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PMG Chapter 826: Demon Sword and Battling against the General

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PMG Chapter 826: Demon Sword and Battling against the General

“Who is he? He is so strong that he can kill so many strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace.” whispered the woman. She couldn’t understand what just happened, the young man who had hidden with her in the sedan chair was actually so strong.

More and more strong cultivators were appearing. Lin Feng, with his wind agility technique could move with incredible speeds. Xuan level cultivators couldn’t keep up with him. Those who were chasing Lin Feng had to all be Tian level cultivators.

“You cannot escape.” someone declared coldly in front of Lin Feng. The man was a dragon general holding a dragon spear, he was sitting on a flood dragon, blocking Lin Feng’s path. Lin Feng was sure that he was a strong cultivator of the Tian Qi layer because his Qi was too powerful. Lin Feng couldn’t fight him on his own. 

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and his animal tower appeared. In a flash, a few terrifying Tian level ferocious beasts appeared.

“Attack.” Lin Feng said with a cold voice. He decided to sit on the roc which had already recovered a lot from its injuries.

“Roooaar!” The violent bear attacked with its paws, its steps made the entire atmosphere tremble.

The dragon general looked down at the bear and then his silhouette flickered. His spear was like a flying dragon, a terrifying whirlwind appeared as he released some energies.

“Boom!” The bear retaliated by throwing its paw at the dragon spear, however, its strength was destroyed by the whirlwind. Crackling sounds spread in the air as the dragon spear penetrated the bear’s claw. Apparently, it was a very powerful attack. 

“Roar!” The bear roared violently as it pulled back its paw. If it wasn’t for that dragon spear the bear might have had a chance. Now the flood dragon was about to devour the bear’s paw.

“Crrrr….. crrrr…” the dragon threw himself at the bear as it spat out poison, the dragon spear streaked across the sky as well.

Lin Feng wasn’t happy, he didn’t want to fight against the dragon general right now. His beasts couldn’t even stop him, they might all die there. 

Lin Feng slowly walked towards the dragon general and released demoniac lights. 

“Die.”Lin Feng said only one word. The dragon flood roared insanely as its gigantic body wrapped around the dragon general.

Lin Feng released a terrifyingly oppressive and demoniac energy which surprised the general. He redirected his assault at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng took another step forwards and released an infinite amount of sword energy. It contained level seven sword intent and formed a gigantic sword. However, the spear defended and Lin Feng’s sword was destroyed. The level difference between Lin Feng and the general was too great. 

However, Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He moved forwards and raised his hands. A terrifying corrosive strength emerged from them. 

“You’re too weak, you’re far from being able to compete with me.” the dragon general said. His entire body was surrounded by spear energies which were so powerful that Lin Feng’s beasts couldn’t get get near him. 

“Grab him with your claws!” Lin Feng ordered furiously while releasing a terrifying amount of demon energy. A gigantic black plate appeared above him, the energy it contained was extremely oppressive. A few letters were carved on it. It was a demon seal plate.

“Boom boom boom!” The demon seal plate rose up into the sky and the sky turned dark. The dragon general felt pressured by the plate. 

The demon sealing plate was an extraordinary item. 

“Crrrr…. crrrr….” the demon sword emerged and emitted terrifying whistling sounds. This time, it didn’t contain Lin Feng’s intent. Instead, it left Lin Feng and flew away. It streaked across the sky and seemingly ran away?

The pressure terrified the general, the oppressive energy was unbearable. He could only watch as Lin Feng jumped at him with a terrifying hand containing a corrosive energy. The hand crashed onto the dragon general’s head and the general quickly died.

“Ahhhh!” The flood dragon behind him raised its head to the sky and roared violently. That beast belonged to a dragon king and it could despise the world with its strength. It wasn’t participating in the battle between the dragon general and Lin Feng, but as the dragon general was about to die it released a terrifying storm. 

Those generals were very strong. In order to kill them, Lin Feng had to resort to the demon seal plate. Such a vast battle would definitely attract the other generals from the East Sea Dragon Palace. Lin Feng couldn’t afford to linger there any longer.

The flood dragons and the members of the East Sea Dragon Palace feared Lin Feng too so they wouldn’t chase him alone.

After a little while, Lin Feng arrived in a vast place. It was probably an international territory not belonging to anyone in particular. Lin Feng’s was thinking about his demon sword, he had taken a risk and deployed it in order to protect himself from the dragon general. He used intent to counter the corrosive effects of the demon sword, however, it seemed like he missed something. This time, the sword didn’t attack his determination, instead it decided to leave on its own.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance. It had been a long time since he last used the demon sword, you could say they had an intimate relation. Even though the demon sword was dangerous, it was also a precious treasure.

At that moment, the demon sword was peacefully lying down in an absolutely silent valley. There was terrifying bestial Qi swamping the grounds. The sword was on the ground, calm and twinkling. It held some sharp Qi but it didn’t look demoniac at all. If Lin Feng had been able to see that, he would have been speechless.

Next to the demon sword was a huge cliff with a stone plate near the edge. It contained a terrifying strength that could oppress anything, including the demon sword.

On that gigantic plate, there were gigantic black letter which contained an infinite amount of strength. 

Everything now and then the demon swords would become agitated. However, when that happened the letters on the stone plate twinkled and the demon Qi immediately disappeared.

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