. He was also happy to see the rise of a real genius.

That kind of strength, that kind of power, who could compete with it?

He was starting to believe Lin Feng. Lin Feng just needed a little bit more time and nobody could stop him. Even a hundred Mo Xie-like cultivators wouldn’t be able to defeat Lin Feng.

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