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PMG Chapter 824: Hunting

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PMG Chapter 824: Hunting

A silhouette was riding a blue wave in the air, he was wearing a dragon robe. They stood above the East Sea looking indifferent. The waves under their feet were moving with the wind. 

There were a number of people around him, all wearing dragon robes but of different colors. They looked dignified and majestic in their own way, their Qi was great like that of heroes.

Surprisingly, apart from the purple-golden dragon king, there were two other dragon kings including Qing Mu. Between those three dragons kings, Qing Mu had the lowest status. The others were the Zun Dragon cultivators and the ruler of the main central dragon palace. That palace was found in the middle of the other four, the Dragon Ruler.

The Dragon Ruler had heard that someone had obtained one of the jade emperor’s treasures and was extremely interested. At such a high level, he dreamt of becoming a real emperor. He hoped that he would one day rule over the continent and become one of the emperors of the continent. Then the Gan Yu region would just be a tiny territory in his eyes. The jade emperor’s treasures inevitably contained imperial Qi which would prove helpful to him. 

Even though he was the Dragon Ruler, he admired the emperor. In the eyes of real emperors, everyone else was insignificant.

Of course, back then, the demoniac emperor was an exception, he had the power to crush the jade emperor and terrify everyone else in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Qing Mu, have the cultivators from the four dragon palaces left already?” asked the Dragon Ruler while looking at Qing Mu. He slightly bowed and replied respectfully, “Dragon Ruler, they have already left and are looking for Lin Feng. They will capture him alive.” 

“Okay.” the Dragon Ruler said while nodding, and then added, “Remember, nobody can know about the treasure, everybody who already knows has to keep their mouth shut. And you guys can’t chase him yourself, otherwise, it will arise suspicion.”

“We understand.” said Qing Mu and the others. They had to remain calm and detached at this crucial moment. They had to stay quiet about Lin Feng’s secret. The emperor’s treasures had to be acquired by the East Sea Dragon Palace. They couldn’t let the other influential groups know about the treasure. Otherwises, a great war would start. Capturing Lin Feng would be even harder if other people knew about it. 

It was because of this that the people of the East Sea Dragon Palace were being overcautious and discreet.

They weren’t too worried, they had sent the four dragon generals who were the second strongest cultivators in the region, right after the dragon kings. Besides, they had also taken the four dragon kings’ beasts along. They were cultivators who had reached the top of the Xuan Qi layer and possessed incredible Tian level beasts with them. Lin Feng would never be able to escape them.


Lin Feng wasn’t showing himself because he knew that the people from the East Sea Dragon Palace were everywhere in the empire and were looking for him. He hadn’t flown in the sky since putting away the roc, now he could only rely on his wind intent to run faster. He didn’t dare stop for even a second. Surrounded by all these strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace, the situation was very dangerous for him.

After half a day, Lin Feng managed to leave the East Sea Empire and arrived in a vast jungle, but he couldn’t stop to rest yet. 

“Roarrrr!” In the horizon, a wild beast roared and a terrifying Qi could be felt. Lin Feng was startled and pulled a long face.

Lin Feng ran towards a dense shrubbery and buried himself inside. He could sense the bestial Qi getting closer. His eyes turned dark and the world around him became gray. 

“Roaaar!” Roars kept spreading as crackling sounds could now be heard. Pieces of wood on the ground broke not far from the shrubbery where Lin Feng was hiding. A cruel and ferocious looking flood dragon appeared. It was walking slowly and the Qi it exhaled was scary. A cultivator wearing a dragon robe was riding the dragon, they were probably from the East Sea Dragon Palace.

“Shit, here they are again!” cursed Lin Feng. That beast or even the cultivator on its back might be able to sense his Qi. 

Lin Feng could see everything in his head and could  see that the one riding the flood dragon held a dragon spear. They were slowly walking towards him. Lin Feng felt nervous, he had to prepare for the worst. 

He couldn’t use the jade emperor’s palace unless he was sure he could imprison his opponent and had to make sure nobody was in the surroundings, otherwise they would see it and he would have to resort to one of his most terrifying methods and turn into a demon again. 

“Psshhhhhh!” In the distance, the strong cultivator heard a sound and abruptly turned around, jumped off the dragon and started running at full speed. His clothes were fluttering furiously in the wind. 

The beast looked at the shrubbery for a second and then turned around and followed the strong cultivator as well. Lin Feng used the opportunity to retreat. The strong cultivator was terrified by that sound, he didn’t seem prepared.

Lin Feng was running at full speed and soon left the jungle. He arrived on a big road and was a village not far away. There were horses and a group of people on the road leading to the city, it looked like a wedding ceremony.

“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng looked in the sky and saw a black dot getting closer. It was a flood dragon with a silhouette wearing a dragon robe again!

“Incense!” Lin Feng glanced at the wedding ceremony, jumped forwards and became on with the wind. He released wind intent which turned into a sharp and strong wing. The people at the wedding ceremony narrowed their eyes because of the wind. The wind quickly stopped and they continued walking. 

“What a strange wind.” those people thought. They hadn’t realized what happened before their very eyes. At that moment, in the sedan chair carrying the bride, someone else had appeared: Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng put his hand on the bride’s mouth and said, “Don’t make any sounds. I’ll only stay here for a few seconds.” 

The beautiful bride nodded and Lin Feng removed his hands from her mouth.

That woman looked quick-witted, pure and innocent. Even though it was her wedding ceremony, she wasn’t smiling. It was actually the opposite, she had tears in her eyes. Was she being forced to get married? 

The woman looked at Lin Feng but said nothing. She smelt really good which made Lin Feng feel comfortable. It was precisely when he smelt her perfume, Lin Feng stood up, he hoped that her odor would cover his own and that the enemies wouldn’t find him.

“Everybody stop!” someone shouted outside. Lin Feng suddenly looked panicked and stopped breathing. 

The woman looked at Lin Feng and her eyes twinkled as if she had understood something. 

The furious dragon general outside was staring at the sedan chair and slowly walked towards it. Nobody dared stop him when they sensed his incredible Qi. 

The dragon general arrived next to the sedan chair and opened the curtains, he looked inside and saw a beautiful and slim woman wearing wedding clothes. She was looking at him very curiously yet a little bit nervous. 

The dragon general moved his hand away from the curtains and turned around. He walked towards his flood dragon and jumped up into the sky again. Then he disappeared in the horizon. 

“You can come out.” the woman said after the dragon general left. She was blushing. Lin Feng came out from the backside of her red wedding dress and stood up. 

“Thank you so much.” said Lin Feng shyly. Normally he wouldn’t put someone in that situation, but given the circumstances, he had had no choice. If the dragon general found him, he might have died.

Lin Feng started to leave the sedan chair but the woman grabbed his arm. 

“You offended people from the East Sea Dragon Palace, yet you still dare go out…?”

Lin Feng looked at her and said, “You know them!” 

“Of course, they rule over the East Sea Empire, everybody worships them in the region.” the woman said, sounding rather flattering yet her tone of speech sounded strange.

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