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PMG Chapter 821: Chase and Kill!

Edited: OddManOut

PMG Chapter 821: Chase and Kill!
After chasing and killing those two, there was only one person left in the sky. He had witnessed everything with his own eyes and he knew almost all of Lin Feng’s secrets.

Duan Wu Ya’s heart was shaking, he couldn’t process all of this. Lin Feng could used the jade emperor’s heart and imprisoned everybody. Not only that, he had a tower which possessed ferocious wild beasts. He commanded two beasts, a violent bear and a roc which could kill two Tian level cultivators.

Lin Feng’s methods would make Duan Wu Ya shiver.

Duan Wu Ya’s heart was filled with an infinite coldness.

“I thought you were going to escape.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Feng’s calmness was terrifying, Duan Wu Ya could feel Lin Feng’s murderous intentions in that calm and indifferent voice. 

“You understand that I could let anyone off but you. I will definitely kill you.”

“I know.” said Duan Wu Ya smiling and nodding. “Lin Feng, you have become monstrously strong. With you around, I will never achieve inner peace.”

Lin Feng was confused, did Duan Wu Ya still think that he was going to live on?

“Therefore, I will tell everybody in the world that you obtained the jade emperor’s heart because you have to die. I will feel peaceful and reassured only if you die.” Duan Wu Ya said as if he had understood what Lin Feng was thinking. Lin Feng frowned, Duan Wu Ya was surprisingly acting like he could get away?

“Do you think that you will be able to escape alive?” Lin Feng asked. He didn’t understand why Duan Wu Ya sounded so confident.

Duan Wu Ya smiled resplendently and stretched out his arm, in his hand appeared the gloomy gourd. It appeared to be growing. After a moment Duan Wu Ya sat down inside the gourd. 

“Lin Feng, the treasures which belonged to the Zun cultivators are not as simple to understand as you imagine. Even if you obtained one, you wouldn’t be able to understand it fully right away. I’ve been using this gourd constantly since I obtained it. It seems I forgot to tell you that the gourd is not only a weapon, it is also a flying object.” Duan Wu Ya snickered. He condensed more pure Qi as a myriad of mysterious marks appeared, holy marks. 

“See you.” said Duan Wu Ya cheerfully. A dazzling light appeared and in a flash, the gourd streaked across the sky. In a flash, Dan Wu Ya had already traveled to the horizon. 

Lin Feng was stunned. No wonder that Duan Wu Ya had been acting so confidently. It was because he had that gloomy gourd. He was hiding the secrets of the gourd the whole time because he predicted that he would have to face Lin Feng and would have to run away if he wanted to live.

Lin Feng moved his arm, rumbling sounds spread in the air as the bear flew back into the tower. Then Lin Feng abruptly jumped onto the roc’s back and said, “Chase him.”

The roc started flapping its wings and a terrifying bestial Qi swamped the area.

Lin Feng obtained the jade emperor’s palace and nobody could learn about it. He had to chase and kill Duan Wu Ya otherwise the news would spread and everybody in the Gan Yu region would want to kill Lin Feng and steal his treasures. 

Duan Wu Ya wasn’t feeling as calm and detached as he looked. Sitting in his gloomy gourd, his facial expression looked solemn and grave. Back then, Lin Feng was so much weaker than him. Duan Wu Ya didn’t fear him at all and used to play around with him. Now, the circumstances were different, Duan Wu Ya couldn’t act like that anymore because he was afraid of Lin Feng. Lin Feng could kill him! 

Just like he told Lin Feng, if Lin Feng didn’t die, he would live in fear for his entire life.

Duan Wu Ya could sense a bestial Qi behind him, his heart started pounding harder. He turned his head around and saw a huge legendary roc gaining on him. It was incredibly fast, its two wings were flapping with incredible strength. It was much faster than the gourd he was riding, especially seeing how he couldn’t control the gourd that well yet. 

He put his hands on his gourd and increased his speed. Magnificent dazzling lights were twinkling. The gourd became even more distinct as the atmosphere was shaking. In the blink of an eye, Duan Wu Ya disappeared into the horizon again.

If Duan Wu Ya managed to maintain that speed, the roc wouldn’t be able to catch up with him, but Duan Wu Ya wasn’t strong enough to keep condensing pure Qi at that level.

In a short time, the Tian level roc started gaining on Duan Wu Ya again. Duan Wu Ya looked terrified. Damn roc! Its speed was incredible! Duan Wu Ya wouldn’t be able to escape it seemed.

“I need to reach the East Sea Dragon Palace before I use up all my pure Qi reserves.” thought Duan Wu Ya while remaining determined. As long as he could make the holy marks of the gourd shine, he could evade Lin Feng. Duan Wu Ya just had to maintain a certain distance between them. If Duan Wu Ya managed to do that and reach the East Sea Dragon Palace, then Lin Feng would definitely die.

Lin Feng was standing on the back of the roc steadily. His entire body looked like a sharp sword, he was ready to attack. He just had to get close enough to Duan Wu Ya and he would be able to kill him. 

At such speeds, they had already left the vast and desolate area and entered the Gan Yu region. There were eighteen empires of average quality but they also controlled many empires. Each of those eighteen empires was extremely influential and powerful. 

The East Sea Empire was one of them and was boundless. It had three empires of lower quality under its jurisdiction and those empires had many countries under their control. The East Sea Empire was extremely powerful, namely thanks to the East Sea Dragon Palace which was, to a certain extent, ruling over the empire.

The Dragon Palace was situated above the East Sea. It was a gigantic, imposing, lofty and magnificent island. It looked as mystical as it did magical.

Amongst all the buildings, there were five which were particularly magnificent. Four of them were in the North, South, East and West making the center look incredibly vast. 

At that moment, in that middle building, there was a stone stage with people on it. They were playing chess but they didn’t look that motivated. They were just staring blankly at the game.

“Our purple-golden Dragon King brought those people to the mysterious world a long time ago already. Why don’t we have any news from them?” a middle-aged man wearing a dragon robe said looking worried.

“It’s probably a good thing if they are spending a long time in the mysterious world. It means they are getting treasures. You remember when we went there last time? We have their soul jewels, even though some people died, Ao Jiao and the others are still alive, so they must still be hunting treasures.” someone else said. Those who had entered the mysterious world left their soul treasures behind before entering so others could know if they were still alive or not. Even though the soul jewels of the strongest disciples hadn’t broken they were stuck in Lin Feng’s palace forever! 

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