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PMG Chapter 823: Escape

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PMG Chapter 823: Escape

Those from the East Sea Dragon Palace didn’t know the most about the jade emperor but they knew that the people from Jade Heaven were his offsprings. They could also guess that the great emperor’s grave that was the mysterious world was the Jade Heaven’s ancestor.

It was because of this understanding that the strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace paid particular attention to those from Jade Heaven.

Back when Duan Wu Ya said the word “jade”, they immediately thought of the jade emperor. Even though they hadn’t correctly guessed what Duan Wu Ya meant to say, they at least knew that the emperor’s grave was discovered and the one who had killed Duan Wu Ya was called Lin Feng. That Lin Feng had obtained one of the jade emperor’s treasures.

“The one who was killed was a Xuan level cultivator and was the purple-golden dragon king’s disciple. He came back to the Dragon Palace but the others, including the Tian level cultivators, haven’t.” Qing Mu said to others, which made them frown. 

“Something terrible has happened.” they were guessing the situation. The emperor’s grave had appeared and something terrible probably happened afterwards. They wanted to know what happened. Were they still hunting treasures? Why were their soul jewels still intact? It meant that they were still alive, but maybe they were stuck in the emperor’s palace.

Qing Mu continued to say, “Chase him. If we capture him we can understand the whole story.” 

“Indeed, we have to catch him.” Their eyes turned to the retreating Lin Feng.

Very quickly, many people from the East Sea Dragon Palace rose up in the air. A terrifying Qi was floating around them. There were many Tian level cultivators amongst those people. 

At the same time, others from inside the East Sea Dragon Palace began investigating Lin Feng. They wanted to know everything about him.

The roc had been injured by Qing Mu but it could still fly. Its wings were bleeding profusely and it was losing altitude..

“Get back into the tower and have a rest so that you can heal.” Lin Feng told  the roc. He put the roc back in the tower and flew himself. He soon landed on the ground in the middle of the East Sea Empire and walked into the middle of the crowd. 

The economy in average quality empires was booming so there were people everywhere.

In East Sea, the East Sea Dragon Palace was almost like a holy grounds. It was like the lake Tian Chi of the Tian Chi empire but Lin Feng didn’t feel like admiring the East Sea Empire. Even though he was in the middle of the crowd, he was still moving at full speed. He had to leave the East Sea Empire as soon as possible.

Lin Feng changed his Qi and put his hand on his face. In a flash, Lin Feng completely changed and turned into another person. He looked a bit yellow as if he were sick. It was precisely the mask he had obtained from the old man back then.

It didn’t take long before a monstrously powerful Qi was flying above Lin Feng’s head. Those people were quick, it might not be that easy to leave the empire.

The only thing Lin Feng could cherish was that Duan Wu Ya hadn’t had the time to say anything before his death. People just thought that he had obtained one of the jade emperor’s treasures. If Duan Wu Ya had managed to say that Lin Feng obtained the emperor’s entire palace, the consequences would have been absolutely terrifying. The Zun cultivators of the East Sea Dragon Palace would have come out to kill him.

The people in the sky kept turning around in the sky as they inspected the ground. 

Lin Feng had decided to walk slower, just like the other normal people. He was walking normally and sometimes glanced at the people in the sky, looking surprised as if he didn’t known what was going on.

However, Lin Feng soon became worried. Those people weren’t flying around anymore, instead they were staring at the ground from the sky as if they were sure that Lin Feng had landed. If he hadn’t put the mask on, they would have found him already.

In fact, it was really that way, they could sense the Qi that Qing Mu left but it was extremely weak. However, it was enough for them to know that Lin Feng had landed. The only problem was that they couldn’t recognize him.

“The roc has disappeared and we can’t see Lin Feng anywhere. He’s probably using a special trick.” a Tian level cultivator suggested after pondering for a moment. Qing Mu’s Qi was still there yet weak, which meant that either Lin Feng or the roc was in the middle of the crowd. Maybe the Tian level roc had turned into a human being. 

“Everybody, disperse.” an ice-cold voice rang suddenly. A heavy pressure invaded the crowd, surprising most everyone. The strong cultivators of the East Sea Dragon Palace were extremely brutal. Nobody dared to offend or disobey them. 

It didn’t take long before people started dispersing. There were many people so things were a little chaotic. The strong cultivators were sensing the Qi move around when one of them pointed to a direction and said, “There, chase that person, the Qi comes from over there!” 

“Everybody stop walking!” that person yelled extremely loudly making the entire atmosphere shake. 

“Everybody, escape, the East Sea Dragon Palace people are going to kill us!” someone shouted and everybody started panicking.

“Die!” a furious voice in the sky shouted. Immediately after, a hand bombarded the atmosphere and crashed on a few people killing them. That made the crowd panic even more.

The leader of the group, a Tian level cultivator, pulled a long face. Things were getting too chaotic, in such circumstances it would be too difficult to find Lin Feng.

The group landed on the ground and dispersed. The Tian level cultivators all moved in the direction that they last felt the energy.

They frowned and walked in another direction. They came across a wall but didn’t see anyone. On the other side of the wall there was a person sitting on the ground. They looked like a homeless person. 

“You, have you seen anyone walk around here?” a Tian level cultivator asked while staring at that person on the ground. They raised their head, their face was yellow and sickly. Their Qi was also extremely weak. 

“I saw someone pass by.” the sick-looking person said. The Tian level cultivator gazed into the distance to a grave and took a few steps, but stopped again. 

There was a problem, he was walking away but Qing Mu’s Qi was getting weaker again. 

An idea suddenly hit him, he turned around and sharp lights were flashing in his eyes. He decided to walk back to that sick-looking person. 

However, he only saw a silhouette land in front of him which had a terrifying energy. There was a terrifying black hand which aimed for his head.

“You!” shouted the Tian level cultivator furiously while blocking the attack with his forearm. But when the hand reached his arm, his arm was cut off and the hand crashed onto his head. The deadly energy spread through his entire body and corroded his body. He then turned into nihility. He had been unable to block the attack.

That silhouette was none other than Lin Feng, and he was able to kill the Tian level cultivator in the blink of an eye thanks to his wind walk agility technique. Afterwards, he moved back to the other side of the wall. 

“Boom boom!” A terrifying Qi invaded the entire atmosphere, more people were breaking down the wall and running in that direction. However, when they arrived on the other side of the wall, they found no one, not even leftover Qi. Everybody there was walking normally or rushing to do their own things.

The group of strong cultivators were confused.

Not everybody could sense Qing Mu’s Qi. In that group of people, the only one who could sense Qing Mu’s Qi was the Tian level cultivator who Lin Feng had just been killed.

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