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PMG Chapter 831: Awareness

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PMG Chapter 831: Awareness

Just as his sword was about to reach its target, Lin Feng decided not to attack.

He slowly flew down to the ground where the silhouette bathing in Buddha’s lights was. The Buddha wasn’t surprised as he said, “You should give up, the demon seal stone is way too powerful. Keep up your strength for danger lurks at every corner here. I sincerely hope that you will get out of here safely.”

“Do you really think mean that?” Lin Feng asked while looking back at the stone.

“Of course.” the silhouette said, nodding.

“Okay, since that’s what you want I will leave now.” Lin Feng said while waving at the Buddha. He then turned around and started leaving.

“Wait, wait.” shouted the Buddha after Lin Feng had already ran a thousand meters away. Lin Feng turned around and looked at that almighty Buddha. Then, Lin Feng asked, “Is there anything you would like to talk about?”

“Death Valley is a very dangerous place. It is easy to come in but difficult to leave. I have been oppressed here for a very long time and I’ve never met anyone who managed to leave Death Valley alive. The fact that you made it here and found me already is a miracle. If you leave, the horrors of the Death Valley will never stop. You should try and break the seal again. If you break it, Death Valley would disappear. If you really can’t, then I’ll teach you a monstrously powerful skill which should enable you to break it.” said the Buddha in majestic way, still bathing in Buddha’s lights.

“Thank you for your good intentions but I have to refuse. Even though I am an ordinary person and my powers can’t be compared with yours, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I am unable to leave Death Valley. Goodbye.” Lin Feng sounded rather self-confident. The Buddha’s eyes twinkled for a few seconds, but then he looked normal again.

“You only came here to take your treasures back and now you’re leaving. It wouldn’t be very kind to leave someone in distress, now would it?” the Buddha sounded a little bit cold.

“Are those words a Buddha would spout?” Lin Feng was smiling coldly now.

The interlocutor stared at Lin Feng before saying, “How did you notice?”

“You seemed too impatient. You said Buddhas could practice cultivation anywhere and didn’t care about where they were. You said sitting cross-legged here was an opportunity for you to bring peace to all those suffering souls and for you to constantly surpass yourself. When I tried to break the seal stone, you seemed to have forgotten those words and became impatient, thus contradicting yourself.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” said that person as calm as before.

“Maybe you’re right, but it still proves that you are impatient. Therefore, I can see and hear some darkness in you. Buddhas can influence mood, they could drive me to become like them and listen to them. I trust them. If your voice didn’t contain that iota of darkness, I would trust you right now but those strange elements influenced my determination and made me doubt your intentions. At the moment when I attacked the stone, you actually looked so greedy. It was then that you clearly showed your true colors.” Lin Feng stopped talking for a few seconds before adding, “What I don’t understand is why your Buddha Qi is so pure, I can tell that you’re not pretending. Considering the fact that you managed to reach such a high cultivation level as a Buddhist cultivator, those dark elements don’t make sense.” Lin Feng could clearly sense his interlocutor’s Buddha Qi and it was absolutely pure. The Buddha’s face looked captivating, his voice sounded gentle and pure. Luckily Lin Feng’s determination was strong and he hadn’t obeyed the Buddha.

“Interesting, interesting…” said the Buddha while smiling in a strange way. He didn’t look as calm and detached as he had before. The Buddha lights disappeared and the Buddha’s silhouette became blurry. His silhouette was flickering, sometimes he looked like a Buddha and sometimes like a demon. Golden Buddha lights and darkness kept alternating like the flickering flame of a candle.

Finally, a terrifying demon Qi appeared. Even though it was oppressed by the demon seal stone, it was still incredible. A terrifying and boundless Qi was burning. “A demon, it really is a demon.” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes while staring at the silhouette in front of him.

“Since you found out about my secret, I don’t need to beat around the bush anymore. Attack the stone and do as I said, break the seal.” the demon said in a deep and loud voice.

Even though his power was oppressed, he was still monstrously strong and despised most ordinary cultivators.

“Do you think that I would?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly.

“If you don’t, I will attack you.” In a flash, a terrifying black light rose up in the sky and aimed for Lin Feng’s head.

Lin Feng unsheathed his sword as rumbling sounds spread in the air. However, his sword couldn’t pierce through the black light.

The black light looked like a sword made from intent, but it immediately pierced through Lin Feng’s head and penetrated into his brain. Lin Feng’s head felt like exploding. He released a million broken souls and turned them into a million indestructible swords.

“Boom boom” explosion sounds were resonating in Lin Feng’s brain. His opponent was too strong, what kind of intent was that black light? Luckily, Lin Feng had his broken soul technique which was able to maintain the defensive.

“Eh?” the demon was looking at Lin Feng in a furious way. He felt humiliated. His goal, by aiming at Lin Feng’s head was initially to take control of Lin Feng’s body, but he had failed.

“Crrrr…. crrr…” The black lights were now devouring Lin Feng’s awareness. How could Lin Feng give him this chance? He immediately made the strength of the Heruka and of the Buddha rotate. His myriad of broken souls emitted whistling sounds like a million sharp swords.

“Boom boom boom boom” his terrifying attack continued to assault Lin Feng who felt like he was becoming paralyzed. If it was someone else, someone who didn’t have a terrifying intent and powerful soul, they would have died. Of course, if the demon seal stone hadn’t been there, Lin Feng would have died already. In the blink of an eye, the demon could have, without moving a single finger, taken control over Lin Feng.

“Very good. I will see how long you can resist.” said the demon while groaning coldly. Rumbling sounds continued spreading in the air. Lin Feng’s demon sword started shaking violently as a terrifying demonic energy surfaced. Lin Feng could only watch as his awareness was consummed by the demon sword. He was turning into a demon again.

“Crrr…” sword Qi dashed to the skies. Lin Feng was unable to hold his sword, his treasure and now his opponent was going to take it.

“So my sword came here because of you.” thought Lin Feng. He actually couldn’t control the sword because it was still too strong.

“So what? Lend me your sword.” the demon said coldly. His demon energies were rotating in the  atmosphere. The demon sword then rose up in the air and began moving towards the demon seal stone.

“Piss off” Lin Feng sounded furious as he jumped up into the air while holding his own demon seal stone.

“Boom” the demon seal stone oppressed the demon sword which immediately came back to him. Lin Feng jumped in front of the stone.

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