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PMG Chapter 825: Lin Feng’s Madness

Edited: OddManOut

PMG Chapter 825: Lin Feng’s Madness

“Although you say that everybody worships them in the region, from the way you say it, I have the impression that you don’t fear them at al. Perhaps, you don’t like them at all.” whispered Lin Feng.

The woman looked at Lin Feng, her lips shook but she remained silent. Then she said, “They reign over this territory as well, nobody dares offend them here. You are very brave. Now that you have offended them you should stay here. If you leave, someone will find you. You should wait until we arrive in the village to run away.”

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as he nodded back to her. He was very lucky this time. He avoided a catastrophe twice already and now he found someone who was willing to hide him.

Lin Feng and the woman talked for a while. He learned why the woman didn’t revere the people from the East Sea Dragon Palace. Apparently, she was from another village not far from this one and was being forced to get married. Those who had forced her family to accept the wedding had to because of their influence. One of their village members had joined the East Sea Dragon Palace and used that influence to bolster his entire village. Now they were tyrannizing everyone in the neighboring villages.

Lin Feng heaved a long sigh. No matter where he went, people with power and influence always bullied the weak. 

“If I help you solve that issue, will someone try to exact revenge?” Lin Feng asked. 

“It would be useless. The one who wants to force my marriage is the East Sea Dragon Palace member’s elder brother. So the younger brother will come to the wedding in person too. I’ve heard that he is extremely strong and has reached the top of the Xuan Qi layer. In that village, nobody can challenge him.” the woman sounded depressed while shaking her head and smiling wryly. 

Lin Feng remained silent. After a short time, the crowd arrived in the village. Lin Feng sensed the surroundings and noticed that there were several people from the East Sea Dragon Palace. They were walking around the village as if they knew to look for Lin Feng.

The bridal party arrived outside a gigantic manor, where several people were waiting to welcome the bride. There were others to side who looked proud wearing their dragon robes.

Someone opened the door of the sedan chair and the bride walked out. One of the East Sea Dragon Palace disciples looked at her face and nodded. She was beautiful enough for his fellow disciple. 

“Bro, you have good tastes.” a young man said to another one before adding, “You should help me find a girl too.”

“Your cultivation is more important.” the young man replied while shaking his head. The elder brother replied, “You’re right. We are brothers so there is no competition between you and I.” 

Then he looked at the woman and shouted, “Hurry up and go see your uncle!”

The girl looked at him and said, “You two are brothers so if you marry me, he will be my brother-in-law. We should have been introduced by now.”

“Shut the hell up!” shouted the young man furiously while walking towards her. He immediately slapped her face making her mouth bleed. He said, “You have guts. My brother is a disciple of the East Sea Dragon Palace, you are already lucky to see him! On top of that, you dare disrespect him! Go and greet your uncle!” 

People around them were laughing. They didn’t think this was rude, being a member of the East Sea Dragon Palace was something to be proud of.

The woman looked at her future husband and smiled coldly while shouting, “Do you want a wife or a slave girl?”

“Eh?” The man remained silent. He was getting annoyed. If she hadn’t been beautiful, he would have never wanted to marry her.

“I am accepting you as my wife, that should be an honor for you. Don’t act shameless now or else you will regret it during our honeymoon.” the man replied coldly, but the woman looked just as angry as before.

The proud looking young man was surprised to see these people, he suddenly lost his arrogance and bowed in front of them saying, “Hello teachers.”

“Teachers.” The crowd was astonished. Those people must be core disciples of the East Sea Dragon Palace, they had an extremely high social status. 

The groom didn’t think that his wedding would attract so many strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace. Now he was a bit scared. 

“You can continue what you’re doing.” one of them said indifferently. It seemed like they hadn’t come to appreciated his wedding. They stared at the sedan chair and the people around it. It seemed like they were looking for something. Several people surrounded the chair.

The groom nodded and looked at the bride again. He then shouted furiously, “These are strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace, hurry up and greet them with respect!” 

“Moron!” said the girl. The man was astonished, he raised his hand and got ready to hit her. 

“Don’t!” someone in the background said angrily. The man’s hand stopped as he saw a young man approach him. 

“Who are you and who allowed you to open your mouth?” the man said irritated while walking towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. The man arrived in front of him and raised his hand. However, a hand then moved with incredible speed and knocked the groom away. 

“And you little coward, who allowed you to get married?” Lin Feng mocked.The woman was silent as she stared at Lin Feng motionlessly.

The groom picked himself up and walked towards Lin Feng saying, “Don’t you know who I am?” 

“You?” said Lin Feng mockingly. Lin Feng raised his hand while the disciple smiled in a cold way. Lin Feng then released some terrifying Qi that reached the very top of the Xuan Qi layer.

The woman’s face completely changed. She wanted to shout at him and warn him but wasn’t quick enough. He raised his arm to block Lin Feng’s attack but the cracking sound of broken bones was heard. His arm had been crushed and he was blown away from the attack.

Everybody’s hearts were pounding violently. Who was that guy?!

The bride was stunned, she was under the impression that Lin Feng was a villager or something like that who had offended the East Sea Dragon Palace. She would have never thought that Lin Feng was so strong. 

“A genius?! You mean a piece of dog shit!” Cursed Lin Feng. A few silhouettes flickered. The proud looking young man and some others appeared in front of him. They were staring at him coldly as they said, “You dare attack people from the East Sea Dragon Palace?”

“Is the East Sea Dragon Palace all that great? I have killed so many of them already! But of course, I wouldn’t mind killing some more!” 

Lin Feng then punched again, this time, rumbling sounds could be heard everywhere as his attack oppressed everyone. Their faces were quickly filled with regret, but they didn’t have time to do anything as they died instantly. 

Fire emerged from Lin Feng’s body as he stomped the ground. The groom, his friends and family members behind him were lit on fire. That particular fire couldn’t be put out. It wasn’t long before they were reduced to ashes.

“How scary…” thought some people speechless. Who was he? He was totally mad.

The cultivators in the sky were watching the scene but didn’t try to stop him.

They were calmly observing the people burning to death. Lin Feng then suddenly rose up in the air looking quite conceited. He then shouted furiously, “Is the East Sea Dragon Palace so great?! Look at how many people they sent to kill me!” 

Then Lin Feng turned into a sword light and cut through all the spectating cultivators. After, Lin Feng disappeared into the horizon. 

“Chase him!” A few silhouettes flickered. They were all members of the East Sea Dragon Palace and recognized that Lin Feng.

The girl was stunned as she watched the silhouette disappear into the horizon. She would never forget that moment! 

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