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PMG Chapter 827: Death Valley

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PMG Chapter 827: Death Valley

After two hours, Lin Feng frowned. He could sense the energy from the demon sword but didn’t know how far it was from him. He had been riding his roc for two hours but hadn’t found anything. How many hours could he spend looking for the sword?

The direction he was heading was desolate and isolated. There was no trace of human civilization and it was extremely calm. If the dragon generals found him there, he wouldn’t be able to hide.

It was good news that the sword didn’t attack his determination this time. Perhaps he wouldn’t need to seal it anymore.

It was also the first time that Lin Feng was really able to kill Tian level cultivators. Even though he had only reached the very top of the Xuan Qi layer, he could now kill Tian cultivators at higher levels. It should be mentioned that the dragon general underestimated him and hadn’t been so cautious. If he had taken Lin Feng seriously from the beginning, he probably would have killed Lin Feng.

Therefore, no matter what, Lin Feng had to get his demon sword back. Even though his demon sword had a terrifying temperament, Lin Feng depended on it.

After a long time, he gazed into the distance and found nothing at all. However, Lin Feng continued moving forwards, it wasn’t long before he was stopped. In front of him was the silhouette of a dragon general holding spear in the sky. He looked cold as he released some Qi at Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with murderous intentions. 

“I’ll never manage to escape.” thought Lin Feng.

“What treasure did you use to kill the purple-golden dragon general?” that dragon general was upset. 

“Let’s fight and you’ll see.” Lin Feng retorted. 

The dragon general groaned coldly as his spear started shaking. In a flash, a whirlwind appeared and a sand tornado started. It quickly turned into a pure Qi swallowing black cave.

“This time, you won’t be so lucky.” the dragon general said while jumping forwards. Lin Feng had the impression that the wind consisted of razor blades which were aiming to cut him apart. 

Wind intent, cut!

The roc flew backwards. Lin Feng took out his demon seal plate to block the wind. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as the whirlwinds were stopped by the demon seal plate.

“No wonder you were able to kill the purple-golden dragon king, you have such nice treasures.” said the dragon general who recognized the demon seal plate. He then jumped forwards and was again surrounded by a hurricane.

That incredible wind passed over the demon seal plate and continued on towards Lin Feng.

“Come back!” Lin Feng shouted furiously. The demon seal plate began to turn around, but the wind had already arrived in front of Lin Feng so he couldn’t block it with the tablet this time. 


A terrifying and majestic Qi appeared suddenly, imperial Qi dashed to the skies. There were millions of rays of light. However, it disappeared just as fast as it came and the dragon general was immediately blown away.

At that moment, a gigantic strength appeared above his head. The dragon general raised his head and saw a small heart in Lin Feng’s hand. Lin Feng threw it in the air and rumbling sounds could be heard. The atmosphere was trembling and the dragon general trembled while staring at the gigantic palace above his head. What was that? Lin Feng could control a palace?

“Boom boom boom!” The palace crashed on the dragon general’s body and stunned him. However, the gigantic palace quickly disappeared again. Lin Feng arrived above him in the sky, still holding his demon seal plate. The plate contained a terrifying oppressive strength, it seemed like the atmosphere had frozen around it. 


Lin Feng’s attacks were coming one after the other, overwhelming the dragon general. The oppressive strength made the dragon general wake up. He didn’t have the time to react though as a gigantic hand containing deadly energies destroyed the atmosphere and a horrible shriek spread in the air. The dragon general’s head was crushed but his body was still moving. However, the residual corrosive power of the deadly energies reduced him to ashes. 

“That guy excelled at using speed. He had managed to move faster than me so I had to use the palace. Now the Qi of the palace is going to attract other people. I must find the demon sword as soon as possible.” thought Lin Feng. Because the guy had come alone, Lin Feng was willing to continue taking risks. Without the palace, he wouldn’t survived this bout.

The roc was creating whirlwinds around itself. Lin Feng jumped on its back and they continued moving forward. As expected, shortly after they left the two dragon generals and their flood dragons appeared, but Lin Feng was nowhere to be found.

“General Feng Sha was killed as well. There is a strong imperial Qi left here, maybe that Lin Feng is using the jade emperor’s treasure. Let’s chase him but let’s be very careful.” one of them decided. They then continued moving forwards and chased Lin Feng. Flood dragons were extremely powerful and their speed was terrifying. They were faster than Lin Feng’s roc because their level was higher.

In front of Lin Feng was the boundless and flat area, in the middle of which was a valley. That valley contained dead Qi and roars were coming from it. Lin Feng stopped in the air and stared down at it. 

The demon sword Qi was emanating from of the valley.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng and the roc continued. After a short moment, they were in the middle of the valley and Lin Feng came across a tablet. “Death” was written on that tablet.

Lin Feng moved his hand and made the grass covering some of the tablet move aside. Another word appeared on the tablet and Lin Feng could see the whole text..

“Death Valley!” Lin Feng had arrived in the Death Valley! He had already heard that name in the past. Jun Mo Xi had mentioned it in the past. Before going to the Mysterious World, Jun Mo Xi told Lin Feng that there was a gigantic demon seal plate inside Death Valley. Nobody dared to go into the Death Valley because they would probably die.

However, the demon sword had ran there so Lin Feng could only follow it.

“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng turned his head and saw four flood dragons and two dragon generals on his tail. Their Qi was emitting rumbling sounds. However, they were far away and had stopped outside Death Valley. They wouldn’t get closer and remained silent. 

Lin Feng had entered the Death Valley, that wasn’t good… Did he want to die?

In Gan Yu, the Death Valley was considered very dangerous and a forbidden territory. Nobody went there because too many extremely strong cultivators had gone there in the past to see the demon of legends but none of them ever came back!

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